Why this Apple Fangirl will not be buying an Apple Watch


I LOVE Apple products.  I am writing this on my iMac, listening to Rush on my iPod Touch.  When I travel, I take my iPad on the road to read email and post on RushBabe49 and Ricochet.  Hubby has a MacBook as his home computer, so we are an all-Apple family.  But I will never buy an Apple watch.  First, you need an iPhone to sync with it, and I do not own, nor do I need a smartphone.  Second, would YOU buy a watch whose hardware will be obsolete within months?  Would you buy a watch which needs its software updated regularly?  And, most important, would YOU buy a watch that needed to be recharged daily??!!  Yep, when you go to bed at night, you plug in your phone, and don’t forget to plug in the watch!  Well, my answer to all those questions is, most emphatically, NO.  I’ll stick with my nice, square, easy-to-read Skagen watch, that tells the time perfectly, and only needs a new coin-cell battery every two years or so.

2 thoughts on “Why this Apple Fangirl will not be buying an Apple Watch

  1. Steve

    Agreed! Consider a Fitbit Surge instead. It’s devoted to fitness, has a built in GPS and heart rate monitor and tracks your daily activities and workouts and your sleep at night. Battery life is about 5 days except when using the GPS which considerably shortens the battery charge.. You only need your phone (iOS, Android or Windows) to upload data from your device to Fitbit’s cloud server. And, the interface on your phone and PC that displays the data is marvelous.

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