Borrowed with permission from a Ricochet friend. How many of these phrases do you Disagree with?

Hello, Visitors and Followers of RushBabe49..

I’m hoping you’ll help me with a very simple data-gathering project! It will take maybe five minutes, and should be painless.


a.) go down through the following list of statements and count up those with which you DISAGREE.

b.) don’t overthink it. Even if the phrase doesn’t precisely match your view, if you generally agree, don’t count it.

c.) let me know ONLY the number of items with which you DISAGREED (e.g. somewhere between 0 and 25!) . You don’t have to tell me which ones or why!  *Put your answer in the comments below*

I am not making any presumptions of your political leanings-just list a number, how many of the following statements you Disagree with.  Thanks!


1.) Sexism remains a very significant obstacle for women in America.

2.) Racism remains a very significant obstacle for Americans of color.

3.) Race-based affirmative action is necessary.

4.) The minimum wage protects workers from exploitation.

5.) To be white and male in America confers significant unfair advantage.

6.) Climate change is a real and urgent problem.

7.) Islam is no more likely to inspire violence than Christianity or Judaism.

8.) Systemic racism explains the disparity in arrests and imprisonment of black men.

9.) Systemic racism is a significant factor in recent shootings by police of black people.

10.) Income inequality is a problem in the United States.

11.) Abortion rights are good and necessary.

12.) Same sex marriage is a human right.

13.) Americans have a right to good quality healthcare.

14.) Diversity on college campuses confers significant educational and social benefits.

15.) Republicans are ideological rather than practical in their approach to things like controlling gun crime, reducing poverty, increasing affordable access to good quality healthcare and bringing down rates of teen pregnancy and abortion.

16.) Stricter gun laws are necessary to prevent gun violence.

17) Corporations are not people and thus do not have First Amendment rights,

18.) Government led educational standards are the best way to make sure the next generation is well-educated.

19.) Social problems are usually the result of prejudice/hatred/discrimination against that person’s “group” rather than character failings or poor choices on the part of the people involved.

20.) Government regulations protect citizens against harms caused by profit-driven corporations.

21.) Fossil fuels are a threat to the climate and must be replaced by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

22.) Israel is at least as responsible as the Palestinians for the continuing hostility between Israelis and Palestinians.

23.) The tax code should be used to redistribute income from wealthier citizens to poorer ones.

Thank you!

RushBabe’s Top Ten First 100-day Trump Administration Wish-List

On January 20, Republican Outlier President Donald Trump assumes office.  Many segments of American Society have expectations for his administration.  Liberals’ heads are exploding everywhere, just thinking about the demise of ObamaCare and other Liberal Welfare-State favorites.  Conservatives are holding their breaths, just waiting for President Trump to do something stupid, and confirm what many of them think-that he has no idea of what a president should do, or how.  Many of us, however, have high hopes for a Trump administration to undo many of the things that the Obama Administration has done to strangle American businesses, and put American citizens in a strait-jacket, reducing our liberty as much as possible.  Following are the Top Ten things I would like to see the new President initiate within his first 100 days.  Please note, degree of difficulty NOT taken into account, and all ten are of equal importance.

  1.  Call off the Justice Department trying to run local police departments.   Immediately cancel ALL “consent decrees” that hamstring local law-enforcement and assume that they are all racist pigs.
  2. Return the Internal Revenue Service to its stated duties of collecting taxes from US individuals and businesses.  Immediately fire ALL political appointees from all prior administrations, and replace them (not all, there are probably way more IRS employees than needed for their tax-collecting duties) with impartial civil servants.  Fast-track all delayed applications for non-profit status from conservative groups.
  3. Cancel the previous enabling of public employees unions.  Invalidate all public employee union contracts.  This will save the American people the millions of dollars it is costing to pay union reps who do NO productive work for the government.
  4. Work with the new appointees for heads of the Education (Betsy DeVos) and Energy (Rick Perry) Departments to close them in an orderly fashion, to be completed within four years.
  5. Work with Congress to repeal the Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank financial legislation.  To start with, disband the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is accountable to no one.  Look into returning to the big banks some of the huge shakedown payments the government extracted from them for their “wrongdoing” in the financial crisis.
  6. Begin the repeal of the (Un)Affordable Care Act.  First up-cancel the Individual and Employer Mandates, since it is unconstitutional for the federal government to mandate that citizens buy any product.  Immediately invalidate every single Obama Executive Order delaying or changing particular parts of the Act to benefit the Democrat party’s friends in organized labor.
  7. Cancel all Obama executive orders having to do with illegal immigration.  Immediately begin enforcing ALL current federal laws relating to immigration and border control.  Remove discretionary Federal funds from any city, state, or university that declares itself a “sanctuary city”.  Seattle and San Francisco, here’s looking at you first.
  8. Begin the process of de-funding Planned Parenthood.  Not one cent of taxpayer money should go to the nation’s premier abortion provider.
  9. Begin the process of de-funding the United Nations.  Deny the UN any US funds for any but the allied organizations like the World Health Organization.  Do not renew the UN lease on its building in New York City-kick them out and lease the place at market rates to productive businesses.
  10. Re-establish cordial ties with all the US allies whom the Obama administration has dissed over the last 8 years.  Starting with Britain, ask for that statue of Churchill back for the Oval Office.  Then, emphasize to Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States is Israel’s greatest friend, and that we will fight for their right to exist and defend themselves, and support them in any way possible.  Return to active support of NATO, and rededicate ourselves to supporting Ukraine against the Russians.

A Look Back at 2016, and the True Legacy of Barack Hussein Obama

The person who will still be president until January 20, 2017, is the most destructive individual to have ever held that office.  Destructive, that is, of America, and what she has stood for over the past 240 years.  Let’s take a look at what Destroyer Obama hath wrought.


He has destroyed and reduced the formerly formidable US Military.  He has reduced its budget to where “For next week, there will be no US Aircraft Carriers patrolling the world’s seas”.  He has made a social experiment of the military, forcing homosexuals and transsexuals on a military force that lives by cohesion.  Our Navy now has fewer ships that at any time since World War I, making our response to worldwide threats more difficult.  He has glorified deserters like Bowe Bergdahl; and supported with taxpayer dollars certified criminals like Bradley Manning who at the last moment decided he wanted to be called “Chelsey”, and may get a sex-change operation on YOUR DIME.

He has systematically reduced our National Security by several different means.  His administration has encouraged illegal immigration on all of our borders.  Through the southern border he has let in millions of illegals from Mexico and Central America, many of whom take construction jobs at a lower wage than Unionized Americans would earn, thus lowering the average wages paid.  In November, the largest number of illegals crossed out border in recent memory-Obama packing the country with future Democrat voters?  He has allowed in thousands of Syrian and other Middle Eastern “refugees”, inviting into our country more and more Muslims who see us as the “Great Satan”.  The persecuted Christians from Syria and elsewhere are being denied entry to America, their last refuge.

All throughout his two terms in office, Obama has spurned and dissed our traditional allies, and cozied up to our enemies, starting from his first day in office, where he made a big deal of returning the Oval Office bust of Winston Churchill (perhaps the modern world’s most beloved statesman) to Britain.  Being a Muslim Sympathizer, he has been especially hostile to the only working Democracy in the Middle East, Israel, supporting UN resolutions against Israelis defending themselves from hostile Arab regimes on all their borders.  Last week’s abstention in the UN, thus allowing a new resolution against Israeli settlements in conquered territory to go through, is especially despicable.


Jewish organizations and commentators have variously spoken out against this.

The Republican-Jewish Coalition states that Obama has damaged US-Israeli relations more than any US president in history.  Meg Greenfield, who just happens to be Jewish, says that John Kerry, perhaps the stupidest Secretary of State ever, is an “Obstacle to Peace“.  In their final hours in office, Obama and Kerry have “Resurrected the “Jewish Question””.

Speaking of cozying up to our enemies, Cuba was big in the news of 2016.  Obama has released many terrorists from Guantanamo Bay Prison in 2016; of the 242 who were there at the start of Obama’s presidency, only 59 are left, and he can hardly wait to release them, to return to their lives of terrorism against the US.  Fidel Castro died in 2016, and the Obama administration praised him, managing to ignore the millions of Cubans who the Castro regime has tortured, imprisoned, and murdered since they took power in the 1950s.  So History will judge him?  Ha!  The Cuban Ladies in White have judged him; we all hope he is burning in Hell.

Obama “negotiated” a “nuclear deal” with Iran in 2016, going around Congress, and opening the way for the brutal Muslim dictators of Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.  His administration was silent when the Iranians illegally captured and humiliated our sailors, and paid big ransom to get them back.  In short, the Obama administration has left behind it, instead of a calm, prosperous world, a world in flames, with terrorists around the world, from the Middle East, to France and Belgium, to Africa, to our own United States (Fort Hood (where the terror was described as “workplace violence”!), San Bernardino, Boston, Orlando, FL), bombing, murdering, and creating fear everywhere.


And what about the United States under Obama?  The Ferguson Effect has been especially powerful this year.  Murders of law-enforcement personnel have skyrocketed this year, with 62 gunned down, many in ambush-type situations.  The Black Lives Matter movement has been linked to an attitude by law enforcement that THEY are at fault for the ostensible “murders” of “unarmed” black men, causing them to pull back from their activities in minority neighborhoods.  Homicide rates in many of our large metropolitan areas have increased dramatically in 2016, affecting minority areas most.  Obama, the “uniter”, turned out to be a divider instead, pitting blacks against whites even more than before.  The state of race relations in the USA is much worse now than before Obama took office.  The black unemployment rate has not improved, and black poverty has increased under Obama.

In 2016, many big banks have seen their status turned into “public utility”, their freedom of movement curtailed, and they have seen themselves blamed for the financial crisis of 2007-08.  Just FYI, the real cause of the financial crisis was the Government’s requirement that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac approve home loans to millions who could never pay them back!  The (in)Justice Department continues to shake down big banks, including overseas banks, for billions of dollars in “settlements”.  Another bit of collateral damage was the disappearance of hundreds of smaller, community banks, who could not survive the increased Federal regulation of their business.  Obama vowed to get rid of the coal industry via environmental regulation in his presidency, and that is exactly what happened.  Thousands of coal miners were put out of work, and many coal companies went bankrupt.

ObamaCare in 2016 showed that it is a destructive force in American society, causing huge premium increases and many to lose even their earlier policies.  Dozens of insurance companies left the “exchanges” due to big losses; many counties have just one option left!  Many states expanded Medicaid under the law, and thousands of those newly-covered could not find a doctor that would accept Medicaid!  So, instead of the “Affordable Care” Act, it turned out to be the Unaffordable Care Act for many, with options shrinking too.

Religious freedom in the USA has also shrunk under Obama.  Small businesses have been run out of town when their owners decline to serve homosexual “weddings”.  Tech executives have been hounded out of their jobs for supporting religious freedom.  A small pizza shop owner in the midwest was threatened with death for refusing to cater a homosexual “wedding”.  And the Supreme Court imposed homosexual “marriage” on the entire country under Obama, so those of us who support the traditional definition of marriage (one man and one woman) are denied the ability to act on our religious beliefs.

Look at your life, after eight years of the Obama regime.  Are you better off?  Has your freedom been increased or curtailed in the past eight years?  As far as I am concerned, Obama can’t be gone too soon.


After the Election

After the Election


I have to say, I had a great time on Tuesday night.  I spent 2.5 hours in front of my computer, participating in the live chat with my Ricochet friends.  There must have been over 200 of us, from all over the world, chiming in and giving reports of how the voting was going in their areas.  People would come back from casting their ballots, and mention lines around the block at the polling stations.  Many people were watching other broadcast and Internet media, and they would tell us what MSNBC and ABC and CBS and CNN were doing and saying.  One member from Florida was very enthusiastic about how well the Republicans were doing in his state, which was considered a battleground.  Many people mentioned how depressed the mainstream media folks were acting, as Donald Trump pulled ahead in state after state.  Those who live in a bubble of liberalism were finally being hit with a big spray of cold, hard reality.  I thought it was a joke, but it seems that the Canadian web site for potential immigrants actually went down under the weight of Hollywood and other celebrities and liberals making good on their threats to leave if Trump was elected. [I say to them, don’t let the door hit you on your way out!]

So, now it’s the Great Aftermath, and lots of liberals out there, especially the coddled young snowflakes, are reacting just like you’d expect them to.  How?  By protesting, of course!  These cry-bullies seem not to know how to do anything except protest.  In Seattle, they hit the streets.  In California, the CEO of a tech company suggested very strongly that any employee who voted for Trump should resign!  They are so blind, they who emphasize “tolerance and inclusion” proceed to exclude and discriminate against those who don’t think or vote like they do!  Oh, and the Stock Market!  Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up over 200 points.  But the Nasdaq Composite Index fell over 42 points-another Liberal tantrum (tech companies are run by liberals who don’t know what side of their bread is buttered).

Cornell Students Hold ‘Cry-In’ Over Trump Victory

UCLA Diversity Chancellor Holds Therapeutic Event to “Process” the Election

Protesters Block Entrance to Trump Tower

There are a lot of happy Republicans today.  We hold out hope that Trump will really make a start on draining the swamp of Washington D.C.  There are multiple posts over on Ricochet, with suggestions for a Trump Cabinet, and who he should nominate for the Supreme Court.  We hope to say good-bye to ObamaCare in the new year.

I live in Deep Blue Washington State, where most western Washington voters voted for Hillary Clinton.  I have a really hard time understanding why anyone would want an old, tired, sick, corrupt woman as president.  If you really look at her record, such as it is, you will see that she had absolutely nothing to recommend her, and she had a whole litany of immoral, illegal actions for which the fawning Press will never hold her to account.  Hillary Clinton demonstrably caused the deaths of four brave Americans in Benghazi, then lied to their relatives about how and why they died!  She played fast and loose for years with confidential, classified State Secrets, for which many others have lost their jobs and gone to prison!  I am disgusted with how the politicized FBI let her off scot-free.

We are fortunate that the Clinton Crime Family won’t be running this country.

I wish only for the best of a Trump Administration.  I think he will do well as president, rolling back the misdeeds of the Obama years.  Onward to Liberty!

Picking up Where Rush Left Off

Yeah, I’m way behind on my podcast listening.  The one I listened to today was the end of July sometime.  He recited a list of  “what the Democrat Party is”, entities and causes that many people don’t know were Dem strongholds.  He started with the ones that are most obvious in today’s news:

Black Lives Matter


New Black Panthers


Illegal immigrants

Occupy Wall Street


Striking the mention of God from their party platform

Transgender bathroom advocates

Pro “death panels” in ObamaCare

Pedophiles (Bill Clinton’s billionaire buddy)

Baby butchers of Planned Parenthood


And I thought of some that he didn’t mention:

The Ku Klux Klan


Felons (VA governor restores their civil rights so they can be a new Democrat voting bloc)

George Wallace, the famous segregationist of the 1960s

Homosexual activists who put small businesses out of business if they won’t participate in ceremonies that are against their religious beliefs

Stoners, pot-smokers, and other drug-users

Politicians who boast of destroying an entire industry (coal-mining) and putting thousands of workers out of jobs

High-speed trains to nowhere

Carbon taxes that increase the cost of living for everyone, especially the lower-earning people

Slavery-the congresspeople who opposed Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation were Democrats!

Something for all you millennials who vote Democrat without thinking, to think upon.



So what kind of year was 2015?  Statistically, not too bad.  But statistics can be misleading (in both directions).  Financially, I earned about as much in 2015 as I did in 2014, but my earnings went further.  Much to my surprise and delight, I was able to sweep a fair amount of money from my checking to my savings account, and have more than enough in checking to pay all my bills.  It sure does help to have no mortgage!

The stock market has taken us all on a wild ride this year, but I did not panic, and continued contributing to my 401(k) account at work.  I am at full retirement age now, so I did slightly reduce the percentage of my contributions, but still have over 15% of my wages withheld for retirement.  So, when I look at the total of all my investments, every single account has gains!  Even if I wanted to harvest losses to cancel out some of my gains, I couldn’t do it, as I have no losses!

I gave mightily to charity this year, and the people at Hillsdale College, Curtis Institute of Music, and the American Society for Yad Vashem happily received increased donations from me in 2015.  I can’t emphasize enough how good it made me feel to write those checks to causes I believe in. [Here’s a statistic.  People self-described as Conservative donate a higher percentage of their earnings to charity than people self-described as Liberal.  Liberals depend on the Government to help the needy.]

This was my first full year reporting to a new boss at work.  That made work more congenial, working for a boss who I knew liked me, instead of working for someone who I knew would have liked to be rid of me.  As a member of a new department, it was extremely gratifying to know that all my coworkers were happy that I was in their group.  I worked a lot of overtime, and really didn’t mind too much.   On the “minus” side, the company is engaged in a “total transformation” directed from the corporate level, and this is having many uncomfortable consequences for most employees.  Entire departments have been re-formed, and physically moved, resulting in a much higher level of stress.  Production employees have half the “personal space” they used to have, and since some heavy machinery has been moved from behind a wall out into the main production floor, everyone’s environment contains more noise and bad smells.  “Standard work” practices will be applied more commonly, and I have heard some employees objecting to being made into machines.  It’s no fun, and morale-lowering, to have less control of your work situation.  I consider myself extremely fortunate that my department so far has been less-affected in this than most, but we know what’s coming for us.

I did some traveling in 2015, and both trips were delightful.  In April, we went to Denver for a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar on Churchill.  We connected with some Ricochet friends there, and had a great time.  After the seminar was over, we went down to Colorado Springs for a few days to connect with some more Ricochet friends.  Our visit there, and to the Garden of the Gods Park, have been documented here.

In September, we went down to Reno for another Ricochet meet-up, and met some wonderful people who will be lifelong friends.  We got a look at some beautiful country, and felt the effects of the wildfires in California.  From the air, we were able to see the effects of the five-year drought, too, with the level of Lake Tahoe way lower than normal (leaving some docks high and dry).

Back home, there was a windstorm in November that caused a big tree to fall across our driveway, taking out a section of brand-new fence.  During that storm, we were without power for 12 hours, but that did not stop the people from our neighborhood from getting out their chainsaws and cutting up the tree so we could get into and out of the driveway.  My car was in the garage and undamaged, and hubby was away, so the main effects were a chewed-up lawn, a damaged pear tree in front, and a roof full of cedar droppings.  Later, heavy rains caused the gutter over the garage to become detached from the edge of the roof, and we went through a week of anxiety before it was finally repaired, before it had a chance to fall off.

Our holiday party this year was a rousing success, and we made the acquaintance of more local Ricochet members.  Our Ricochet memberships have been great to have this year, as we are able to document our meet-ups, and make many new conservative friends.  Living in an area that is deep-blue like Seattle, it is very gratifying to know that others who think like us are just around the corner!

Around the world, 2015 was a year filled with Islamic Terrorist attacks, on their home countries in the Middle East, and on countries in the West.  Paris came in for more than its share of Islamic Terrorist atrocities, with a satirical magazine, kosher supermarket, concert hall, and street cafes being attacked, and dozens of innocent French citizens slaughtered.  Boko Haram continued its reign of terror in Africa, murdering hundreds and wiping out entire villages, basically with impunity.  And Islamic State, Al Quaeda, and the Taliban continued to dominate entire swathes of territory in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, slaughtering men and enslaving women.  Europe found itself inundated with waves of “refugees” from the Middle East conflicts, and proved incapable of handling all the crowds of essentially illegal immigrants supposedly seeking asylum.  We already know that a huge percentage of those migrants just happened to be military-age males, and we wonder how many of them are not-so-well disguised jihadists.  We actually found out, as at least one of the November 13 Paris attackers had recently entered Europe as a “refugee”!  The United States also was attacked by Muslims who were sympathetic to Islamic State, and haters of the American way of life.  Garland, Texas, successfully dodged bullets, and San Bernardino, California, was devastated by the married Muslim couple who attacked a holiday party.

And through it all, the president of the United States and his party, refused to acknowledge the source of those attacks, and to lie about the possibility of a “backlash” against “peace-loving American Muslims”.  The denizen of the White House is a Muslim-sympathizer, and continues to ignore the imminent threat to Christians everywhere in the Middle East.  He delights in accepting hordes of Muslim “refugees”, while ignoring the religious cleansing being carried out by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  His behavior is despicable, and he does not support the basic American values that he likes to tout.  He also encourages hordes of Hispanic illegal immigrants to illegally cross our southern border, and claim services they have not earned and do not deserve.  He continues to release “detainees” (terrorists) from Guantanamo Prison, to return to their terrorist ways overseas.  He values Muslim Terrorists over innocent civilians.

Our country was roiled this year by the “Black Lives Matter” demonstrators, who caused mayhem, interrupted presidential candidates’ speeches (Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders!), and made policemen’s jobs more difficult.  Funny how they totally ignore the thousands of blacks shot and killed by other blacks!  Baltimore and Chicago saw huge increases  in their murder rates in 2015, largely black-on-black crime.  And they continue to deflect attention away from their own problems, toward policemen who are trying to protect them.

The US Supreme Court distinguished itself this year, ruling against the values that still motivate a majority of Americans.   They found a right for homosexuals to “marry”, canceling out dozens of state laws affirming the institution of marriage as being between one man and one woman.  And they again ruled ObamaCare constitutional, so it can go on to ruin the best medical care system in the world.

Still, we here in the United States of America are still the world’s most prosperous and peaceful nation.  More downtrodden people all over the world still wish to come to America, where they know they can make a better life for themselves by their own hard work and determination.  In spite of all the cultural degradation taking place daily, children not being taught in government schools the real history of their nation, and college campuses being turned from institutions of learning into glorified day-care centers, this is still the Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth.  I am proud to be an American.

On Calling-all-RushBabes, 2015 was a very good year.  I discovered the Weekly Photo Challenges at the Daily Post site, and participated in many of them.  I am thrilled that so many professional photographers seem to like my strictly-amateur photos, and follow my blog.  I thank everyone who follows and comments on my blog.  This year, I posted two important efforts, my paper on Medieval Music, and the photo essay on my 1991 Cambridge trip that spawned that paper.  I had fun doing photo essays on my two big trips, too.  Now that I have learned to use my home scanner, I plan on more photo essays, on the Everett Symphony trip to Vienna in 1996, and our New York trip in 2006.

Happy New Year, everyone!

A Momentous Decision…And No Regrets

In 1977, I was 28 years old.  I had been married for four years, and my husband and I lived in Seattle fairly happily.  I was a hospital pharmacy technician, and he was a transformer winder for a company that made industrial transformers.  Neither of us really knew what we wanted to be when we grew up (I had a Master’s degree in psychology that wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on). We didn’t earn the big bucks, but we made enough to get along nicely.

My momentous decision at that time was the decision not to have children. My husband was OK with that, and we had some deep discussions over what that would mean to our lives.  We would have more disposable income, and more freedom.  We liked to say that instead of kids, we’d have cats and cars (he liked nothing better than working on one of his cars, and he remodeled our basement into a home auto repair shop).

I had been taking birth-control pills since before we were married, and had no health complications from that.  However, right around this time, some of the adverse side-effects of the Pill were just being discovered and publicized, like blood clots.  I decided that, in order to make my life less complicated, I wanted to have a tubal ligation, making the permanent decision to remain childless.  My husband agreed that it was what we wanted.

The over-arching reason that I decided to remain childless was that I had had a most unpleasant childhood, and I didn’t want to make any child of mine suffer the way I had.  My mother for all of my childhood and young-adult life had made my life miserable, and I determined that I risked being the same kind of parent if I had my own children.  I have always been high-strung, and unable to tolerate much in the way of disturbances in my environment.  I was, and am, sure I’d be driven crazy by a crying baby, since I’d probably end up with kids with my own temperament.  I had tried baby-sitting as a teenager, and I was really terrible at it!  I just considered that I’d make the world a better place by not making some innocent child as miserable as I was.  I decided I would not be a fit parent.

At this time, I had employer-sponsored medical insurance with Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound, and I discussed our decision with my family physician.  She was OK with my decision, but she said that Group Health had a policy that anyone under age 30 seeking surgical sterilization was required to have a consultation with a psychiatrist, to make sure that the decision was not taken rashly, since at that time it was irreversible.

So I duly made my appointment with one of GHC’s psychiatrists.  That interview was the most extraordinary interview I had ever, and have ever had with a mental-health professional.  For some reason that I never figured out, my decision to make my childlessness permanent just drove this psychiatrist off the deep end.  He not only disagreed with me, he positively screamed at me, gesticulating wildly and telling me in no uncertain terms that he would never approve of my decision, and would not authorize the surgery.  I left his office shaken and angry myself, and it took a day or two for me to calm down.  I had witnessed totally unprofessional behavior, from someone who should have known better.  Unfortunately, his decision stood, and I was not allowed to have the surgery at Group Health.

I remained firm in my decision, however.  The following year, I changed jobs, and had new insurance.  I found myself a new physician, who agreed to do the surgery.  So, at the age of 29, I had my tubal ligation.

I am 66 years old now, and never once have I regretted this decision.  My life has taken some unfortunate turns, and through it all, my decision to remain childless has been the right one.  I went through a difficult divorce (my fault, and difficult for me), and many bouts with unemployment, as I navigated through a career change.  As a divorced person, all my problems were mine alone, and no innocent child had to suffer from being moved around and neglected while I was at work long hours.  Sure, I don’t have grandchildren to spoil, but I have never really missed that.  I like children, and I enjoy being around my friends’ and relatives’ kids.  And I admire friends who have big families.  I am comfortable enough now that I feel capable of handling anything the rest of life might throw at me.  My second husband (since 2003) and I are happy and prosperous, and we love being owned by our black cat.  I believe that, at age 28, I made the right choice for myself, and have never looked back and said “I wish I’d had children”.  I just told my friends “Have one for me”!