This is the worst kind of journalistic malpractice

A couple of days ago, the House Oversight Committee, in a press conference, revealed that they had documents which show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the illegal activities of the Biden Pay-to-Play Crime Family.  Through multiple layers of shell companies, the entire Biden family has taken millions of dollars from a variety of foreign sources, who are obviously looking for influence at the highest levels of the US Government.

And this huge, earth-shaking revelation was entirely ignored by the US Press.  No major network, TV, Radio, Newspaper, even gave this huge story a mention.  This is proof positive that what passes for mainstream media in America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the DemocRat Party, and will not tell the American Public about what their elected officials are doing to them.  If it hadn’t been for Elon Musk’s Twitter, even I would not have known about this!

Followers, if you are not a member of Twitter, you should join today, to get the Real News.

I highly recommend the podcast above, from my new friends Jewels Jones, and Catturd.  Their podcast is excellent, and I have joined their Locals Community too.

Here are some non-mainstream media stories about the Biden Crime Family.  None of the networks will touch this story.

The New York Post story pictured above.

AMAC story.

The House Oversight Committee itself!

From these stories, it can be seen that the entire Biden family could be engaging in treasonous activity-taking money from the country’s biggest enemy-Communist China!

Is there any doubt that this is Journalistic Malpractice?  The Mainstream Media are enabling this treasonous activity, and may even be seen as participating in it!  Many thanks to all the citizen and alternative reporters who are not afraid to reveal this ugly state of affairs, by the family of the President of the United States!

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