NOT this week’s photo challenge: Just the Sea and Sky

These pictures were taken from the veranda of our Starboard Side stateroom aboard the Crystal Serenity on the way to and from Alaska.  The sea is never the same from one moment to the next, and neither is the sky.  We sailed through a variety of conditions, from bright and sunny to foggy.  I enjoyed …

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Pottermore, Are You There?

Hello, Harry Potter fans.  Are you a member of the New Pottermore?  Have you been sorted into your Hogwarts House?  How about your Ilvermorny House? Funny, but I have been sorted, in both places, to Houses with Serpents.  Yes, I'm Slytherin at Hogwarts, and Horned Serpent at Ilvermorny. And just this past weekend, I discovered …

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Photo Challenge…Quest…For My People

I am a Jew.  In 2007, I went to Israel with Michael Medved.  For me, it was a quest, to see where my people originated. At Masada, dozens of my ancestors committed suicide, rather than submit to being conquered by the Romans.  I felt very close to them when we went there.  Those were My …

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Visions of Victoria (B.C.)

When we got married, in October of 2003, my husband and I decided to go to Victoria, British Columbia, for our short honeymoon.  Hubby had lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1980, and he had never been to Victoria, which is just a few hours away, north of us.  So I contacted Clipper Vacations, who …

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Songs on the Death of Children. In his book The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, Michael Walsh opines that the German Romantic Movement of the late 19th and early 20th Century, foretold the decline of Western Civilization. Two stories in the news today perhaps reflect how far we have fallen. Both stories are horrifying. Dad Admits Killing …

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We must Never Forget…September 11, 2001

On that day, worldwide Radical Islam escalated the ongoing war on the United States of America (and the rest of Western civilization), the nation that has been a beacon of hope and prosperity for over 250 years.  For the past eight years, we have ignored that war, and turned our backs on Christians and Jews …

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At The Edge: The Sea…Photo Challenge

Over the edge of the Promenade Deck on the Crystal Serenity is the Sea.  The Inside Passage from Canada to Alaska.  The water temperature is a pretty steady 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so you don't want to fall overboard.  But watching the water go by is hypnotic, and very relaxing.