Senator “Mom in Tennis Shoes” Patty Murray has a serious challenger this year

This year, I have started being a “survey respondent” for a variety of market research entities.  As such, I have filled out political surveys, and finally get to register my opinion, in a Leftist state where the Holy Sacrament of Abortion is very strong.  As a part of those surveys, I have had the distinct displeasure of viewing video ads for the stupidest senator in DC, Patty Murray.  And if you weren’t already aware, when she first ran for the Senate, she ran as the “Mom in Tennis Shoes”, an excellent recommendation for a seat in the US Senate, don’t you think?  And this photo makes her look that way.


Here is one of the ads I had to watch.

I can tell you that every single word in this ad is a lie. I listened to a Tiffany Smiley ad about her view on abortion, and she states clearly that she does NOT back 100% prohibition of abortion, but approves exceptions for rape, incest, and the health of the mother. The Murray campaign edited Smiley’s statement, which is just like a corrupt DemocRat. And you might have noticed in the past couple of weeks, the DemocRats in DC proposed a law which would have ensured 100% abortion access all over the country, with their usual “at any time for any reason” stipulations. However they could not get enough votes to pass it!

In her entire political career, Patty Murray has never had a serious challenger, winning her races by 10 points or more over each Republican she faced. That is changing this year. Polls say that Murray leads Smiley by less than three percentage points, which is well within the margin of error! Most news reports leave out the closeness of the race, only saying that Murray leads! That is cheating, and attempting to discourage the public from voting for Smiley. Also, as most polls skew DemocRat, Smiley is probably even closer, if not leading. And there are two full months until the election.

Here is one of Tiffany Smiley’s ads.

So, this year I am planning on donating to Smiley’s campaign, and supporting her any way I can. If you live in Washington State, support and vote for Tiffany Smiley for Senate! Smiley is a nurse, who has been a productive member of society all her working life. She also has a military-veteran husband who was blinded in Afghanistan, and she won praise advocating for his treatment with the VA. Help end the reign of the stupidest senator in Washington, DC.

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