Dystopia in the Seattle area, Chapter Two (Chapter One can be found on the Ricochet.com Main Feed)

Dystopia is moving in on Seattle and its suburbs quite rapidly this year.  Crime is increasing, the homeless are literally taking over the sidewalks in downtown Seattle, and businesses are leaving due to the onerous Covid diktats of the Dictator in Olympia and his henchmen the Health Nazis.  Headline stories today:

Seattle sidewalks overrun by homeless tents.  The street people have figured out that the leftists who run the city will never remove them, so they take over.  This makes it very difficult for law-abiding citizens and taxpayers to access the business core of the city.  You need to click on the link to see the photos.

Businesses in Seattle Chinatown-International District are leaving due to crime.

Serial arson suspect held on $5 Million bond, accused of setting multiple fires in Tacoma.

Echo Glen starts making security changes, after five child inmates escape.  This is the prison for children convicted of serious crimes, some for murder.

Man accused of Lake Washington crime spree allegedly pulled fire alarm before arraignment.

Wanted fugitive found in stolen vehicle tries to escape, slams into multiple police vehicles.

Man arrested for murder in deadly road rage shooting.

Residents alarmed after woman raped at South Lake Union homeless camp.

Thieves targeting copper wire in Seattle, impacting city infrastructure and taxpayers.  They had to close down an entrance to the express lanes, due to the copper wiring for the gates had been stolen.

And in the State (Democrat-run) legislature, they are considering the following bill.

Proposed bill would stop officers from pulling you over for certain traffic violations.  This would apply to the entire state of Washington.  If officers can’t pull you over for a traffic violation, is it still a violation?  If you can’t be stopped for driving with expired license tabs, why bother to renew your tabs every year?  Car licensing fees are a big source of revenue for the State, which has no income tax.  What will happen when people simply ignore their renewal letters?

First gradually, then very quickly, Seattle and Washington State are being turned into a lawless dystopia.  The ones who are doing this are the politicians elected by the People to govern the state; charged with enforcing laws and first protecting Public Safety, they are instead protecting law-breakers.  No state or city can long endure, once its laws become suggestions.  When criminals are treated like victims, what happens to the real crime victims?

When laws are no longer enforced, there are no laws.

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