Happy New Year? New WA laws take effect, reducing Liberty for all.

Most states have new laws which take effect in January.  California has a new law preventing its doctors from disagreeing with the medical establishment, on pain of losing their licenses.  Here are some of the wonderful new laws taking effect in Washington.

The statewide minimum wage rises to $15.74/hour, and this applies all across the state.  In places like Eastern Washington with sparse population density, my prediction is lower employment across the board, as small businesses simply cannot afford to pay their employees such inflated wages.  In Seattle, the minimum wage rises to $16.50/hour.  There may be some job losses, but most businesses will simply increase their prices, contributing to the very high cost of living in Western Washington.

The Pay Transparency law now takes effect.

employers with 15 or more employees are required in job posts to include the wage scale or a salary range, plus a general description of the benefits offered. Employers also must provide existing employees who are promoted or offered a new position with a wage scale or salary range of the new role, the law said.

A new Rideshare Drivers Rights law takes effect.  Those oppressed drivers now have the “right” to minimum trip pay, paid sick leave, workers’ compensation pay, and employers are prevented from retaliating against drivers for exercising those “rights”.  Prediction?  Higher fares, fewer riders, and lower overall pay for drivers.

New reductions in Second Amendment rights for gun buyers and owners.

A gun regulation will go into effect early in 2023 that prohibits selling or purchasing ‘ghost guns.’ Beginning March 10, 2023, Washingtonians cannot knowingly or recklessly possess, transport or receive an unfinished frame or receiver that has not been imprinted with a serial number issued by a federally licensed firearms importer, manufacturer, dealer or other federal licensee authorized to imprint serial numbers, according to giffords.org.

The crackdown on ghost guns comes after the state prohibited the distribution or sale of gun magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition on July 1.

As predicted, deductions for the state “Family and medical leave” premiums rise in 2023.  There is NO limiting principle on these fees.

The rate for paid family and medical leave premiums will increase to .8% on Jan. 1 as employers will pay 27.24% of the total premium and employees will pay 72.76%.

Businesses classified by the Employment Security Department as having fewer than 50 employees are not required to pay the employer portion of the premium but must still collect the employee premium, according to the Washington Hospitality Association.

And this is what the DemocRats who run the state have in store for the 2023 legislative session.

Democrats throughout Washington state will introduce numerous abortion protections during the 2023 legislative session, including a reproductive health bill package that features a constitutional amendment codifying the right to an abortion, a prohibition on non-healthcare-related organizations to access patients’ health data and the prevention of healthcare consolidation from restricting patient choice, according to stateofreform.com.

The Holy Sacrament of Abortion will now be enshrined in the state Constitution.  The Culture of Death rules the State of Washington.  Which, by the way, was the first state to approve “human composting.”

All quotes in this post are taken from an article on the KOMO Web site about new laws taking effect in 2023.

Locally, more reductions of individual liberty are being enacted.  The city of Tacoma has just lowered their city speed limits, ostensibly to reduce traffic accidents.

And, as usual, a church in Seattle is pleading for help from the City, due to an expanding homeless camp near the church making it unsafe for parishioners to attend church.  Response from the city government?  “We’re working on it”.

I count no fewer than four separate articles on the KOMO Web site today, describing various shootings in Western and Central Washington.  Never a day goes by without new news of someone being shot.

Happy New Year, Washington.

[cross-posted at Ricochet.com]

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