What some cartoonists have to say about Joe Biden


Yes, George is turning over in his grave, seeing what is becoming of his (formerly) great country.


Biden and his entire family are beholden to Communist China.


Biden “visited” the border last week.  El Paso cleaned up all the migrants on the street before his visit.  Not that he would have noticed them if they had been there.

Biden'sAmerica-Spam for Thanksgiving

The result for many Americans of raging inflation, caused by the Biden government flooding the economy with dollars.


DemocRat money laundering.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

2 thoughts on “What some cartoonists have to say about Joe Biden

  1. boyces15

    The real question is why the heck El Paso went along with the cleanup? Were they threatened by Biden or cowards or part of the problem?

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