Some anomalies in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World

My readers will know that I'm a big Harry Potter fan.  I have read all the books, including the "text books"; seen, and own, all the movies; and been a member of Pottermore (now Wizarding World) since its inception.  I love the entire Wizarding universe JK Rowling made up out of whole cloth (with some …

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Damn You, Jay Inslee, Part Three. Damn You to Hell.

With the New Lockdown of the State of Washington, how many Businesses and Restaurants have you RUINED today?  How many Families have you torn apart?  How many Suicides have you initiated today?  How much State Tax Revenue have you destroyed today?  How much additional drug use have you initiated today?  And, tell me, Who Gave …

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How things have changed: Pumpkin carving then, and now.

Last night, we watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", a movie made in the 1960s. Linus insists that the Great Pumpkin will arise out of the pumpkin patch and bring toys to all good kids. While he and Sally are waiting around in the pumpkin patch, the other kids are having a fun Halloween …

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A little something for all you cat-lovers out there

First of all, a favorite scene from the animated movie The Secret of Kells. Next, an interesting explanation, and translation of an Old Irish Poem, about a boy and his cat. Enjoy! The animated movie is captivating, and should be in everyone's home library. Loved by adults and children alike.

Scenes from South Dakota

On September 1, my Hubby and I got into our car, and drove to South Dakota, for a Ricochet meetup with members from all over the US.  Our drive took us through Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota finally.  It was an uneventful drive, and the scenery we saw was spectacular.  We …

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Lens-Artists Challenge #111 Everyday Objects

When I saw the topic for this week's challenge, the first thought I had was "Ooh, this one is going to be fun!".  And I think it will be.  I hope my readers think my choice of said objects is fun. My first two everyday objects are items that are precious to me.  The first …

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Proven right again-Hollywood

It has always seemed to me that Hollywood movies these days have been aimed primarily at an audience of 14-year-old boys.  I have noticed a steady stream of new releases that are based on popular comic books, young-adult novels, and other youth-oriented subjects.  This week, an article in the Wall Street Journal has proven me …

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