Pithy statement from Maha-Rushie

“In context, it was clear that Obama holds a deep resentment for success and achievement. He’s got chip on his shoulder about it, and he aims to do something about it.” -Rush

My MA in Psychology tells me that, just possibly, deep down in his heart of hearts (assuming that he actually has one), Barack Obama knows that none of the advances he’s made in his life (Law Review editor, State Senator, US Senator, President) have actually been EARNED. Every single thing he’s done has been attributable to his race (affirmative action all along the way), or his Chicago thug friends, or his PR people talking him up. Behind the curtain, there’s nothing. Why has he refused to release his college transcripts, or evaluations by his “students’? Because if he did, we’d see that he’s the world’s biggest, and (unfortunately) most powerful phony. He has not deserved any of his honors, and he persists in denigrating all those who do.

4 thoughts on “Pithy statement from Maha-Rushie

      1. yeah, that’s what’s great about this country, what we have in common is more important than what we have in differences. At the end of the day, we’re all American; and all DANG Proud of it! 🙂 ahh, i love doing the festival scene. Arts and crafts are very good and more relaxing than the music festivals; though I must say I prefer the music festivals because I usually sell better at them because the crowds are usually larger (though this depends on the event too). I’ve been doing some sales on campuses too in the Midwest buying vending spots for the weekend in their Student Unions etc. I will usually search the names of the Dormitory Halls and make glasses and personalized items with the Dorm name and school year in fancy text. Usually good sellers if I price them right. Do you sell at festivals, or just attend?

      2. I just attend, and shop for new stuff. My husband and I are always on the lookout for nice art glass pieces to go on our high plant shelf. Also, I just love glass-bead earrings, and I have a whole bunch of pretty ones. I am fond of Lucky Clover designs, and they have periodic “shows” inside our local (4 blocks away) Costco store. I’m always good for at least one purchase. Your business sounds like one that always has new customers, and probably qualifies as “affordable luxury”.

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