Did you know that President Trump has the power to destroy the Planet?

Did you know that President Trump has the power to destroy the Planet?

Well, he must have, since David Remnick of The New Yorker has GIVEN him that power.  In an editorial, Mr. Remnick says the the impeachment by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is all about THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET.  Unbeknownst to himself, Remnick has single-handedly handed President Trump power over the entire planet.  Somehow, I don’t think that’s what he meant.

A Judge in London demonstrates: Western Civilization is Doomed

In a news story about the slime treatment accorded to author J K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, when she spoke the truth, I found a statement by a judge in the UK that set me back a bit (well, not really a BIT, but a HUGE amount).  Ms. Rowling spoke up in support of a researcher who was fired from her job, because she pointed out that a biological Male cannot become a Female.

That brought out the Long Knives of the “Transgender Mafia”, who took to Twitter to angrily berate Ms. Rowling for being a hateful bigot.  The researcher, Maya Forstater, was fired for using “offensive and exclusionary” language in stating that a male is a male, regardless of his “feelings”, and Rowling’s tweet in support made her also offensive (as in, offending someone).

Here is what the Judge in a “Central London Employment Tribunal” said in approving Ms. Forstater’s removal from her job. [emphasis mine]

“I conclude from … the totality of the evidence, that [Forstater] is absolutist in her view of sex and it is a core component of her belief that she will refer to a person by the sex she considered appropriate even if it violates their dignity and/or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment. The approach is not worthy of respect in a democratic society,” read the ruling from Judge James Tayler.

Yes, a person should not be permitted to hold her job when she states the simple truth about biology.  Now, didn’t I read somewhere that the end-times might be nigh when “Evil is Good, and Good is Evil”?  This is a JUDGE!  What is civilization coming to, when a judge does not recognize the truth when he hears it.  Now, hurting someone’s feelings is a firing offense, and reality is simply denied.  This is not a good omen for Western Civilization.


Reasons I’m ashamed to live in the People’s Republic of Washington

First, I did not elect the bureaucrats who are doing their best to make it difficult and expensive to live here.  I assuredly did not vote for the DemocRATS who rule this state.

Starting from the top:

The Sleazebag Attorney General of Washington State is suing the Federal Government for having the temerity to enforce Federal Immigration law.  How DARE you arrest illegal aliens at the Courthouse?!  Hey, Ferguson, what part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand?  And this rat is the attorney general!  Well, not MY attorney general.  I do not believe that Federal Immigration Law enforcers are bound by Washington State Sanctuary laws, which are illegal in themselves.

Next, the Seattle Leftists will be holding “impeachment rallies” around Western Washington tomorrow, to show that they despise those of us who Elected President Donald Trump.

And there is an outbreak of “highly-contagious” Hepatitis A going around, spread by the ubiquitous homeless, drug-using population north of Seattle.  When people live in squalid conditions, snorting meth and sharing needles, they spread horrible diseases.  Adding a little “Ewwww” factor to your day.

Then, for those of us who don’t have enough intrusive government in our lives, the state transportation commission is going forward with a plan to tax drivers Per Mile driven, to replace the gas tax.  Yep, the intellectuals who continually urge the population to ditch the gas-guzzlers for more fuel-efficient vehicles (no matter that increasing gas mileage is MANDATED by the federal government) and electric cars, somehow forgot that all those electric and fuel-efficient cars don’t pay as much, or any, gas taxes for road maintenance!  Roads get used as much, but some drivers are free-riders on the rest of us. [well, also remember that our state uses that gas tax revenue not for only road upkeep but for “mass” transit that no one outside Seattle rides].

No, you saps in Washington State are still not paying enough in taxes and fees to support the homeless, EV drivers, drug addicts, diversity coordinators, paid leave-takers, and bureaucrats in Olympia.  On the last election ballot, there were no fewer than ten “additional taxes” the legislature dreamed up to soak the very life out of residents-they had an “advisory vote” to ask us whether we agreed with all those additional taxes.  Well, who cares?  The votes were simply “advisory”, so whether we agreed or not, they don’t have to do what we want!  Why bother?  We are just the taxpayers, and they do not have to care what we want, out here in the suburbs.

I am ashamed to live in Washington State.  Believe me, I did not ask for this.

Are you Clamoring for an Electric Car?

Are you Clamoring for an Electric Car?

Is a Tesla or a Chevy Bolt, or a Nissan Leaf on your Christmas list this year?  Can you hardly wait to ditch that gas-guzzler in the driveway and replace it with a vehicle that you can “fill up” from an installation in your garage, at a lot less than a tank of Regular?

Well, if that’s what you see in your future, so do most of the world’s car manufacturers.  There probably isn’t a car manufacturer who isn’t working on designing and building an electric car, either purpose-designed or just replacing the internal-combustion engine in a model they already build with a big battery.  General Motors has already announced their coming “All-electric future”.  The European Union is mandating more and more strict emissions rules for vehicles sold there, and their car makers like BMW, Renault, Daimler, Fiat, and Volvo are all touting their electric vehicles.

But you might wish to wait a moment before you go all-in on electric, especially if you live in the United States outside of a central large city.  First, let’s check out the price of that electric car versus its gas-powered brother. The Nissan Leaf retails for about $30,000.  Its near twin, the Nissan Versa, costs about $19,000.  An electric Chevy Bolt will set you back about $36,000.  Its similar brother, the Cruze, is about $17,000.  See a pattern developing here?  In the past, you could rely on a nice Federal tax credit for your electric car, to help mitigate that huge price differential, but not anymore.  Most car makers have sold enough cars that they don’t earn any tax credit now.  So, it looks like GM’s All-Electric Future will be a lot more expensive than its Internal Combustion Present.

That nice home charger in the garage will set you back another $700 or so.  However, unlike the five-minute fill-up of your gas-powered ride, it will take you up to 3-4 hours to recharge that electric car.  And the “range” of an electric car is a lot smaller than the range of miles you can get from a tank of gas.  So, you’ll probably want to forget those long road-trips in your new electric car.  And if you get caught in an unexpected traffic jam, that electric car’s range might just shrink.  If you get caught with your battery down in the middle of a busy street or freeway, it might be pretty embarrassing to have AAA send a truck to hoist it up and carry it to the nearest charging station.  And there’s no guarantee that there will even BE a near charging station!  They are still pretty few around the country today.

Also, what about that wildfire in your area, when the police or highway patrol comes to your house and tells you to evacuate?  What? Your electric car is out of charge?  It won’t get you very far when you need to evacuate?  Too bad, it becomes a hunk of junk when the fire reaches your house, and you really can’t carry much on your back.  Then, what about that power failure in the next thunderstorm?  Your car needs a charge?  Impossible with no power!  That’s especially worrying when you are a rural resident, where you are already far from most services.

Now, I’ll bet that new electric car might not seem like such a good investment.  And electric cars are so new, there’s really not much of a market for used ones.  And big Li-ion batteries don’t last forever, and eventually need to be replaced, at a cost far above that of an internal-combustion engine.  So your electric car might not be worth very much when its battery wears out, and you might be out 1/3 the price of the car for a new one.  Oh, and batteries don’t perform very well in the cold, so if you live in Minnesota your car will need to be kept indoors so its battery doesn’t freeze or get drained by the cold weather.

My own viewpoint is that I will never, ever, buy or drive an electric car.  I appreciate being able to get in my gas-powered car, and go wherever I want, whenever I want, with no “range anxiety”.  I like long car trips, without the worry of how long I have left before my car dies.  Gas stations are everywhere, and if you keep a full or close to full tank, you can even drive around during a power outage.  And when you are forced to evacuate, you can fill up the trunk with your goods and just drive away.  I’m betting that most Americans aren’t clamoring for an electric car, and that GM’s future might not be so prosperous if it expects most Americans to want one.

No Electric Car For Me.  Ever.

Bwaaa-haaa-haaa-haa!! Headlines that made me die laughing today!

Sometimes you just can’t pass these things up!

Elizabeth Warren plans to be “the last US President elected by the Electoral College”!!!  As if she has a chance to be elected, and even has a breath of a chance to kill the Electoral College!!  Bwaaa-haa-haa!

Washington State Congressman Denny Heck announces his retirement.  He has been one of the sleaziest slanderers of President Donald Trump, and says this about the “Press” treatment BY the White House!  “I will never understand how some of my colleagues, in many ways good people, could ignore or deny the president’s unrelenting attack on a free press”.  Yeah, was that the “free press” who has slimed the President from even before his candidacy was announced?  The so-called “press” whose coverage of the President has been 99% negative for four years?   Bwaaa-haa-haa-haa!!!!!

Democrats freak out after Kamala Harris drops out of the presidential primary contest.  Yes, they go ballistic, because now the contest is mostly among Old White Men.  Bwaa-haa-haa!

The wages of sin?  Massachusetts finds its EBT cards (stores of Welfare Benefit value) used in places NOT in Mass!  Like, maybe, Las Vegas and Alaska!  Boy those welfare queens sure do get around!  Bwaa-haa-haa-haa!!!!!

And, finally, a new study finds that Seattle is one of the few cities that has a higher percentage of the population using marijuana than smoke cigarettes! So that’s the reason Seattle is so weird!


Open Letter to Starbucks Corporate

I remember that, recently, you shut down all your stores to give your “partners” (employees in stores) some extra “sensitivity training”.  This training was prompted by a little kerfuffle involving some freeloading black men, sitting around not buying anything, then asking to use the bathroom.  Admittedly, the employee involved could have been more circumspect, but the uproar on social media meant that the Company had to do a bunch of fancy footwork in order not to have the entire social media-sphere blow up.

Well, Corporate, it seems that you did NOT do enough training.  On Thanksgiving, in a store in Oklahoma, one of your so-called Partners who served a police officer, wrote the word “Pig” on his cup.  Normally, the employee writes the customer’s name on the cup to identify it.  It seems that you might need to do some additional training about being respectful to all customers.  I know your management is all big Leftists, and many were young in the 1960s, when police officers were called Pigs regularly.  And you support the Black Lives Matter movement, which regularly slanders the police who protect our communities.

I noticed that the employee in question has been fired, which was the correct thing to do.  But it would be a good idea for Starbucks Corporate to have their store managers do a little more training, in Respectfulness in the Workplace.  That means respectfulness to ALL customers, not just the oppressed and downtrodden, and minorities (even though there are a very large number of minority police officers).  We will be watching, and recording where necessary.

Thank you.

Seattle Landlords are not going to be very happy.

The Washington State Supreme Court has just handed down a ruling that is going to make it much more difficult to own rental property in Seattle.  The near-socialist, depraved City passed a law that requires landlords to rent to the “first in line qualified renter” when they have a house or apartment to rent.  So the City effectively removed the landlord’s discretion in to whom to rent.  Landlords must advertise their criteria, and will be required to rent to the first party who fills the requirement.  No choice, landlord.  Three unmarried guys?  Three unmarried gals?  If they both meet your requirements, you MUST rent to the guys if they were ahead of the gals.  Now, who is more likely to make a mess?  Guys?  Gals?  No matter, regardless that it’s your property, it is now not your decision who your renters are.  Landlords rightly protested that this was a Government Taking of their property without compensation.  Sorry, landlord, the CITY now is an equal partner in your rental unit.  From the article on KOMO:

Justice May Yu wrote that the law is “unquestionably an experiment” and that “there is room for substantial debate about whether such an experiment is likely to succeed.” But she added that it is allowed under Washington’s constitution.

Oh, yes, the Supreme Court also ruled in favor of a Seattle law that requires landlords to ignore “criminal record” status when screening tenants.  Felony in your background?  No problem, you can rent an apartment in Seattle no questions asked.

Hmmmm….  Would you want to own Seattle rental property?  I wonder if this will cause an exodus of “mom and pop” landlords, and maybe a reduction in value of rental property in the city.  It will be interesting to watch what happens.