Election Day: Republicans, YOU MUST VOTE!!

Sorry to shout, but this is a very important election, if we are to stop the DemocRat destruction of America.  Some polls, and web sites, have emphasized how a “red wave” is building, with Republicans taking many races heretofore thought to be impossible.  We must not, however, give in and stay home, thinking that the Republicans can win without our votes.  Our conservative candidates need every single one of us to turn out and cast our votes for sanity.

The more votes cast for Republican candidates all over America, the wider our margins can be, and the easier it will be to frustrate the cheating and fraud we know that DemocRats always use when threatened with losses.  So go to the polls tomorrow, stand in the line if there is one, and vote proudly!  Even in deep blue areas like where I live in Western Washington, our Republican challenger to the disgusting Patty Murray is very close!  All of us must vote for Tiffany Smiley, to end the rule of the DemocRat Bureaucrats, who are out to reduce our liberty and control our lives.

Cast that Ballot!  Vote Republican!  Do NOT stay home!

2 thoughts on “Election Day: Republicans, YOU MUST VOTE!!

  1. @rushbabe, I have taken the liberty of posting this to my blog as you put in words so much better than I could have exactly what I wanted to say tonight! Thank you and special thanks for this excellent post and God Bless America! Jim.

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