Hillsdale Hostel What is America

This summer, I attended the Hillsdale Hostel at Hillsdale College in Michigan. I took a seminar entitled What is America. We had lectures from awesome Hillsdale professors, including Gary Wolfram and Burt Folsom. I learned from Dr. Folsom that the US History textbooks I used in high school in Seattle (way back in the 1960’s), were teaching LIES about the Great Depression tax policies of Andrew Mellon. This made me very angry, but there’s not much you can do, 40 years down the road.

Central Hall, Hillsdale College

Hello Rushbabes!

Greetings from my new blog!  Its title is Calling All Rushbabes, because I’m interested in getting together online with other self-identified RushBabes.

We have our work cut out for us until 2012 when we can send the Obamunists packing.  Send Democrap incumbents packing in 2010.  I live in Western Washington, about as blue as it gets, home of Baghdad Jim McDermott, and Queen Christine Gregoire, our governor who never met a tax she didn’t like.

In 2005, I called in and actually talked to Rush Limbaugh on the air, and it was the most fabulous phone call I’ve ever had.  Rush is the kindest, most gracious host, and we had a delightful conversation about Hurricane Katrina, as relating to our city’s attempts to get people out of their cars and into public transportation (another phrase for “take away your liberty”).  I’d LOVE to hear from anyone else who has talked to Rush.