Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #146-Focus on the Details: Flying cross-country

On April 25th, my husband and I flew from Seattle to Nashville, for a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar, and to do some sightseeing and meeting with our friends from Ricochet.  I had the window seat, and I was fortunate to be able to see the ground for most of the four-hour flight.  You want …

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Lens-artists Photo Challenge #143-Colorful Spring

I got lucky, having been born in April, just when the flowers are blooming, temperatures are slowly warming, and the chorus frogs are in full voice in the pond across the street.  Our backyard is starting to look more like a garden and less like a bare field.  The birds are back at our feeders, …

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Beautiful Glacier National Park in Summer

Finally, I'm getting around to doing the last big post from our trip to South Dakota in September.  The last time we were in Montana, in 2017, the sky was filled with smoke from multiple wildfires, and all our plans to explore Glacier Park with our Ricochet friends had to be cancelled.  Both ends of …

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My Beautiful Pacific Northwest

I was born and raised in Seattle.  I have lived all but 2-1/2 years in the Seattle area.  We have the world's best climate.  Temperate with a Capital T.  No scorching hot summers or frigid winters.  The Seattle area has the highest concentration of dentists in the US.  Why? The University of Washington has a …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: States of Mind: in Awe of Nature

I love going to the mountains, God's Big Construction Project (and also destruction project).  These mountains, in Zion National Park in Utah, used to be at the bottom of a big shallow sea.  Notice the many layers of rock, first deposited over millions of years, then thrust into the sky. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/state-of-mind/