More Proof that Islam is Evil…See Edit Below

More Proof that Islam is Evil…See Edit Below

ISIS fighters are forcing civilians to give blood to their wounded comrades.

Palestinians celebrate the attack in Tel Aviv that murdered four innocent people in a crowded market.

A Pakistani woman is burned alive by her mother, for marrying without the family’s permission.

ISIS executes its own fighters, in a search for “spies” in its midst.

ISIS burns 19 Yazidi GIRLS to death.

EDIT, June 12, 2016.

They Are Here.  Orlando, Florida early this morning.  50 murdered in homosexual nightclub, ISIS claiming credit.

Islamic State backers cheer the attack and urge more.


Evil, this is the epitome of evil.

Photo Challenge…Numbers

I love palindromic numbers, that read the same forwards and backwards.  I pay attention to the odometer in my car, watching for palindromic mileage.  Sometimes I miss them, but this one was a very lucky sighting.  I was driving down the highway, and there was a rest area just when my odometer read all the same number, so I could take a picture of it.


How about that palindrome!