Promoted! We get results on Ricochet

In the past week, your humble RushBabe49 has had multiple posts over at promoted from the behind-the-paywall Member Feed, to the public-facing Main Feed.  I have been a member of Ricochet since December of 2012, and it is my go-to web site now for real news and commentary.  Ricochet members are from all walks of life, all over the world.  They are uniformly interested, intriguing, and as smart and knowledgable as any group of people anywhere.  I am not exaggerating here.  If you choose to join, you will be getting an entirely new family, with “relatives” who will never reject you, will always read what you write, and will dole out generous praise for your writings.  A few months ago, I wrote a post over there entitled “My Ricochet Family”, and it was promoted and liked by over 50 members.

Below are links to the posts I wrote that have been recently promoted.  Please read them, and also read the posts by other members, and Contributors to the site.  I really hope that you will consider joining, so you can receive all the many benefits of membership, including private Zoom conferences with well-known academics and conservative commentators, delightful conversations, and new knowledge.  One member did a whole series of posts on “how to build a computer”, from the molecular level up!  And you also get the chance to meet other members in person at meetups, which are the most fun you will ever have, guaranteed!  Try Ricochet, you will love it!

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