Has anyone from Money Magazine actually visited King County?

On the KOMO Web site today, October 5, 2022, there is a headline that reads:

Money Magazine rates King County third-best place to live in the country.

Now, the Pacific Northwest does have the ideal climate in America, in my most humble Seattle-native opinion, so that’s one thing in King County’s favor.  However, these other headlines also appear today.

Green River encampment still an issue, even after it was cleaned up this summer.


This is a photo of the homeless encampment.  Kent is in King County.

Seattle firefighters investigating intentionally-set fires in Pioneer Square and CID.

Woman arrested for reportedly setting Greenwood apartment building on fire.

And that’s just some of today’s headlines.  There has already been ample publicity of the rising crime rates, low police morale, departing police officers, multiple homeless camps taking over public parks, and the lack of government response to citizens’ complaints.

There has also been publicity regarding open-air drug markets, drug-users in plain sight all over downtown Seattle, and the search for a suitable site for government-sponsored drug dens (AKA “harm-reduction” sites).  For some reason, King County doesn’t sound like such a wonderful place to live.

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