This is thoroughly disgusting-Liberal Violence

Donald Trump won the Presidential Election.  As we probably expected, the loser liberals erupted in volcanic Rage.  Whenever things don’t go the way they want them to go, the liberals whine, cry, and riot.  Yes, RIOT.  In many large cities this week, there were the kinds of destructive riots that are basically the only way the losers know to express their feelings of disappointment and anger.

Well, they don’t only cry and whine.  They destroy the property of innocent people, and they violently attack those they deem to have voted for the wrong guy.  These are the people who decry violence and demonstrate against war!  Here are today’s headlines:

[Edit: I am adding more as they come up.  Watch this space. More every day]

Motorist beaten as bystanders laugh, jeer

One person shot during anti-Trump protest in Portland

Taggers leave anti-Trump slogans on Seattle school, Bellevue park

Outrage and fear continue to fuel anti-Trump protests

“Tears” and “Fear”..Harry Reid is not taking Trump’s election well

Anti-Trump protester calls for death, violence on CNN

Fifth night of anti-Trump protests in Portland turns violent

Thousands of Seattle Public Schools students walk out of school to protest Donald Trump’s election.  And the Seattle Police re-routed traffic!!  I swear, in Seattle the inmates are running the asylum.

Talk of assassination, and he hasn’t even taken office yet.

Anti-Trump vandal sets Mustang afire in SE Portland

Kirkland woman upset over election makes false rape claim.  This just gets weirder!

Liberals, we know you. All rage, all the time.   Losers.

After the Election

After the Election


I have to say, I had a great time on Tuesday night.  I spent 2.5 hours in front of my computer, participating in the live chat with my Ricochet friends.  There must have been over 200 of us, from all over the world, chiming in and giving reports of how the voting was going in their areas.  People would come back from casting their ballots, and mention lines around the block at the polling stations.  Many people were watching other broadcast and Internet media, and they would tell us what MSNBC and ABC and CBS and CNN were doing and saying.  One member from Florida was very enthusiastic about how well the Republicans were doing in his state, which was considered a battleground.  Many people mentioned how depressed the mainstream media folks were acting, as Donald Trump pulled ahead in state after state.  Those who live in a bubble of liberalism were finally being hit with a big spray of cold, hard reality.  I thought it was a joke, but it seems that the Canadian web site for potential immigrants actually went down under the weight of Hollywood and other celebrities and liberals making good on their threats to leave if Trump was elected. [I say to them, don’t let the door hit you on your way out!]

So, now it’s the Great Aftermath, and lots of liberals out there, especially the coddled young snowflakes, are reacting just like you’d expect them to.  How?  By protesting, of course!  These cry-bullies seem not to know how to do anything except protest.  In Seattle, they hit the streets.  In California, the CEO of a tech company suggested very strongly that any employee who voted for Trump should resign!  They are so blind, they who emphasize “tolerance and inclusion” proceed to exclude and discriminate against those who don’t think or vote like they do!  Oh, and the Stock Market!  Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up over 200 points.  But the Nasdaq Composite Index fell over 42 points-another Liberal tantrum (tech companies are run by liberals who don’t know what side of their bread is buttered).

Cornell Students Hold ‘Cry-In’ Over Trump Victory

UCLA Diversity Chancellor Holds Therapeutic Event to “Process” the Election

Protesters Block Entrance to Trump Tower

There are a lot of happy Republicans today.  We hold out hope that Trump will really make a start on draining the swamp of Washington D.C.  There are multiple posts over on Ricochet, with suggestions for a Trump Cabinet, and who he should nominate for the Supreme Court.  We hope to say good-bye to ObamaCare in the new year.

I live in Deep Blue Washington State, where most western Washington voters voted for Hillary Clinton.  I have a really hard time understanding why anyone would want an old, tired, sick, corrupt woman as president.  If you really look at her record, such as it is, you will see that she had absolutely nothing to recommend her, and she had a whole litany of immoral, illegal actions for which the fawning Press will never hold her to account.  Hillary Clinton demonstrably caused the deaths of four brave Americans in Benghazi, then lied to their relatives about how and why they died!  She played fast and loose for years with confidential, classified State Secrets, for which many others have lost their jobs and gone to prison!  I am disgusted with how the politicized FBI let her off scot-free.

We are fortunate that the Clinton Crime Family won’t be running this country.

I wish only for the best of a Trump Administration.  I think he will do well as president, rolling back the misdeeds of the Obama years.  Onward to Liberty!

We must Never Forget…September 11, 2001


On that day, worldwide Radical Islam escalated the ongoing war on the United States of America (and the rest of Western civilization), the nation that has been a beacon of hope and prosperity for over 250 years.  For the past eight years, we have ignored that war, and turned our backs on Christians and Jews everywhere who have been murdered in the streets of Paris and Jerusalem, and even in their beds.  And the current administration undermines the USA, freeing dozens of terrorists from Guantanamo to return to the jihad they wage against us.

We must never forget those who perished on September 11, 2001, in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania.  May their lives not have been in vain.

Long Live The United States of America!

And a big Thank You to Michael Ramirez, whose work honors them, and us.

Picking up Where Rush Left Off

Yeah, I’m way behind on my podcast listening.  The one I listened to today was the end of July sometime.  He recited a list of  “what the Democrat Party is”, entities and causes that many people don’t know were Dem strongholds.  He started with the ones that are most obvious in today’s news:

Black Lives Matter


New Black Panthers


Illegal immigrants

Occupy Wall Street


Striking the mention of God from their party platform

Transgender bathroom advocates

Pro “death panels” in ObamaCare

Pedophiles (Bill Clinton’s billionaire buddy)

Baby butchers of Planned Parenthood


And I thought of some that he didn’t mention:

The Ku Klux Klan


Felons (VA governor restores their civil rights so they can be a new Democrat voting bloc)

George Wallace, the famous segregationist of the 1960s

Homosexual activists who put small businesses out of business if they won’t participate in ceremonies that are against their religious beliefs

Stoners, pot-smokers, and other drug-users

Politicians who boast of destroying an entire industry (coal-mining) and putting thousands of workers out of jobs

High-speed trains to nowhere

Carbon taxes that increase the cost of living for everyone, especially the lower-earning people

Slavery-the congresspeople who opposed Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation were Democrats!

Something for all you millennials who vote Democrat without thinking, to think upon.

Memorial Day-They gave their Last Full Measure of Devotion

Memorial Day-They gave their Last Full Measure of Devotion

This Memorial Day Weekend, do not lose sight of the reason behind the holiday.  We remember our fallen members of the US Military, who gave their lives so we might live in Liberty, Peace, and Prosperity.  These brave soldiers, sailors, and airmen died in service to you, the American People, and it is incumbent upon us to remember them all year round, not just on this Memorial Day.

VietNam Memorial

We visited Washington DC in 2012, and I found myself in tears, standing before the incredibly moving VietNam Memorial.  Such a simple monument, black granite inscribed with the names of all who perished in that benighted conflict.  Many returning soldiers found themselves scorned, shunned, and even spit-upon by ungrateful citizens.  Even the politicians who supposedly represented us slandered them before Congress.

This weekend, please remember all those who died fighting for YOUR liberty, and thank the next military member or veteran you meet.

Who is more important to the president? Brutal dictators? Or you?

Let’s see.  In the past couple of years he has met with, and praised:

The Brutal Dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin.


A Saudi Prince, of a kingdom that represses its women, stoning them to death for “honor crimes”.


He has done his best to release “detainees” (brutal terrorists) from Guantanamo Prison, allowing them to  return almost immediately to their grim business of murdering innocents.   Courtesy of TruthRevolt:

Defense Department Confirms Americans Killed by Released Gitmo Prisoners.

His “legacy” includes signing an “agreement” with the brutal dictators of Iran, lifting sanctions and releasing billions of dollars of frozen funds.  This will allow them to continue with their march to a nuclear weapon.  Meanwhile, they capture US sailors whose boat accidentally “invaded” their waters, and humiliate them.


He decided, unilaterally, to reopen relations with the brutal dictatorship of Cuba, lowering barriers to travel and investment.  And all the while, boatloads of Cubans escape from their island “paradise” to freedom in America.  Last week, the president visited Cuba.  Here he is with his buddy.


The next day, he appears in a well-sited photograph, right in front of his college “hero”, a brutal murderer and far-left idol.


On Tuesday, while radical Islamic Terrorists were blowing up the Brussels airport and a subway, murdering and gravely injuring dozens of innocent people, the president…. attended a baseball game in Cuba.


***EDIT…I just had to add this Ramirez cartoon.  It’s priceless!


So, exactly who is more important to the president?  Brutal dictators?  Or You?

Terror in Istanbul – The Turkish People Are Being Kept in the Dark!

Terror in Istanbul – The Turkish People Are Being Kept in the Dark!

Yes, it’s true.  You have perhaps heard or read about the suicide-bombing this morning, near the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.  Shortly thereafter, it came out that the perpetrators were probably ISIS.  Due to their Islamist-leaning government, the Turkish people have had their internet access cut off, and web sites of news organizations blocked.  A friend who is in the know (used to live in Istanbul) tells me that the Turkish government often blocks web sites that post the news about what is really going on in their neck of the woods.  In this attack, ten people were murdered, nine of whom were German tourists.

If you have friends or relatives in Turkey, send them the link to this article.  They might be interested in the real news.  We in the West, who take our press freedom for granted, need to help those in the Middle East who have NO press freedom to learn the real news.