Every Cat Matters at Purrfect Pals Shelter

Yesterday afternoon, I had a very pleasant drive up to Arlington, about 15 miles north of my home in Everett, Washington, to visit a cat shelter which I have chosen to support.  They were having an open house and adoption event, so I expected to see lots of cats and hopefully kittens.  I was definitely not disappointed, and my full tour convinced me that this is the place for me to put my money.  The executive director showed me around the site, which is a piece of property with multiple buildings in a rural area of Snohomish County.  I was thrilled and impressed at all the services they offer for the cats brought to them, including a full veterinary hospital, all special diets available for kitties who need them, excellent rooms equipped with climbing trees, soft beds, and even “catios (cat patios)” for access to the outside.  If I were a stray cat, Purrfect Pals would be Heaven!

Here are some photos I took while there.  If I didn’t already have a cat who hates other cats, I would have taken at least one home with me!


This is a pretty, colorful wall hanging inside the door.  Psychedelic cats.

One of the things they do is segregate cats if they have a contagious disease like Feline Leukemia, or the feline equivalent of AIDS.  They also have separate rooms for kitties on special diets, so they can feed them all at once with the same food.  This pretty guy was in one of those “special diet” rooms.  


Does it look like the put their cats on a pedestal?  Sure does!


I have always wondered why some cats like to sleep in their litter boxes.  I have often seen the 4-H cats at the Puyallup Fair do that.


Four kittens in one bed!  They must really like each other.


If you went there looking to adopt a kitten, you would have had a very hard time choosing just one!  They need volunteers for all sorts of duties, and I’m going to want to go up there just to play with all the cats.

My tour thoroughly convinced me that I picked the right place to support with my dollars, and now that I will have earned income in the new year, Purrfect Pals will be getting more of them.  If you are a Pacific Northwest cat lover, you should also be supporting Purrfect Pals!






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