Weekly Photo Challenge__Local

I am very fond of my car.  I love driving, and look forward to freeway miles when I go out of town.  I also live in the Seattle area, known, perhaps unfairly, for its rain.  One day at work, there was a brief, heavy rainstorm.  Before the storm, the sky was partly cloudy and pleasantly warm.  For about 20 minutes, and very abruptly, we had heavy rain, small hail, and near-darkness.  We are in a weather “convergence zone”, so we often get these little storms.  Half the people in our building were planted in front of the windows, exclaiming over the weather outside (made more dramatic by the pounding rain on the plastic skylights far above our heads).  My car was parked opposite my closest window.


Mine is the red one.  It’s an Acura RDX.  Below is a car parked a few spaces away from mine.  Notice the hubcap-deep water!


After about half an hour, the storm was over, and all that water had drained away.  But it was spectacular while it lasted.


Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

Our cruise to Alaska this year involved traveling over about 1,000 miles of water.  Needless to say, the water (average temperature 50F) surrounded our ship.  The waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Alaska, and the Gulf Islands of Canada changed with the weather and the outflows of rivers and glaciated bays.  In Yakutat Bay, near the Hubbard Glacier, the water of the channel showed dramatically different colors where the outflow of glacier water from the melting glacier met the incoming bay and Pacific Ocean water.  It’s remarkable how the boundary is so easy to spot.



Nostalgia…The best weeks of my life

My readers will be familiar with my magic three weeks in Cambridge, England in 1991, from my post on that trip.  Thinking back on my long life, those three weeks are the only time in my life that I can say I’m nostalgic for.  I lived through the hippie 1960s and 1970s, and I’m not nostalgic for the early days of rock ‘n roll music-I just don’t have any warm feelings about that era, even though final exams were cancelled my senior year at college, due to “demonstrations” on campus.

Cambridge, however, always awakens feelings of nostalgia.  I long to return there and visit the colleges and the town, where I had such a wonderful time. I think these photos capture the places that make me the most nostalgic.

cambridge-River Cam
A punter on the River Cam, which forms the back boundary of Trinity Hall.

The river, right in back of our college, was always wide, shallow, and peaceful.

Cambridge-Trinity Hall
Dining Room at Trinity Hall College, where we stayed.

Some of my happiest memories of that time were dinners in the gorgeous dining hall, laughing and talking with my UCLA friends, and learning from our many distinguished guests.