A Little Help for America

A Little Help for America

This afternoon, in Washington DC, Judge Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as the newest Justice on the Supreme Court.  In the vote in the Senate, all of the DemocRat members acted like little babies, throwing a temper tantrum. The majority of them refused to be in the room for the vote, and the ones who were there, voted No and then walked out.  They cast no light on the Senate by their behavior.  She was sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas

So, starting right away, the Court now has its full complement of nine Justices, who will be hearing cases immediately.  Justice Barrett is well-known as a Textualist, Originalist, who interprets the Constitution as it was originally written, and decides cases based on the Law, not on a political agenda.  She will be a most excellent Justice, for, we hope, a very long time.

Congratulations, Justice Barrett!

The Mask Slips on Seattle Homeless Mitigation Plans

The Mask Slips on Seattle Homeless Mitigation Plans

In Seattle, the City Council passed, over the Mayor’s veto, a bill to reduce the budget of the police department.  Included in this bill was a provision to eliminate the Navigation Team (wherever did they get that name?  It says zero about what the team actually does.) that has been doing (ineffective) outreach to the so-called “unsheltered” population of the streets of the city.

First is a story about the proposed new outreach team from the city.  Here is a very interesting quote from the KOMO article. From the mayor’s response:

This proposal is a first step in addressing Mayor Durkan’s significant concerns about the elimination of all City resources to coordinate outreach and mitigation of health and safety impacts at unmanaged encampments. In the coming weeks, the City will prepare to operationalize this plan to scale outreach, shelter, and address the most hazardous encampments that pose a risk to encampment residents or surrounding communities. As Council knows, outreach and mitigation at those encampments that present significant public safety or health risks may continue to need the support and services of the Seattle Police Department. This bill would attempt to reduce the number of such cases by expanding outreach.

Please notice that the city is giving a higher priority to addressing risks to the homeless over the risks to the residents of surrounding communities.  I think that the taxpaying citizens of Seattle might not be too happy about that, if they actually read this article.

And then, another story about those poor, unsheltered, residents of Seattle.

Security cameras show ongoing crimes at Ballard homeless camps.

I wonder how those taxpaying citizens of Ballard are liking the ubiquitous homeless camps in a formerly pleasant city neighborhood.  I used to live in Ballard.  With the defunding of the police, my crystal ball tells me that those taxpayers are in for more, not fewer, homeless camps in their neighborhoods, accompanied by high levels of crime and drug use and trafficking.

The citizens of Seattle deserve the government they elect.

View This Video. Share it Far and Wide. Today.

This Video by my Hero, Rush Limbaugh, celebrates our First Responders, Police and Firefighters, who have been denigrated, shot at, murdered in cold blood, by the New Thugs of American Society. This has to stop.

Please share this video with all your friends and neighbors, on all your Social Media, today. Do it Now. Support those who have always to keep Society safe from criminals. Do your part to Save America!

Thanks very much.

RushBabe49 Fights Tech Censorship of New York Post expose on Joe Biden’s son Hunter

By now, most of my readers will probably have heard about the rank censorship by tech platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Google, of the story in the New York Post about the machinations of Hunter Biden, the son of Democrat candidate for president, “Sleepy” Joe Biden.  It is well-known that Hunter Biden was given a place on the board of Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, at a ridiculous salary of $50,000 per month.  Hunter knows little about the gas industry, and less about Ukraine, so it has been widely believed that the sole reason for his placement on the board of a foreign gas company was so they could curry favor with Hunter’s dad, Vice President, Joe Biden in the Obama Administration.

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Is this the future of classical music performance?

The reaction of governments and their subjects to the Wuhan Coronavirus have been very depressing, in all ways.  Few performing arts groups have been holding performances with any audience, for fear of spreading the deadly (0.13% mortality-rate, similar to seasonal flu) virus.  Entire economies locked down by government edict, small businesses and their owners ruined, populations living in near-constant fear.

Some classical music groups have adapted in very interesting ways.


Here’s a string quartet, playing while wearing masks.


How about an entire orchestra, and soloist, in masks!  The conductor is also wearing a mask.

By the way, those masks do not protect anyone from the virus, since they are not made of the correct material-they pass viruses both ways with ease. Totally virtue-signaling, and probably mandated by their local government.


How about Brass in Masks?!  This it totally ridiculous, since horn players cannot wear masks while playing!  And sad, if you ask me.

A music group in Europe participated in an interesting study, carried out by a local university, of how dangerous it might be for an orchestra to play their wind instruments normally.

Funny, but they found that wind instruments played as usual carried little to no risk of spreading germs!  Now, will anyone know about this study, and use it to get all the world’s orchestras back to performing?  Highly unlikely, since governments have become very comfortable wielding absolute power over their subjects, and will probably resist lifting all the bans on performance.  So many classical musicians might lose their jobs, and the people will lose a prime source of beauty in their lives.

Is this what we are in for, in the future?  Life without live music?



RushBabe49 Wishes President Trump and First Lady Speedy Recovery from Wuhan Coronavirus

RushBabe49 Wishes President Trump and First Lady Speedy Recovery from Wuhan Coronavirus

By now, everyone in the world knows that both President Donald Trump and his gorgeous First Lady Melania Trump both tested positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus earlier in the week, and are now in the hospital undergoing treatment. The 24-hour news cycle has been covering their situation nonstop, with the usual suspects behaving as expected.

Well, sort of. The ugly Twitterverse is generating its expected wishes for the president to die a horrible death, and the Ladies of The Squad are mourning Twitter’s removal of “Hate Tweets” (that Twitter has said they don’t allow anyway).

On the other side, it seems that Arch-Leftist Rachel Maddow and dementia-suffering candidate Joe Biden have both wished the President well. Out of character, but welcome.

The President’s good health habits are standing him in good stead, and the fact that he does not smoke or drink alcohol means it will be easier for him to fight off the virus; he has released two videos already, and he seems to be doing very well. He and Melania are in my prayers today, and always. May they recover quickly and return to the campaign trail, in this momentous election.

This should be encouraging, and I’m sure President Trump is watching this on his TV.

Supporters outside Walter Reed Medical Center

Prayer Vigil outside Walter Reed

Trump supporters gather outside Trump Tower in NYC, briefly shut down Fifth Avenue!

He Said it Better Than I could: If I were Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

He Said it Better Than I could: If I were Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Bid Welcome to our Guest Writer for today, Ricochet Member OmegaPaladin. I am very impressed with his essay on what he would do if he were the CDC Director. My sentiments exactly!

I would start by taking the various department heads in a room to get my point across: Professionalism and competence earn respect. At the beginning of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, 80% of people in the US trusted the CDC for information on the pandemic. It is now near 50% and falling. If the CDC is not trusted by the American people to provide advice on a pandemic, what is its purpose? (aside from paying bureaucrats)

The CDC must be a conservative organization. One of Conquest’s laws of politics is that any organization that is not explicitly conservative will become liberal over time, so the CDC must be conservative. What this means in practice is a presumption against restricting people’s freedom. People need to take risks and determine what is safe. We give them information so that they can make an informed decision. When we practice quarantine and lockdown measures, it should be treated like going to war or invoking martial law – never done lightly.

It also means following the constitution. We do not legislate, we advise the President and the American public. We are not a check on the President, we report to him. If you feel you are being pressured to do something wrong, come talk to me. If it is merited, I will take it up the chain of command to the President. If it truly a horrible scenario, I’ll resign and take it to the media. People put on a uniform and sacrifice their lives for our country. Sacrificing my salary is nothing compared to that.

The CDC also needs to focus on our mission. We exist to be our country’s experts on epidemiology and infectious disease control. That is the priority for funding and manpower. We should move NIOSH to the NIH, and avoid duplicating functions in other agencies. We should work with the State Department to arrange for foreign postings associated with embassies for health surveillance. Also, work with the Director of National Intelligence and National Security Council to establish a Pandemic Covert Surveillance group that has clearance to view intelligence data and provide expertise to the intelligence community. We should not rely on WHO or the health agencies of closed authoritarian societies to let us know what is actually happening. If we get bad data, we will give bad information to the President, and Americans might die needlessly. 

The CDC needs to massively overhaul communications with the public. Always use understandable language, do not lie, and be willing to say if you are not sure. Only use technical terms if you define them. If we make a recommendation on limited data, make sure we qualify that. Also, make sure to speak to agencies that have an audience. If you can’t talk about a critical public health concern on Fox News or whatever program that is hostile to your beliefs, find another job – they pay your salary, not me. The point of agencies like us is to be trusted by people across the political spectrum, so we need to stick to the facts and remain professional.

We need to maintain scientific integrity to rebuild our reputation. If we change our recommendations, explain why. Be able to trace your findings to the scientific literature. Stay away from the various subjective social justice arguments. If we refuse to stick to biological facts and objective reality, people will stop caring what we say. For that reason, we will focus on physical sex as opposed to gender identification, since pathogens do not care about what we say or believe. Anyone who provides information to the public without a scientific basis will be disciplined – if it was to support your political biases, then put your resume in order. If gatherings are hazardous, then a peaceful march for your favorite cause is just as hazardous as a torch and pitchforks lynch mob. Pathogens do not care, so our recommendations should have no favoritism.

Reputations take ages to build, but can be lost in an instant. If we do our jobs right, people will benefit from our expertise, and live longer more productive lives. And that is what it is all about.

Now, go make this happen, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

It must be uncomfortable to live in Seattle these days

With the city council overriding the mayor’s veto of their bill making drastic cuts to the Seattle Police Department, and the number of homeless camps increasing all over the city, residents of Seattle may be worrying about the safety of themselves, their homes, and their children.  Especially since for a few years now, Seattle police have been de-emphasizing prosecution of most property crimes in the city, telling citizens to just file a report online.  And they are hearing daily of prolific offenders again being released on little or no bail for additional lawbreaking.

Well, they may be cheered up today, with the announcement by the city that they have hired a new “Street Czar” to offer alternatives to the policing being cut by their city government (who, by the way, they elected).  This new city employee is a gentleman named Andre Taylor, and he has a colorful background.  It seems that his previous occupation was “pimp”, and he had a brother who was “killed by Seattle police in 2016”.  His salary will be $150,000.  Pleasant-looking fellow, isn’t he?


Now, that may not please some Seattle residents, especially those unemployed as a result of government actions against the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.  Their city is reducing the presence of police in a city wracked by demonstrations, overrun with homeless camps in city parks, and subject to sometimes-violent riots and looting in the downtown core.

I think if I lived in Seattle today, I might consider moving elsewhere.

He said it better than I could: Guest Writer Henry Racette on the open U.S. Supreme Court seat

He said it better than I could: Guest Writer Henry Racette on the open U.S. Supreme Court seat

Today, we feature another of our Ricochet writers, Henry Racette. Please enjoy and respond to his post on filling the new Supreme Court vacancy brought about by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Saturday.

About That Vacancy

Now that the coronavirus crisis is essentially over but for the continuing economic disaster being wrought by various governors and power-drunk state officials, we could do with yet another catastrophe to keep the press enthused through the end of this election year.

The passing this week of Justice Ginsburg will do just fine.

Let me explain why it is right, proper, and essential that the Court be restored to a full complement of nine members prior to the election.


You’ll hear endless babble about the way Senator McConnell handled the Garland nomination, President Obama’s lame duck nomination that McConnell refused to allow to be voted on by the Senate. People will say it’s hypocritical of the Senate to vote now, when it failed to vote on Obama’s nomination. They’ll argue that it’s a breach of trust with the American people, etc., etc.

That’s all wrong, and here’s why.

It isn’t hypocrisy to treat the two situations differently because the two situations are in fact different. Obama was a lame duck in his last year in office, filling a vacancy (Justice Scalia’s) created in that last year in office, and opposed by a Senate the electorate had handed to the Republicans. Never in U.S. history has the Senate confirmed a Supreme Court nomination in such circumstances; Senator McConnell wisely chose not to preside over the first Senate to do so.

In contrast, the President and the Senate are of the same party. If the Democrats had taken the Senate in 2018, it would be perfectly reasonable for them to block the President’s next nomination; I would expect nothing less (though I’d hope they didn’t stoop to the character assassination they displayed during the Kavanaugh confirmation). But the American people left the Senate in Republican hands, and I hope that Senate will support the President as he makes yet another excellent appointment.


So ignore the hypocrisy claim. And absolutely scoff at anyone who pretends that there are actually constitutional barriers to a speedy appointment: that’s simply wrong. As an iconic Supreme Court Justice once observed, “there’s nothing in the Constitution that says the President stops being President in his last year.” (In fact, that was Justice Ginsburg herself.) Similarly, there is nothing in the Constitution that says the Senate stops being the Senate in an election year. There are no legal nor Constitutional barriers to a speedy nomination and confirmation.


There’s a particularly troubling claim you’ll hear, which is that Justice Ginsburg, in her final days, said the following:
“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Let me be very clear. I will say nothing ill of the late Justice, and I applaud her tenacity and strength during what must have been extraordinarily difficult times. It is my hope that she didn’t in fact say what has been attributed to her, because the idea that she would have is repugnant to me and would diminish her in my eyes.

Filling a seat on the Supreme Court is a high honor, a position of service to the American people granted with great ceremony and enormous trust. But the seat is not the property of its occupant to be assigned by him or her to the next candidate, and the late Justice has no more right to determine who occupies it next than I have. I would like to believe that Justice Ginsburg appreciated the dignity of the court and its unique role to uphold the Constitution, and wouldn’t try to subvert the Constitutional provisions for peopling the Court by attempting to impose her own political vision upon her successor. That would be a kind of betrayal — though, in fairness, perhaps one forgivable in an old and critically ill woman.


There is no legal, Constitutional, procedural, or moral reason not to quickly confirm a new Supreme Court Justice. There are two practical reasons why it is extraordinarily important that we do appoint a new Supreme Court Justice as quickly as possible.

First, and most importantly, there is already ample reason to expect the 2020 election to be legally challenged regardless of outcome. The Democratic candidate himself has spoken openly, and strangely, of having the support of the military in the event that the election doesn’t appear to go in his favor. Secretary Clinton is on record as advising Vice President Biden that he should not concede, regardless of the electoral outcome. Given this, it is hard to see how a Trump victory will not be challenged in court.

Left-leaning and Democratic think tanks have been “war-gaming” (simulating) various scenarios for challenging the 2020 election results. The most widely published account finds only one electoral outcome that does *not* lead to widespread violence and/or a Constitutional crisis, and that is a landslide Democratic victory. Every other outcome leads to chaos.
Add to this the left’s enthusiasm for mail-in voting, which is inherently less secure than in-person voting and so more susceptible to challenge, and we have been put on notice: if the Democratic candidate doesn’t win, we should expect a Constitutional crisis.

We will need a Supreme Court with an odd number of Justices present. A hung Court unable to resolve a contested outcome of the 2020 election will leave the country in a precarious and dangerous condition: for the first time in history, the transition of power will be uncertain.

That possibility alone demands that we restore the Court to nine members before the election. A failure to do so will be inexcusably reckless, endangering the world’s greatest democracy and its uninterrupted tradition of peaceful transition of power.

The second reason that it is essential that we fill the court is that there are those who fear widespread civil unrest and violence if the Senate does act quickly.

There’s a word for that, for the threat of violence if a particular political demand is not delivered. It’s called terrorism. The United States should not submit to the demands of terrorists, whether they’re foreign or domestic. Anyone who argues that the Senate must not act for fear of triggering a violent backlash is calling for the appeasement and rewarding of domestic terrorists.

To hell with that. We don’t surrender our Constitution because one side isn’t willing to lose with grace. Congressmen are about as spineless a species as one will find, but when given the choice of answering to the mob or answering to the Constitution they’d best not find it a hard decision to make.


Those reasons are more than enough, but there’s one more practical consideration. President Trump has made hundreds of very good judicial appointments. There’s every reason to believe that his next Supreme Court nomination will also be very good. There’s every reason to believe that a Democratic nomination will not be good at all.

People are confused about what “conservative” means when we’re speaking of the Supreme Court. “Conservative” and “liberal” when it comes to the Supreme Court is a bit like “firefighter” and “arsonist” when it comes to house fires. The purpose of the Supreme Court is to interpret and uphold the Constitution. Its purpose isn’t to rewrite the Constitution, to reinvent the Constitution, or to “fix” the Constitution. It isn’t to burn the Constitution down.

“Conservative,” in the context of the Supreme Court, means pro-Constitution. Everyone who values Constitutional governance should support conservative Justices.

Facebook Supports Antifa, the Destroyers

Facebook Supports Antifa, the Destroyers

In violation of its own standards against so-called “hate groups”, Facebook allows Rose City (Portland, OR) Antifa to recruit online, on its platform.  You have, no doubt, seen all the news stories of the violent riots in Portland for the past 100+ days.  Please read the linked article above, and then sever all ties you have with Facebook.

We already know that Facebook supports and listens to the sleazy Southern Poverty Law Center when it deems groups such as the totally non-violent Tea Party and educational site Prager U “hate groups”, because they happen to strenuously disagree with the current Social Justice Warrior philosophy.  It is time to give up Facebook.  Forever.  Your family can find you on your WordPress Blog, can’t they?