There was actually some good news today.

First Good News Story:   US Department of Justice Drops the Case Against General Michael Flynn.


This case was a total travesty from Day One, and documents revealed this week show a real conspiracy, led and known by those at the top of the Obama Administration FBI, led by James Comey.  The reputation of the FBI as an investigative agency tasked with finding and bringing the Bad Guys to Justice has been dragged through the mud, and may never recover.

It is my hope that General Flynn and his excellent lawyer Sidney Powell immediately file lawsuits against the individuals involved, NOT the Agencies.  Start with Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Clapper, and Rod Rosenstein.  They are the ones who ruined a good man’s reputation and threw him into bankruptcy and penury.  And they should sue for triple damages because of it.  General Flynn at least deserves to get back the wealth that he spent fighting the bogus charges.  And Susan Rice, who helped “unmask” General Flynn while wiretapping the Russian Ambassador with whom he was (legally) speaking, needs to be sued into bankruptcy, and prevented from ever working in any government position again.

It it also time for President Trump to thoroughly clean house at Justice.  He needs to fire every single political appointee from any Administration other than his own.  That includes the US Attorneys who continually thwart his actions.  He should have done that on Day Two of his administration in January of 2017.


The next piece of Good News today:  The Texas Salon owner who was jailed for violating the Dallas “Lockdown ordinance” was freed today by a ruling of the Texas Supreme Court.

Shelley Luther

The Texas Attorney General has also ruled that no one should be jailed for violating such an ordinance.  Much of the United States economy has been brought low, resulting in millions of citizens being thrown out of their jobs and onto the unemployment rolls, by state officials ordering people to stay home and businesses to shutter in the name of stopping the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.  The economic damage is turning out to be worse than the disease itself.  The people are starting to rebel against the Tyranny of local officials who are denying them the right to their livelihoods.

Congratulations to General Michael Flynn, and Ms. Shelley Luther for triumphing against Tyranny in its many forms.

This is What.Is.Wrong.With.Seattle

The title of the story on the KOMO news web site is Watchdog: SPD Needs Big Mayday Reforms.  In Seattle, MayDay every year brings out the Anarchists, masked and destructive, breaking glass in store windows, and other acts of vandalism.  See this picture-this is what the Seattle Police Department is faced with EVERY MayDay!


See the Vandals in Masks?!  And the Office of Professional Accountability in Seattle says the Police need reforms?!  Every year, the SPD sits back and lets these disgusting dregs of society ruin downtown businesses’ day, cause thousands of dollars in property damage, and rarely get arrested or have to face accountability for their crimes.  This is shameful, and perhaps that “watchdog” could actually help the Seattle Police do their jobs, instead of second-guessing them at every turn.

Socialism Doesn’t Work…Even at 70K

Socialism Doesn’t Work…Even at 70K

Funny, normally the levelers known as Socialists or Communists prefer to bring the high-earners down so everyone is “equal”.  This business owner in Seattle tried it the other way, making the minimum salary at his tech firm $70,000 per year.  Yes, even new hires with less experience were paid at that rate, higher to start than many longer-serving employees.  You and I can predict the result.  He, of course, did not.  Hard times, indeed.

“Supplier Diversity” What? Why?

Find out how creating diversity within your organization and among your suppliers can help achieve your business goals. The ISM Annual Supply Chain Diversity Summit features prominent speakers from different backgrounds and perspectives who will share valuable insights about how to make your organization more successful. Join us for a full schedule of featured speakers, highly-interactive roundtables and extensive networking.

The above statement was copied from the introduction to the Supplier Diversity Summit planned by the Institute For Supply Management for their Supply Management members (used to be called Purchasing Management).  Since roughly the 1960’s, Diversity has been a really big deal in our society.  Almost unquestioned is the assertion that a “diverse” population is a positive benefit anywhere and everywhere in America.  Since the 1970’s, the federal government has mandated that companies doing business with the government have in place policies and procedures to increase the “diversity” of their supply base (companies who supply them with products and services).  Each of a company’s suppliers MUST be rated as to its size (small, medium, large), sex of the owners (females preferred), ethnic origin of its owners (Native American, African-American preferred), and economic condition of owners (disadvantaged preferred).  These government mandates are so ingrained in the business dealings of American businesses that no one ever gives any thought at all to why they exist or if they have fulfilled their purpose.  Call it “Affirmative Action for Business”.

Companies who are owned by minorities or women are give an extra leg up in the race for government supply contracts, and this has sometimes led to interesting outcomes.  Just recently in Seattle, a conviction was announced for a minority contractor, caught embezzling funds from the district, in a “Minority Business Initiative” program.  An entire industry has sprung up, of consultants purporting to teach companies how to diversify their supply chains.

My thoughts are:  What difference should it make to a business owner, of the color of the skin of his suppliers?  When a business chooses vendors, the most operative conditions are ability to supply the product or service, cost of the items purchased, stability of the company, financial condition of the company, and quantity of the product.  Every time a company takes into account the skin color, sex, or ethnic origin of a supplier, one of the previous conditions can be violated.  Just because the government says you have to have a “diverse” supply base, does not mean that this is good for your company.  In fact, the cost of compliance with the government mandates can be a negative factor for your company.  If you are forced to take on less-qualified suppliers simply because they happen to have a minority owner, your business can suffer.  And every time the government mandates the companies have a “diverse” work force or supply base, that diminishes a company’s freedom of association, which is enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  A company can be sued by an unchosen supplier, who can assert that the only reason the supplier was not chosen for a contract was the color of the skin of the owner.  If minority business owners wish to succeed in business, they should do it the old-fashioned way, by hard work, patience, making a superior product, and selling it on its own merits in the marketplace.  No business owner should succeed solely on his “protected class” status, or due to a government mandate on his customers.

Are We Citizens? Or Are We Subjects?

This is a very pertinent question these days, when we hear daily of transgressions against us by our Intelligence Services, the Tax-collecting agency, and our own Justice (?) Department. When the powers-that-be on all levels of government are delegating more and more quasi-legislative power over us, to un-elected bureaucrats. When even the federal Department of Education has its own SWAT team! You may protest, you may complain, you may write letters to the editor, but you may not change the Rules. Herewith are some examples.

–> The City of New York has a crime rate that has shrunk dramatically in the last few years. This has been the result of much better crime-data gathering that led to better concentration of policing in high-crime areas. More cops right on the street, becoming known to the locals, so they felt comfortable with the police, and would come forward with information when needed. And NYC has an enforcement method called “Stop, Question, and Frisk”. When a policeman sees a person acting in a suspicious manner, he may stop the person, ask them what they are doing, and if the answer is not acceptable, only then do the Frisk the person. According to NYC officials, this system works well, often catching potential wrong-doers BEFORE they do wrong.
Well, a group of the usual “minority suspects” (including our favorite, Al Sharpton), have sued the City to stop that crime-fighting policy, based on the “disparate impact” of the policy on minorities, i.e. more minority people than white people are being “stopped and frisked” (note the absence of “questioned”). No mention of the fact that, perhaps, more minorities than whites were exhibiting suspicious behavior! And this even in a city that has a large number of minority cops! So if the suit is successful, the city will be forced to abandon a crime-fighting policy that demonstrably works, and the mostly-minority residents will again be subjected to being preyed-upon by their own (criminal) gangs.

–> The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued “enforcement guidance” saying that businesses may not employ criminal background checks when screening potential employees. So now businesses must choose between risking federal lawsuits if they initially reject someone with a criminal conviction, and risking losses if an employee with a conviction on his record steals from the employer, or ruins his equipment.

–> Your local government institutes zoning laws that essentially tell you what you may and may not do with your own property. Farmers lose the use of whole acres of their land to rules regarding how far they must be from waters, even those waters totally enclosed by their own boundaries. Property owners are told which trees on their land they are prohibited from cutting down, and what percentage of their property they may cover with buildings.

–> The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau tells your bank what they may and may not charge you if you overdraw your account (even though you voluntarily engage in the banking relationship).

–> The new ObamaCare regulations require businesses that provide health insurance to their employees to provide contraceptive services at NO CHARGE to the employee (meaning that the employer must pay for it).

–> The State dictates how many hours per day you may work, and dictates that you must take a lunch break. Your employer is afraid of the state coming down on them if you do not take lunch!

–> The US Department of Justice allows injustice by refusing to prosecute New Black Panthers who engage in verified voter intimidation at polling places, and refuses to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the porous borders.

–> The president, by executive order, enables illegal alien youth to go to college on taxpayer money.

–> The National Labor Relations Board, whom an Appeals Court has ruled has NO quorum, continues to promulgate rulings that favor their Labor Union buddies at the expense of private employers.

–> And perhaps the worst of all, the Internal Revenue Service continues to target conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status for extra scrutiny, thus silencing their voices. The IRS has the unchecked power to simply ruin any citizen by seizing their property, freezing their bank accounts, garnishing their wages, and shutting down their businesses. The power to tax is the power to destroy, and it happens all across America.

So what do you think? Are we still free-born citizens of this Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth, or are we now simply Subjects of all-encompassing Government?

I stuck by my “pet stock”, and I’ve been rewarded

I bought my first stock on my own account in early 2000. The company was called ARM Holdings, and they make software that runs embedded processors. My shares, then, cost $33.00 each. I thought that they had an excellent business model, licensing their software to companies that make computer chips for lots of different products.
Well, you know what happened late that year when the “tech bubble” burst-the stock market plunged, and many tech companies failed. My ARM stock plunged like many others, and I finally gave up and sold it when it was around $2.00. But I never gave up believing that they were a great company, with a product line that finds uses in many places in society. A few years ago, the tech world started to come back into favor, and I bought more shares of ARM for my “play money” Roth IRA account. Now, ARM is roaring back, and my shares are over $40! If you have a cell phone, tablet computer, washing machine, MP3 player, or other mobile gadget, ARM-enabled chips are in there. They are continually expanding their line of embedded software, licensing their “Cortex” line to most chip and device makers. There has even begun to be talk of their breaking into the Server market, heretofore dominated by Intel’s X86-type chips. Their business model still works well (they rarely have to worry about costs getting out of hand, since their expenses are pretty much labor and fancy computers for their software designers), and more companies are licensing their products than ever.  And, they are located in Cambridge, England, one of the most beautiful places on Earth.