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What Obama Hath Wrought-is there ANY part of the Federal Government that is NOT Corrupted?

Sigh…Have you noticed lately the increasing rate of government scandals coming to light?  I have given it much thought, and it seems to me that, since Obama and his minions took power, nearly every part of the huge (and expanding by leaps and bounds) federal government has been corrupted in some way by the Democrats, who seem intent upon putting every American citizen in a straitjacket, reducing our freedom of movement in every single facet of life.  Along with their boot-lickers in what used to be the Press (now just a propaganda arm of the State), this administration has ruined nearly everything it has touched.  And there are two more years left!

Starting with things here at home:

Early on, there were the many bankruptcies of “green energy” companies propped up with our taxpayer dollars, such as Solyndra

and A123 Systems.  And then, the Obama EPA’s various scandals, including the War On Coal .  Last year, there was the scandal at the Veterans Administration, where the medical care system (100% government run) was found to be hazardous to the health of our retired warriors.

There is the continuing saga of Obamacare, the federal government’s effort to take over and control over 6% of the US economy, starting the world’s best, most-advanced medical care system on the road to socialized medicine, with its constrained budgets, meddling in doctor-patient relationships, huge cost increases (affordable? no!), and rationed care.  Plus, millions of Americans LOST their medical-care insurance, when the liar-in-chief stressed over and over again that if they liked their policy they could keep their policy.

How about the  president’s “recess appointments” to the National Labor Relations Board, which were struck down by the Supreme Court.

Now, the Internal Revenue Service  IRS

has been made into a political organization, auditing the president’s and the Democrats’ political enemies, and harassing conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status.  The 2012 election result might have been different if this scandal had come to light sooner.  No one is safe-anger a Democrat, and they destroy you (yes, it’s been done).

Of course, the biggie is the president’s “executive action” which gave millions of ILLEGAL immigrants the right to stay in this country, and receive government benefits.  With a stroke of his pen, Obama has attempted to override the laws and Constitution of this country, in a blatant effort to instantly create millions of new, dependent, Democrat voters.  Oh, and managed to introduce hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant children, who brought strange new diseases with them, and perhaps re-introduced a disease (measles) which had previously been eradicated!

Just last week, the Democrat-dominated Federal Communications Commission acceded to the demands of Obama to regulate the Internet like Ma Bell (yes, under Title II of the Telecommunications Act of 1934).  Please notice all the taxes and fees on your electric bill, because they will soon be coming to your Internet Service bill.

And on the foreign “policy” front, let’s count the ways:

Benghazi, where four American Citizens were allowed to die at the hands of Islamist Terrorists, while the administration blamed it on a stupid YouTube video.

The rise of the terrorist group called Islamic State.


The world watches as they take over huge swathes of Syria, then entire towns in Iraq, where Obama withdrew American troops and declared victory.  The horrified public watches videos put out by this group, showing the mass beheadings of Egyptian Christians, and one-by-one American journalists and missionaries.  The government of Yemen falls to Islamists.  Gaza and the West Bank lob rockets into Israel on a daily basis.  Terrorists murder journalists of a satirical French magazine, in their office in broad daylight; then proceed to a Kosher market and shoot Jewish shoppers.  And the US president does not attend the rally in support of the victims.  Pathetic.

The North Koreans test long-range missiles, for their nuclear bombs they already have.  And the Obama Administration does its level best to “negotiate” a nuclear agreement with Iran, while basically giving the Terrorists of Tehran whatever they want.  Note to Kerry: in a true negotiation, both parties have to give up something.  Israel’s Prime Minister is invited to give an address to Congress, to remind us all that their country’s survival is at stake-Tehran has stated plainly that their goal is to wipe Israel off the map.  And the sleazy Democrats boycott the speech.

And just this week, it comes out that Hillary Clinton, while she was Secretary of State, used a personal email account for ALL her State business, which directly violates the law.  It is coming out now that she was able to delete email at will, and also have her aides do so.  So it will now be virtually impossible for congressional investigators to find out what kind of nefarious dealings might have taken place in the State Department on her watch.

In summary, it now appears to me that the Rule of Law in the United States of America has given way to the Founders’ worst nightmare, the Rule of Men (and women).  No law can stand when the government flouts the law and the Constitution at every turn.  The Federal government has turned into government “OF THE EXECUTIVE, BY THE BUREAUCRACY, FOR THE CRONIES”, and the People suffer.  And both parties in Congress have let this happen.  I fear that this country is in for many years of strife, turmoil, and pain for most Americans.



What Happened to the Black People in Jazz?

Last evening, my husband and I went to a concert given by the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, and as usual we were treated to a wonderful evening of exciting jazz big-band music.  The group has been around for 20 years, playing the music of all the great names in jazz.  Here is a picture of the band:


This is the third year that we have been subscribers to their five-concert season, and they just keep getting better and better.  But I have noticed something that puzzles me.  Why are the band, and most of their audience white?  Jazz’s beginnings were in the black communities of the US South.  Greats of early jazz are Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Art Tatum, Charles Mingus, Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie, and Thelonious Monk.  They were all black.  But today’s players and listeners are mostly white.  Where have all the black people gone?  Why are the award-winning high school jazz bands in Seattle mostly white?  Have black people abandoned the music tradition that they themselves started?  What happened in their community that caused this abandonment?

I have a thought, and it’s not a pleasant one.  I wonder if the breakdown of the black family that started in the 1960s contributed to the abandonment of jazz.  I wonder if the rise of gang culture in inner cities, and the rise of hip-hop music has led blacks away from their jazz tradition, toward a new tradition that is often ugly and misogynistic (calling women ho’s and calling for the murder of policemen).  Black people today have black role models in jazz, like Wynton and Branford Marsalis.  I am sad to see the black people of America being led away from a wonderful tradition that they should be unreservedly proud of, and that they should be supporting.  Might a trumpet or trombone, and a place in the school jazz band, help keep black kids off the mean streets?  I wonder.


What the Op-ed Writers Don’t Get about Obama’s Economy

Last week, Michael Solon wrote an op-ed essay in the Wall Street Journal entitled “What Democrats and the CBO Don’t Get”.  He was talking about how the administration’s actions relating to the economy are not leading to economic growth, which is the best way to increase federal revenues and improve conditions for Americans.  However, none of them get the real problem here.  Ayn Rand said, when you are looking at any situation, if results don’t appear to follow actions, you should “check your premises”, and I have found this to be very helpful.  Unfortunately, too many op-ed writers commenting on the Obama economy completely miss the real issue.  Their assumption is that Democrats and the administration value economic growth, and want to improve the lives of all Americans.  That is an incorrect assumption, especially if you really pay attention to what those people and groups have said, in the media and in their writings.

Just look at what is actually happening, and you will see that Obama and his minions in Washington don’t care about economic growth, or the standard of living of the “American people”, who they like to invoke when demanding higher taxes and more regulation.  What they REALLY care about is POWER, and moving more political power from the People to the State.  Just read all the stories about huge monetary settlements extracted from big banks, insurance companies, and industries.  The Great Recession and financial crises were pretty much over by 2010, but the Obama minions are still suing banks for billions more dollars, and enforcing onerous regulations, in order to bring them under the jack boot of the government.  A bank now can’t breathe without getting permission from Uncle Sam.  The Feds have completely taken over the student loan industry, which gives them control of the lives of colleges and their students.  They have also begun to put most for-profit educational institutions out of business, reducing choices of adult learners.  Through Obamacare, the Feds have taken over the best medical care system in the world, reducing insurance choices for millions of citizens, increasing costs, and making doctors employees of the State.

The Democrats in power don’t really care about increasing government tax revenue (their “economists” are not stupid-they know that economic growth is higher when more people get to keep their hard-earned money).  All they want is to be able to reward their friends (environmentalists, labor unions, academics, illegal immigrants, homosexuals) and punish their enemies.  They have done just that, making the IRS into a political cudgel against conservatives, and attempting to confiscate more and more of the hard-earned wealth of successful business leaders.  Their  ultimate aim is to create a dependent class whose sole source of sustenance is the Government, and they are making fairly good headway.  They figure that, the more welfare they can hand out to more people, the more likely those beneficiaries all are to vote Democrat, and keep THEM in power.  The population of America should wake up, and resist the efforts of Government to reduce them to wards of the State.


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