It’s that time of year again. Try Tiffany!

Yes, it’s the Christmas Season once again, and we are all scrambling to find just the right gift for a loved one. Well, this year, try Tiffany.  You say, Tiffany is way too expensive for me!  You  must not be familiar with all the affordable sterling silver jewelry available at Tiffany.  Even when I was living on a shoestring at my first real job, I managed to save up enough to buy myself a yearly Tiffany present.  I have a whole wardrobe of sterling silver Tiffany earrings.

Or you could find something totally frivolous.  This item might come in handy if you live in a big. leftist city that has banned plastic straws.  Tiffany sells a perfect substitute that would turn heads when you use it.  See the band of Tiffany Blue on the”Crazy Straw”!


You say, I’m intimidated by the security guard at the door, and it makes me uncomfortable even walking into the store.  Well, you just have to think of yourself as a Customer.  They WANT you to walk in like you owned the place and poke around the glass display cases.  Greet that security guard with a hearty Good Day-he won’t bite!

You know that your loved one will gasp when she sees that well-known Tiffany Blue Box under the tree-you don’t even have to wrap the present! (see, I just saved you minutes of fighting the paper and ribbon).  And Tiffany sells other items than jewelry.  In fact, you can get a really nice enameled pen for about $100.  This year, I fell victim to the product that just screamed “Buy Me! Buy Me!” when I went in to spend my profit-sharing money last weekend.


Even my kitty, Kikyo, gets to eat from a Tiffany dish! (no, she really doesn’t care what the dish looks like, as long as it holds food)

So, everyone, go to your local Tiffany store, walk proudly through that door, and find that unforgettable gift for your loved one.  They will be VERY happy to receive whatever you present in that recognizable box!

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