There is no hope for Seattle. More confirmation, June 16.

The City of Seattle is lost.  The City is no longer controlled by its elected officials, no matter how Left and Socialist they are.  The City government, and many private businesses surrendered to Antifa and the Black Lives Matter terror groups [I define them both as terror groups due to their methods, including arson, looting, vandalism, and illegal “occupation” of public rights-of-way].  The Police Chief of Seattle negotiates with the so-called “protestors”, thus granting them status.  And no one thinks anything of it.

Here are some reasons why Seattle is lost.

Seattle City Council OKs ban of “crowd control weapons”.

Capitol Hill Trader Joe’s store closed indefinitely following Black Lives Matter protests.

Visitors go to the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest Zone

From Wobblies to CHAZ, Seattle has a long history of protests.

CHAZ changes its name to CHOP to better reflect demonstrations’ message.

Thousands participate in Seattle Children’s March.

[ED: New stories today, June 16. It gets worse]

Seattle reaches agreement with occupiers.   Agreement includes the Seattle Department of Transportation replacing wooden barriers with concrete ones!  Seattle Government Agency is helping the terrorists occupy City territory.  Seattle considers the “occupiers” to be the City’s equal.  This is frankly disgusting.  You don’t negotiate with terrorists, you  rout them.

Seattle business owner near occupied zone detains robbery suspect, calls police. Police do not respond.   Now we know who is more important in Seattle.  And it isn’t the law-abiding business-owning taxpayers of the City.

Seattle City Council mulls bills repealing loitering crimes for drug offenders, sex workers.  This speaks for itself.  With no police to enforce the law, we simply repeal the law.  Welcome to Lawless Seattle.

7 thoughts on “There is no hope for Seattle. More confirmation, June 16.

      1. D’Nanda Panda

        None of this is on you; your Seattle was/is a very different place. Don’t take on ‘Seattleite guilt’, dear friend. I grieve with you.

      2. Kevin C

        Say a little penance, take in the soothing rhythms of Lou Reed’s “Seattleite of Love”, let it all roll over you.

  1. kayofmt

    Not your fault, you did your very best. The CTH just released the news that China has released a new flu bug. Thank goodness the bans on people coming into the USA is still in effect.

  2. Got two options on the name– they came up with it and now realize it’s lame, or someone in there came up with it and it wasn’t the guy talking so it’s not faiiiiiir.

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