A New Photo Challenge! Terri’s Sunday Stills, Fallen Leaves

I just found out, from my friend Cee Neuner, about Terri’s Sunday Stills Challenge.  Whee!  Terri lives in Eastern Washington, and I live in Western Washington, so we get some of the same weather, and wildlife, and plants.  Below is a fun photo that I took yesterday in my back yard.  It looks like this particular maple leaf didn’t quite make it to the ground!


In the background, you can see all the litter in our yard, mostly the droppings from the many Western Red Cedar trees in the next yard, and in the green-space next to our house.  In front of our house, our little pear tree drops its leaves on the front lawn.


They are such pretty colors of red, and purple.  The yellow leaves are from the alder trees next door.

Happy Autumn, everyone!

8 thoughts on “A New Photo Challenge! Terri’s Sunday Stills, Fallen Leaves

  1. So glad you could hop into my Sunday Stills photo challenge, RB! I started Sunday Stills in May 2018 after almost quitting my blog. The person who originally started SS quit so I ended up bringing it back and have been blogging ever since. I love how you captured the lone maple leaf hanging over the gorgeous leaf carpet! Great shots and welcome to Sunday Stills. I listened to Rush on KFBK Newstalk radio when he lived in Sacramento (where I lived for 40 years), and I used to laugh at his disdain for Rio Linda (a rather low-income area of North Sacramento). Where we live now in Nine Mile Falls (Stevens County), some of the neighbors a street over from us seem to live the Rio Linda life, LOL! Anyhoo, great to meet you and hope you can participate in SS whenever you can. My page has the themes listed for each month .

    1. Cool! My blog has been going since 2010, and there is just so much to blog about now. I miss Rush more every day, and I cherish my chance to speak to him on his show, back in 2005.

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