Photo Challenge A Significant Glow

This is the view from the deck of our vacation house in Bigfork, Montana, on September 7, the day after we got there from Washington.  You can’t see much, due to the smoke from the terrible wildfires, that closed Glacier National Park, and prevented our group from doing most outdoor activities.

IMG_2048 (1)

And on September 10, finally, the Glorious Sunset Glow!  We could see the sun, and a bit of sky, as the smoke cleared a bit.  Everyone’s mood was much improved.

Sun glow over lake

I have never been happier to see the sun that I was that day.



Photo Challenge…Pedestrian

Most people drive or cycle through cities these days.  From the window of a car, or the seat of a bicycle, you can miss the details that only a pedestrian, walking along at a slow pace, can see.  On our walk through Uptown Port Townsend, I caught these details that might have been overlooked from the car.

In front of a bank branch, there was a planter, with this pretty ornamental grass.


Walking further down a residential street, we notice some movement in the front yard of a home, which was shadowed by trees and flowers.  The movement turned out to be one of these, who moved out of the shadows, and came over to give us a look.


As we walked further on, down the many steps back to the lower part of the city, we saw more of her companions (there were at least five does in the group), and on the bank next to the stairs, we found the leader.


Handsome guy, isn’t he?  So get out, take a walk, and see sights at your level, and in your time.


Seen through a window…at 60 miles per hour!

I have gotten pretty good at taking photos from the passenger-side windows of our car.  On our way to Montana and back, I shot these photos from the moving vehicle-I really wanted my friends to see what the air quality was, as a result of the wildfires in Montana and Eastern Washington.


This was just east of Spokane, on Interstate 90.


This was what we could see of Lake Coeur D’Alene.  Lake?  What lake?

On our way home, the air had cleared up a great deal.  These photos are my favorite basalt cliffs of the Columbia Gorge, on the east bank of the river, just outside East Wenatchee, Washington.

Basalt cliffs, Columbia Gorge

See the green at the base of this photo?  Those are vineyards.  Many orchardists around Wenatchee, the apple capital of the world, are pulling up their orchards and planting wine grapes.


A New Photo Challenge: Layered

Hubby and I spent the week after Labor Day in Bigfork, Montana, at a Ricochet meet up that had been planned for over a year.  There was no way we could have predicted that most of Washington, Idaho, and Montana would be shrouded in smoke from multiple wildfires in Eastern Washington and Montana.  When we were loading up our car, there was actually ash on the car!  And we were in that smoky environment all the way from Everett to Bigfork!  We literally did not see the sky for nearly a week.  However, all that smoke did create a very layered view.

This is the view from the back deck of the house we were renting for the week.  This is the shore of Flathead Lake, and there are actually trees, mountains, and a lake out there!

IMG_2048 (1)

A little closer to us was a large Ponderosa Pine tree.  I have always been fascinated by the thick, multi-layered bark of these trees.  That bark, with all its layers is sometimes over two inches thick.   And its color is beautiful, too.  Its thick bark protects it from fire.

Ponderosa Pine tree
Ponderosa pine tree, Bigfork ,MT

Photo Challenge Structure

This is A Structure.  To wit, a city apartment building, seen from about a block away.  Seems pretty ordinary.


But move closer, and its fine structure becomes more visible.  And more pleasing.


The bow windows lend a bit of class, and make the room inside bigger, and bring more natural light into the room.  Then, move closer.


Now, you can see even finer structural details, like the individual panes of glass in the French doors.  Doesn’t it make you want to see what’s inside?

Photo Challenge…….Corner

This structure is in a pretty desolate corner of the world, on the bluff overlooking the Columbia River in north central Washington State.  It also has a multitude of corners, angles, and intersections.  You wouldn’t want to get caught by the sharp tip of one of those blades!  Stationary, it almost looks like a piece of art.  It was stopped the day we drove past it.