The Left really does inhabit an alternate Universe

In the last couple of days, the Left has amply demonstrated that their Universe greatly differs from obvious Reality.  These stories really have me shaking my head in disbelief.  First, here’s an excellent article dealing with the Left’s alternate Universe.

Have you seen any Republicans “running scared” ahead of the upcoming Midterm Elections?  I sure haven’t.  But the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, Hakeem Jeffries, seems to think so.  Here’s a quote from the linked Fox News article:

“They’re running scared,” said Jeffries. “They’re not measuring the drapes anymore because the positions of extreme MAGA Republicans on the economy, on democracy, on reproductive freedom… on a whole host of issues have been exposed and the American people do not like what they see.” 

I apologize for citing the host of a daytime TV show, but this comment by a host on The View illustrates the alternate universe they live in.  She says:

There is no such thing as “late-term abortion”.

What?  Let’s see (be prepared for gore)…  This is a photo taken at the abortion clinic of an abortion butcher in Philadelphia.

Found at Butcher Gosnell’s “Clinic”.

In Seattle, there are illegal homeless encampments all over the city.  The city government does very little to remove them so taxpaying residents may have the unobstructed use of their sidewalks.  A hit-and-run driver ran up on the sidewalk and hit some homeless tents.  The “couple inside the tent” wails that they were “targeted”.  Well, maybe if they had not been illegally camping on a public sidewalk, they might not have been targeted! In their alternate universe, they are permitted to camp, erect their tents, sell and use drugs, and sell stolen merchandise anywhere they please, without interference.

In the Alternate Leftist Universe, the Democrat Party passes a huge spending bill, and calls it the “Inflation Reduction Act”.  Shortly thereafter, the stock market loses 1,200 points, when inflation for the previous month comes in at 8.5%!


The feckless Vice President, Kamala Harris, was appointed by the president to be the “border czar”.  Harris has not visited the border, but she assures the nation that “the border is secure”.  The US Customs and Border Patrol begs to differ.  And a recent report states that the 2 million new illegal immigrants pouring over the border, when added to the millions already here, cost the over-taxed US taxpayer an additional 20.4 Billion Dollars a year.

One of the gigantic “alternate universe” delusions of the Left is that the Covid mRNA vaccines work to prevent illness and deaths.  Governments all over America mandate that all their employees, and health-care workers get fully vaccinated.  They totally ignore all the glaring evidence that the vaccines do NOT protect people from getting Covid, nor do they protect against hospitalization and death.  In many places, the majority of hospitalizations and deaths from Covid are now among the vaccinated!  People are losing jobs livelihoods, and their own lives as a result of this dangerous delusion.

In Leftist-land, parents of school-children are Domestic Terrorists, Republican Presidents are Nazis, Boys can change into Girls, Criminals are Victims, people defending their homes against burglars are Criminals, and lawful gun-owners are potential mass-shooters.  In Leftist-land, Black Lives Matter “peaceful demonstrators”, who burn down their own neighborhoods and businesses, are “fighting for black people”.  In Leftist-land, AntiFa thugs, who injure journalists, spray graffiti all over Federal office buildings, and plant bombs, are “freedom fighters”.  In Leftist-land, “climate change” is an existential emergency, which will cause the total elimination of all life on Earth. In furtherance of their efforts to “stop climate change”, the Left has been banning gasoline-powered cars in favor of electric ones which regularly crash local electric grids.  They are taking farmland out of production, demanding that people stop eating meat and have a “plant-based” diet, regardless of the obvious fact that plants live on their villain, Carbon Dioxide!

That’s just a start.  Can you come up with more examples of the Left’s Alternate Universe?



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