Liberal versus Conservative world view

The Conservative sees the potential in each individual. The Conservative believes that with the proper education (academic and moral), each person can achieve whatever he sets out to do, and when times are difficult he can find ways around the difficulties. The Conservative believes the purpose of government is to protect the individual’s Liberty and property. To improve Society, the Conservative believes in voluntary action by individuals and groups of individuals who may determine the best ways of providing the benefits of life. To a Conservative, life has nearly unlimited possibilities, and the economic pie is increased with each person’s contribution.
On the other hand, the Liberal believes in a zero-sum game of life. To a Liberal, Equality is the ultimate goal of all life’s activities. Each person is not seen as an individual, but as part of some group or other, and their viewpoint is based on a group identity. Instead of trying to lift all the members of society to a higher level, the Liberal tries to bring down those at higher levels to their level. For someone to have grown rich, they must have made someone else poor. Your achievements in life are and cannot be due to your own efforts, but of the efforts of whatever group you are deemed to be a part of. The purpose of government to a Liberal is to provide people with everything they “need” in life; with government, of course, determining what each person’s needs are.
And the Big Difference that encompasses all others: Conservatives THINK. Liberals FEEL.
So which world view is represented by the government these days?
What kind of world to you want to live in?

Yesterday’s US Embassy Attacks in the Middle East

These were acts of WAR against the United States. Our Embassies are US Sovereign territory, and our territory has been attacked. So what does our government do, but APOLOGIZE TO THE ATTACKERS! And then our “fearless leaders” (Obama and Clinton) engage in some stern finger-wagging. “Bad Boys, you shouldn’t play rough”. They are making America into a laughingstock. The terrorists know they can hit us and we won’t hit back. I hope enough American citizens are angry enough at this behavior to send Barack Obama and his Democrat minions packing in November.