Pithy statement from Maha-Rushie

“In context, it was clear that Obama holds a deep resentment for success and achievement. He’s got chip on his shoulder about it, and he aims to do something about it.” -Rush

My MA in Psychology tells me that, just possibly, deep down in his heart of hearts (assuming that he actually has one), Barack Obama knows that none of the advances he’s made in his life (Law Review editor, State Senator, US Senator, President) have actually been EARNED. Every single thing he’s done has been attributable to his race (affirmative action all along the way), or his Chicago thug friends, or his PR people talking him up. Behind the curtain, there’s nothing. Why has he refused to release his college transcripts, or evaluations by his “students’? Because if he did, we’d see that he’s the world’s biggest, and (unfortunately) most powerful phony. He has not deserved any of his honors, and he persists in denigrating all those who do.

The Single Most Destructive Slogan in Recent Memory

Some time back in the 1960’s, the radical feminists came out with this slogan: A Woman Without a Man is Like a Fish Without a Bicycle. Their viewpoint then, and now, is that woman do not need men in their lives (except maybe for sexual pleasure). The implication is that a woman can, and most importantly, should, never rely on any man to help them achieve their goals and desires in life. They should rely mostly on themselves, then on other women, and then the Government to achieve their life goals. This viewpoint has had untold deleterious consequences for our culture, and our country.
The most far-reaching and destructive effect has been the disintegration of the nuclear family (a married, heterosexual couple raising their own biological children). With the invention of the birth-control pill, and the legalization of abortion pretty much on demand, women could “sow their wild oats” just like men, with no thought for any consequences. When they delayed marriage for college and careers, and bragged about their strength and falling barriers to success, they affected the men around them. Not only did the radical feminists tout women’s’ abilities, they disparaged just about everything about men (they are stupid, insensitive, bullies, exploitative,ignorant, slackers…). When an entire sex is looked down upon by the other sex, can you blame them for taking it to heart? The feminists, when they did marry and have children, tried their very best to raise their boys just like girls, and vice versa (giving their girls trucks and lego blocks to play with, and taking away their boys’ toy guns, and giving them dolls instead). As a result, they hardened their girls, and made their boys into a bunch of wimps. It’s no wonder these days that the majority of US households are no longer two-parent households, and nearly 60% of children are born out of wedlock. The number of boys growing up without a father in the home has led to increases in street gangs, and prisons filled with men who had no other way of demonstrating competence than to shoot someone, or vandalize private property, or sell drugs.
Well, it turns out that men and women ARE different, and we women do, in fact, need men in our lives. It does nothing to diminish our value to admit that there are things that men do better than we do, and the men who may be insensitive bullies were probably taught that behavior. Women not being CEO’s at the same rate as men? Maybe, just maybe, many women don’t WANT to be CEO. It makes me sad to see what feminism hath wrought on our society.

Exactly What is a “RushBabe”?

In front of “enemy lines”, July 4, 2006 in Albany, NY

A RushBabe is a woman whose “hero” is Rush Limbaugh. A RushBabe is anti-Feminist, a woman who believes that men and women are different, and behave differently. A RushBabe believes that “choice” means deciding to be a strong woman at home and at work, but acknowledging the need of every woman for men in her life. Many RushBabes have “Rush-babies”, whom they themselves (not nannies) raise to be strong, moral boys and girls. Many RushBabes home-school their Rush-babies, to keep them out of the clutches of unionized leftist public school teachers. I think most RushBabes vote Republican, especially now. Some of us have been blessed with a chance to speak to Rush on the air-what an experience! I’d really like to hear from other RushBabes who have been that lucky.

Thanks to a comment by a guy (thanks!), I noticed that I neglected to tell the story of how RushBabes came to be.  In seems that one day, on the air, Rush was speaking to a woman with no children yet, so no Rush babies.  She said to him, how come we childless women can’t be “RushBabes” in our own right, until such time as we have our own Rush babies?  Well, Rush was so taken with that idea, he told her that she should call herself a RushBabe; true to form, in less than a week, RushBabe gear (t-shirts, bumper-stickers, and a yellow “RushBabe on board” sign) were available for purchase on his Web site.  Of course, I sent away for some of everything, and I proudly wear my t-shirts to work on casual Fridays.  RushBabe49 is my handle most places on the Web, too.

For Independence Day

Read the Declaration of Independence. Be reminded of what we stand for, and what we are gradually losing.  And be sure to VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER.  We need to vote all the Statists out of office if we expect to keep our liberty.

Follow this link now, and read something from one of my heroes, Dr. Larry Arnn of Hillsdale College. townhall.com/tipsheet/elisabethmeinecke/2012/07/04/how_to_celebrate_the_fourth_of_july

“Rushbabes For America” on Facebook

I guess I’m too old-fashioned, but I just don’t use Facebook. So I’m notifying you all about the Facebook page for all us RushBabes. When Rush got the suggestion, he immediately started it, and I hear that there are now thousands of members. Let me know what it’s like, since I won’t be able to see it for myself.