Do you or your children use TikTok? You must STOP now!

TikTok is now the most heavily-used social media app in the country.  It is owned by a Communist Chinese company called ByteDance.  And if that is not bad enough, its employees have admitted that US and European users’ data can, and probably is, being accessed by its employees within Communist China.  It is well known that no company in Communist China is truly “private”, and the Chinese Communist Party has been installing Party cells within most companies for years.  Now that Xi Jinping is the Dictator of China, that will accelerate.              This video is quite instructive.

I think President Trump was correct about the dangers of TikTok.  It might be prudent for parents to forbid their children to use TikTok, and for adults to do the same.

[originally posted at  Join today!]

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