Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

At the Diablo Lake Overlook, along Washington State Highway 20 (North Cascades Highway), Mountain Shadows.  It is late afternoon.


But when you zoom out a little…  Shadows disappear.


And you see the blue-green glacial waters of Diablo Lake, behind Diablo Dam, on the Skagit River.



Winter Wednesday

Last time I checked, the outside temperature in my town was 33.   We had snow over the weekend, and there is still some on the ground in my neighborhood.  Here are some winter shots from years past.   Brrrrrr…

Thirteen Bushtits at once on the suet feeder
Thirteen Common Bushtits on our Suet Feeder, January 2012


Also from 2012.  The round thing in front is our bird bath.



The parking lot at work, March of 2013.  Snow in March is VERY unusual around here!


White Christmas!  December 23, 2016

Weekly Photo Challenge…Solitude

The ultimate solitude for me would be sitting here:


The private veranda off our cruise-ship stateroom.  With a good book.  Listening to this:


I find the sight and sound of the ship cutting through the water incredibly relaxing.  This is, in my opinion, the best part of a cruise.


The View from Above the Clouds

I think it’s quite remarkable that, in a fairly short time, Americans invented the airplane, and took it from a simple, light craft made of wood and fabric to a huge metal cylinder that can carry up to 500 people at a time and fly halfway around the world in comfort.  Here are some photos I’ve taken from the window of an airplane, at 30,000 feet.

Above the clouds
Above the Clouds at 30,000 feet
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon from the air

Clouds-From Above