Bubble-wrapped America: Hairdressers are afraid to re-open their salons in Washington State

The always-alarmed Press has got Americans so afraid of dying of the Wuhan Coronavirus that they have convinced some hairdressers in the Pacific Northwest that they would be in mortal danger from their customers, if they re-open their salons in the next “phase” of His Royal Highness Jay Inslee’s plan to re-open the Washington State economy.  A hairdresser (afraid to be identified in the news account) has begun a petition to delay hair salons’ permitted opening until “Phase Four”, sometime in the middle of the summer.  These cowardly so-called professionals insist that the Government Mandate that ALL salons not open until very much later, instead of making their own decisions on whether they feel comfortable in re-opening.

Leftists.  If there’s something that makes them feel bad, they insist that Government protect them and everyone else from it.  Although, this stricture might make some have second thoughts.

For example, employees are required to use PPE like gloves, gowns, goggles, face shields and masks depending on the service.

The hairdressers who signed the petition are worried about a shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment) to keep them Safe from their customers.  Because they are concerned, they insist that the State deny ALL hairdressers the right to open their own salons with precautions taken.

It’s all about Safety.  Are they really ready to earn zero income until mid-summer?  What happens when the unemployment funds run out?  And do they care nothing for their customers who have already gone months without a haircut?  Do they simply expect their shaggy-headed clients to wait for them to feel Comfortable, and Safe?  I hope not, because I will find someone to give me a haircut when I need it.  And if I need to change salons, I will do so (although I expect the salon I use to open at the first possible moment).

By the way, His Royal Highness isn’t denying HIMSELF a haircut, is he?  Regulations for Thee but not for Me.

Defy Tyranny.  Break the Lockdown.

Stolen. “If it walks like a Quack and Talks like a Quack”

Stolen.  “If it walks like a Quack and Talks like a Quack”

Thanks to a Ricochet friend for bringing this excellent quote to my attention.  It belongs in a prominent position, since it perfectly expresses the horror of the “Covid-19 Lockdown” mentality that has taken over the brains of so many state governors/mini-dictators.  From Dr. John Rao:

Our Socratic forbears taught us through their “Seeds of the Logos” that the reasoning man does not have to be an expert in a given field to be able to make a competent judgment regarding whether he is dealing with leaders whose advice he should heed or reject as fraudulent. Frauds demand absolute faith in their claims, treating the confused doubter with contempt for his invincible ignorance. Such imposters may seriously believe that they are omniscient experts. But when they tell young or otherwise healthy persons that they are in the same condition as the weakest of the elderly or the already ill; when they say that in order to protect itself the vast mass of the population has to abandon its livelihood, the well being of its country, the cultural life of its civilization, and the tools required for its eternal salvation they must be dismissed for what they actually are: quacks.

Does this sound like anyone you know?  It sure sounds like our Dictator in Olympia.  Quack!!!


Washington Governor Inslee: Ho Ho, Hey Hey, How many lives have you ruined today?!

Washington Governor Inslee: Ho Ho, Hey Hey, How many lives have you ruined today?!

The so-called governor of Washington State has “extended the stay-home order through the end of May”, while supposedly outlining “reopening plan”.  This is a politician who literally holds his subjects’ lives in his hands.  I want to know how many suicides this order will cause?  I want to know how many MORE businesses will close for good with this order.  I have gone eight weeks without a haircut, but you can see that King Jay is not going without a haircut!

I despise politicians who do not feel the effects of their royal decrees.  HIS salary is not at risk!  My company just had a huge layoff today, leaving dozens of people with no jobs at all.  Thousands of other Washington citizens have found themselves out on the street, when their employers were forced to close their doors by royal decree.  The State Unemployment Office phones are ringing off the hook all day long, with people needing to file for benefits.

Maybe it’s time for a new Revolution against the royal politicians who, with malice aforethought, have ruined the best economy in decades.  Maybe it’s time for the Citizens of Washington State to defy their Rulers.  Maybe it’s time for businesses to re-open, regardless of the governor’s Royal Decree that they must die (businesses not allowed to do business will die).

Sorry, Royal Jay, but no dice from me.  No stay-home, no mask, no cowering under the bed on your royal say-so.  When Inslee stops taking a salary, goes without a haircut for eight weeks, and lays off his staff, maybe I will listen to him again. Well, maybe not, since I never listened to the stupid lout in the first place!

My new Motto:


Who does NOT suffer from the shutdown of the Washington State economy?

The only ones not suffering are the exalted ones in Big Government, especially in DemocRat-controlled Washington State.  They can wave their magic wands, and put thousands of people out of work in an instant.  Their jobs are not at risk, and they have little care for those who have been cast aside, ostensibly to protect us/them from the evil Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus.

This is a picture of the Snohomish County Executive.  This guy ran unopposed in the last election, which tells you something about the state of the Republican party in Washington (impotent, cowed). Note: I do not vote for anyone running unopposed.


I wonder what he has been doing while the state economy has been shut down?  Does this look like a drunk to you?  Does to me.

Only in Leftist Washington State

Today, the governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee (vying for most-stupid politician with Senator Patty Murray, “mom in tennis shoes”), has communicated that he is contemplating:

The State May Release Incarcerated Inmates Early as a Safety Precaution

Safety for WHOM?!  One more indication that Leftists care more about Criminals than they do about the Taxpayers who were wronged in the first place by said criminals, and are paying for the incarceration (and rehabilitation) of those criminals.

What could go wrong?

This is getting ridiculous! “Gender-neutral language” [Updated 3-5-20]

King County, which is made up of mostly Seattle, the Bluest of the Blue in Blue Washington State, has issued instructions for residents to be safe from the rapidly-spreading Coronavirus.  The County recommends that the following groups stay home and avoid crowds for the next three weeks.  This is copied verbatim from the recommendations

* People 60 and older: This group includes ME!  Hey, Boss, I’m going to be out for the next three weeks to avoid getting sick! [why do I think my boss might object to such a long absence-just try to find someone to do my job!]
* People with underlying health conditions including heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes [yeah, this is prudent, but three weeks is a long time and maybe those people can’t afford to be out of work for three weeks]
* People who have weakened immune systems [this is obvious]
* People who are pregnant (“Pregnancy we think just as a precaution,” said Dr. Jeff Duchin with Public Health- Seattle & King County. “We don’t have good data that pregnant people are at higher risk but we feel that at this stage where so much is unknown we’d like them to take special precaution as well.”)  ARRGGH!! Please note that they avoid referring to Pregnant Women, who are the ONLY ones who can become pregnant.  Even so-called “transgender women” cannot become pregnant!

Update 3-5-20:  Here is a link to an article on the Fox News Website, about King County. The KC government really does want everyone possible (2 million workers!) to stay home for three weeks.  This is a recipe for tanking the economy.

Welcome to the world of stupid, gender-neutral language, which denies reality.



Jeff Bezos is a Fool

Mr. Bezos has decided to throw away Ten Billion Dollars.  Yes, the world’s wealthiest man has “Committed 10 Billion Dollars to Fight Climate Change”.

So, he is spending his own fortune, giving money to “scientists, activists, and non-profits” who are intent on saving the planet from climate change.  Activists??  Non-Profits??

Well, he’s welcome to spend his money any way he wishes.  It’s too bad that not one of those ten billion dollars will have one iota of effect on the climate.

What a Fool.