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The Banality of Evil…Meet CNN’s Carol Costello

Remember the standard Liberal diatribe against “Violence against women”?  The Web sites and numerous articles everywhere speaking out against domestic violence, and legislation introduced in legislatures everywhere making violence against women especially punishable?

Of course, that only applies to LIBERAL women.  This disgusting video shows a nationally-famous CNN Anchor taking pleasure and glee in hearing audio of Ms. Bristol Palin (yes, daughter of Sarah Palin) describing her rough treatment at the hands of a strange man while she was trying to protect her little sister.  These liberal banshee women, just love to denigrate Sarah Palin and her entire family, in front of everyone, on national TV.  The many cited expletives in this video are Bristol Palin’s description of the words of the man who violently dragged her across the pavement and grass.  Those are NOT her words!  But the evil, small-minded sorry excuse for an “info-babe”, Carol Costello, just revels in the nasty language and violence, when directed against a woman whose mother she hates.

And then, Costello “apologizes” for her despicable behavior.  Just like a liberal.  They can say or do anything they want, against someone with whom they disagree, and get off scot-free.  You will not see any mainstream media organization speak out against her behavior.  Let me know if you see even one editorial in the NY Times (Pravda-on-the Hudson), Washington Post, or any other media, decrying Costello’s behavior.



On Being “Too Old”

Not OLD, but “too old”.  I guess it’s somewhat of a handicap, starting a new career in your forties.  So when you hit your sixties, you feel like you’re just hitting your stride.  That has been counteracted lately by the company I work for.  I spoke about this a few weeks ago with a co-worker in the department I have been trying to transfer to.  He told me that, in a long discussion with someone in the Human Resources department, the fact had come out that the company is attempting to attract younger people, and in the process, nudging older ones to retire.

Now, our company has been in existence for 77 years, and we have some employees who have been with the company for 35 years and more.  These days, it’s pretty unusual for people to stay at any one company for even five years, much less 35! [My husband, 9 years my junior, has been at his company for 34 years].  Just thinking about my own department, all of the new hires in the past two years have been straight out of college, or nearly so. And, funny thing, the people who leave have been older.  It’s against the law for an employer to lay off or fire an employee based solely on their age, but that’s mighty hard to prove if you choose to file a lawsuit (which I would not).

So when a person in the department I’d like to join left, no fewer than three of their existing employees came by my desk and asked me if I’d like to move.  I said I’d love to, but they’d have to invite me, as I’ve already tried twice and gotten turned down (glutton for punishment, I’m not).  So they went to the big boss and told him they’d like me to move over.  Did not work.  They will hire a new person, who will need extensive training (while I would need next to none).

Every year in my performance review, I tell my boss that I have no intention of retiring.  I like my job, I like the work, and I like the people I work with, even the youngsters!  But I expect things to get more uncomfortable in the next couple of years, as the age of the department skews younger, and I just get older.  But I can learn new things, and I do regularly.  I take on extra work, doing much more than my job description would indicate, and helping other people when they go on vacation.  I pride myself on being a good employee, and wanting to be productive as long as I can.  No Social Security or Medicare for me! And my boss is going to be stuck with me, as it’s now a game-how long can I remain a productive, valuable member of my department and my company?  I don’t even want to think about leaving.

As far as I am concerned, I’m NOT too old.  And I am old enough to get along just fine, thank you very much, and learn, and grow, and be a credit to my department, my company, and my world.


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Ebola Spreading Quickly in Africa? It’s the Culture, People!

We have all heard on the news for months about the spread of the epidemic of the Ebola virus in Africa.  Right now, numerous conditions have all come together to increase the likelihood of this hemorrhagic-fever virus continuing its deadly progress.  The virus was originally found in wild animals in Africa (bats, monkeys, other mammals), with people living in close proximity to the forests and jungles being the most at risk.  This risk increases when the people kill and eat “bushmeat” derived from those forest and jungle creatures.  Tribes all over Africa are just one minor step away from the jungle.  And their cultures remain not-quite civilized.  They are far away from whatever central government exists in their countries, with few, if any, modern services available to them.

The people living in Ebola-stricken areas try not to have to admit that their relatives died of this dreaded illness.  People with symptoms are often cared-for in their homes, under the ministrations of family members.  This, of course, puts all those family members at high risk of contracting the virus.  They refuse to give up such customs as washing the bodies of the deceased, and touching them at funerals; since the corpse of a person who dies of this disease is highly contagious, the disease spreads.  And in some places, families try to bribe members of health-care teams to give a death certificate that lists something else as the cause of death; this leads to under-estimates of deaths.  Families that have private cemetery plots may be burying their dead in unsanitary ways that may contribute to transmission. It is hard to get poor, rural people in poor countries to give up their age-old culture and practices, but it may be necessary, if these diseases are ever to be stopped.

Galaxies collide

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Chaos Approaching…Are You Ready?

All the following stories are currently headlined on Fox News.

CDC confirms second US Ebola case

Stray bullet hits toddler

Infants in hospital test positive for TB

The occupant of the White House cites cyberattack risk

Hackers obtain “deleted” images

Elite (?) Judges again overrule the will of the People regarding homosexual “marriage”

Your government funds those who vow Israel’s destruction

California ObamaCare exchange issues no-bid contracts

Official says rats are winning in NYC

Do any of you still think that your government has your interests in mind, other than controlling every aspect of your life?  Ebola is coming to a place near you.  Watch your back, and your bank account, as no one will protect you except you.

Thanks to John Walker for the beautiful image of galaxies colliding.


In The Presence of a Different Kind of Greatness-LOL Squash

My Husband is a Squash Player.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, squash is a racquet sport played on an indoor court somewhat resembling racquetball, but with a harder smaller ball.  A well-played professional squash game is like a ballet, with the players hitting the ball off all four walls of the small court, moving quickly from front to back and side to side, and trying to stay out of each other’s way while scoring points.  I’m the world’s worst klutz, but I like to watch the pros play.  A few years ago, some of the top women came to Seattle, and I was very impressed with their athleticism and grace on the court.

Last evening, we were treated to an exhibition game between two of the world’s top-rated male squash players, Gregory Gaultier of France and Amr Shabana of Egypt. The match, which Shabana won, was all in good fun, and Gaultier more than once played the jester in between points. Here is a little video clip I took with my iPod Touch.

They had just participated in a big tournament in San Francisco, and they came by the Pro Sports Club in Bellevue, Washington to promote…ta da….the World Men’s Squash Championships which will be held here in November of 2015.

Gaultier and Shabana promoting Championships

Gaultier and Shabana promoting Championships

If you’ve never watched a squash match, you haven’t seen some of the best in individual sports.  Try it!

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Horriffic Story Suppressed: 1,400 White Girls in One UK Town Sexually Abused by Muslim Men

For many years, in Rotherham, North Yorkshire, UK, a ring of Pakistani Muslim men serially abused One Thousand, Four Hundred (yes, 1,400) young girls over a period of at least sixteen years.  Here is an excellent writeup in the UK Daily Telegraph about the situation.  It seems that the City Councillors and Police of Rotherham knowingly let this awful abuse continue, due to Political Correctness and the desire to keep their jobs and the votes of Muslim constituents.  Mostly-white children were taken from schools and child-care centers and raped and otherwise abused, often being trafficked around the area by the Muslim Pakistanis, almost with impunity.  The thoroughly “multicultural” elites refused to see what was happening in their midst, and refused to deal with it when they were forced to notice it.  And even now the mainstream media in the UK and abroad have suppressed this horrifying story.  Kudos to the Daily Telegraph for this story.

For many, many years the UK has admitted millions of immigrants from Pakistan, and ignored their Muslim radicalism, in spite of awful crimes like their own soldiers being murdered in broad daylight in front of witnesses.

The Politically-correct British have sown the wind, and they are reaping the Whirlwind.  Many more murders and rapes will happen, until they root out the malignancy they have welcomed to their country.


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STOP RUSH? Good Luck With That!!!

So, the good people (???) at Media Matters For America (a Liberal hate group, which spreads misinformation nationwide) have been carrying on a “grass-roots” smear campaign against Rush Limbaugh‘s radio show, trying to intimidate local businesses from advertising on Rush’s syndicated radio show (which is run on 600 radio stations).  Over here, the Heritage Foundation has an excellent story on the futile effort the Liberals are carrying on, to deny Rush his advertisers, and thus revenue for the EIB Network.  Funny thing…it isn’t working!  As Rush has said many times, advertisers are clamoring to be on his show, both locally and nationally.  Since the very beginning in the late 1980’s, Rush’s show has been the go-to place for businesses to promote themselves.  Rush’s listeners are about the most loyal there are, and we support Rush’s advertisers.  Heritage did some research, and found that the majority of anti-Rush Twitter messages were coming from about ten Media Matters henchmen, most from out of the state which they were targeting.  Liberals have always said that they supported the “little guy”, but actions speak louder than words.  In this media smear campaign, they are trying to deny local small firms the Limbaugh national advertising platform.  Not in small business’s best interests.

Well, Rush has many enemies, and they have not stopped him yet.  My bet, as a RushBabe, is that they never will.  My money is always on the Truth, and on my hero, Rush Limbaugh!


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