Photo Challenge…..Cheeky

I think Cheeky pretty accurately describes this guy, and his little friend.

Mudgy the Moose, and Millie

His little mouse friend makes him look cross-eyed.  Here is who they are.


A nice, sunny afternoon on the shore of Lake Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.



Photo Challenge….Serene

At the marina on the Inner Harbour of Victoria, British Columbia, this morning shot of the boats, and the very calm water.  Gentle ripples, and no one stirring this early.  The world seemed to be holding its breath.

Boats at Marina, Victoria

I loved the boats-such a wide variety, with no two even remotely alike.


Photo Challenge…Experimental..What WAS that against the sky?

When I’m out with my camera, I like pointing it up at the sky.  Sometimes I find interesting shapes.  This one is on the outside of the building where I work.  It’s the top of the ladder to the roof, but seen against a blue sky, it’s art.


Then, at night, in Arizona, again pointing up at the sky.


They almost make a star!

Temporary-Beautiful Things That Don’t Last

The fact that cloud formations are by their nature temporary makes you appreciate them more.  How often have you looked up at spectacular clouds, and had to keep watching as they scud across the sky at the mercy of winds on high?  Our skies out here in Western Washington State are often gray, but there are zillions of shades of gray, and change from minute to minute. We enjoy taking the ferry from Edmonds over to Kingston on the Kitsap Peninsula, and last month’s clouds were especially picturesque.

Clouds over Kitsap

Someone was getting rained-on over there!

But look what we found when we were driving off the ferry in Kingston.  This is the epitome of temporary!

Double rainbow-Kingston

If you look very closely at the upper right corner of this photo, you see that it’s a double rainbow.  I was pleased to see how well it came out, given that it was taken from the passenger-side window of a moving car.


Peek at some architecture-Photo Challenge

Castle Rising, detail
Castle Rising wall. Note the overlapping barrel arches-they make a pointed arch.

This piece of building, obviously in ruins now, was the beginning of a breakthrough that formed the beginnings of Gothic architecture.  Want to see the rest of this very old building?

Castle Rising
Castle Rising

Here it is.  You can see the tracery wall in the middle front of the medieval castle.  A peek into history.

Photo Challenge A Significant Glow

This is the view from the deck of our vacation house in Bigfork, Montana, on September 7, the day after we got there from Washington.  You can’t see much, due to the smoke from the terrible wildfires, that closed Glacier National Park, and prevented our group from doing most outdoor activities.

IMG_2048 (1)

And on September 10, finally, the Glorious Sunset Glow!  We could see the sun, and a bit of sky, as the smoke cleared a bit.  Everyone’s mood was much improved.

Sun glow over lake

I have never been happier to see the sun that I was that day.