Shameless self-promotion

There is nothing wrong with promoting your own work.  I think that my blog needs more exposure, and I would like to ask my readers to help me in that regard.  If you like my posts, please press that “Like” button.  If you want to comment, I strongly suggest that you “Register” in the sidebar where indicated, so you can Like and Comment on my posts.  I swear that I will NEVER, ever sell or copy your personal information outside of this blog.  I recommend that you choose a “screen-name” and avatar picture, so that I can properly credit you, and thank you for your likes and comments.  Your avatar picture definitely does not need to be a picture of you, either!  Choose something cute or funny!

I also have a video presence on, so I would be very happy if you joined over there (it’s free, and you have to be a member to like or comment on my videos over there), so you can like and comment on my videos.  Especially my “RushBabe’s Rants”, of which there are two now and one more in the works.  If you have suggestions on subjects, go ahead and comment on this post!  And not all of my videos are political; in fact few of them are!  I’m just getting used to having a video camera with me wherever I go (my iPhone), and I love to take short videos of things that catch my eye, like fountains, waterfalls, and the landscape flying by when I’m in the car as a passenger.

Finally, please send my blog links to your friends and relatives!  My buddy, Doug TenNapel, always urges his listeners to “Like and comment” on his videos, and asks them to send the links everywhere on the Web.  I’m doing the same!

Thanks to all of you for being readers and followers here at Calling-All-RushBabes!

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