My big Christmas present came early this year

I got a new job!  At the ripe, old age of 73, I will be going back to work the first week of January, as a Senior Buyer for a company that makes medical devices.  I have hated being retired, and am looking forward to being a productive member of society again.  I like the idea of being able to pay my own way.

One thought on “My big Christmas present came early this year

  1. boyces15

    Congratulations! Go you! I thanked a cashier at Walmart last night for working. She was “older,” definitely over 50, maybe over 60. She said the only people they hire who stick around are the older generation. I’m a software engineer, over 50. Twenty years ago, you couldn’t find a job in software if over 45, not they are begging us old folks to come back to work or stick around. Seems to be like that in all industries. Where did all the workers go?! We aren’t going to live forever!

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