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What would happen if, with my magic wand (pine wood with unicorn hair, rigid flexibility), I caused the hair color of every woman in this picture to revert to its natural color?  Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Patty Murray, Kamala Harris…  Wouldn’t it be just sweet to see every woman with her natural color, just like me (I love my silver locks, all-natural)?  Just a thought on a lazy Saturday night.

I LOVE this Ricochet Post, so I’m re-blogging it here. “Insulting Jews Everywhere, a Call to Congress”

I LOVE this Ricochet Post, so I’m re-blogging it here.  “Insulting Jews Everywhere, a Call to Congress”

Last week’s wimpy resolution against “hate” brought this excellent response from a Jewish friend.  I 100% agree.  Do you?


Dear Members of Congress,

You should be embarrassed by your lack of courage regarding the anti-Semitism resolution that has been proposed, and apologize to Jews everywhere. How could you even think of changing the resolution to include every single group discriminated against? I am insulted and disgusted by your decisions to consider these changes, since you are either politically stupid or historically uneducated. Let me explain why:

First, to equate anti-Semitism with any other group that is discriminated against is ludicrous. We are not just talking about discrimination: we are talking about centuries of murder, torture, isolation, hatred, marginalizing and rejecting the Jews. Centuries. Every other group in America pales historically in comparison in several ways. Tell me about the centuries of hatred against LGBTQ communities; explain how blacks in this country were victims of hatred in the United States more than 500 years ago (since they weren’t a slave population in this country before then).

Second, Judaism is one basis of the founding of this country. Its values, morals and ethics have become the basis of Christianity and Islam. Isn’t it finally due some public support in our times by condemning those who would destroy or marginalize us?

Third, anti-Semitism is alive and well in almost every country in the world, whether you are talking about Europe, Asia or Africa. Jews have often been the scapegoat of choice for 4,000 years, by nearly every religion and every civilization. Unlike many other groups, I speak as a Jew who refuses to speak about being victimized; instead, I speak the truth. I acknowledge the anti-Semitism I’ve experienced, and I choose to rise above it, rather than blame all of society for this treatment. I don’t expect special favors, reparations, or any kind of compensation. I will take care of myself, thank you.

But when societies begin to show signs (including the U.S.) of increased anti-Semitic activity, I become concerned. Individual anti-Semitic acts are one thing; organized groups determined to spew their hatred on Jews, just because they are Jews. must be called out. These other groups that have been named have plenty of advocates, at political, cultural and educational levels. Where are the champions of the Jews?

I was comforted and proud that the U.S. was going to make a stand against anti-Semitism, as we see growing polarization, groups segregating themselves and aligning against Jews in particular. I understand that the resolution has no legal power. At the same time, we would be making a statement not just to Americans but to the world that we will not stand for anti-Semitism. Other groups have already spoken out for their constituency. Who will speak out for Jews?

I still hope that when the resolution is finalized and announced, politics are put aside. That extremists are discredited. And that wisdom, justice and compassion reign. That we condemn only anti-Semitism for this resolution.

Please don’t disappoint me.

P.S. Don’t bother to mention Ms. Omar; just censure her and remove her from committees. I don’t want her scapegoated in this resolution and thus make her a martyr.

Some of the many Jewish members of Congress halfheartedly opposed this watered-down denunciation of bigotry, but still added their names to it.  Like I have said many times, modern Jews are Liberals first, and everything else, even Jewish, later.

The West Virginia GOP Has it Right

People seem to be getting all worked up and outraged at this poster that was displayed at a West Virginia Republican booth.


They have the right idea, in my opinion.  As I recall at the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks, members of the rather-large “Somali community” in Seattle were seen rejoicing at the horror of the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York by a gang of Islamist Terrorists.  None of the terrorists was Somali, but they were all Muslims.

Islam is an Evil Religion.  The two Muslim women elected to congress from the states of Michigan and Minnesota have continually displayed their Muslim hatred of Israel and Jews.  They belong to Evil, and the one pictured above demonstrates it every day.

The Voters of the State of Washington Double Down on Democrat Destruction

May I add my disgust at the results of yesterday’s election.  I am ashamed to be a resident of the state where the voters vote themselves higher taxes, boondoggle projects that waste their dollars (choo-choo train that 1% of the population will ride), essentially disarm their police (after I 940 passes with 60% support, police will be regulated to death and almost have to ask the criminal’s permission to respond with deadly force-the initiative Curbs Police Violence!!); disarm themselves with gun regulations (I 1639 adds more onerous regulation of legal firearms owned by law-abiding citizens, thus reducing every citizen’s ability to defend himself from the increasing crime, especially in cities); and make all the more certain that more ineffective social programs are coming.

The voters of WA sent an abortion-supporting Pediatrician(!) to Congress, turning Blue a district that has been Red for many years; voted down their loudest voice in the State House against the predations of un-Sound Transit (I wish Mark Harmsworth much luck and prosperity in the rest of his life, and mourn that I do not live in his district), and sent even more D’s to the state legislature. [And the Board of un-Sound Transit is about to give the Capo di Tutti Capi a big raise-on MY DIME].  I always knew my own district was a lost cause (the ass with the perpetual sneer who is NOT my “representative” in Congress received 72% of the vote) and the entire state is even a bigger lost cause now.  Of the ten WA congressional districts, seven are now represented by Democrats.

As expected, the citizens of Seattle voted themselves another huge “families and education levy” that will not improve either families or education (throwing money at problems never solves them).  But then, the liberals who tax themselves to death do not CARE whether they have any effect whatsoever; they just feel so good that they are helping (which they do not).

State voters did do a couple of good things.  They emphatically rejected yet another “carbon fee”, which we recognize is really a Carbon Tax, and they made illegal the banning or taxing of particular food products by local jurisdictions (here’s looking at you, Seattle Sweetened Beverage Tax).

Well, the citizens of the State of Washington get exactly the government they elect.  I just wish I didn’t have to live with what the Democ-Rats vote for.

Civility versus Madness in Modern-day America

First the Madness.  Over the past few days, three members of the Trump Administration who went out to eat in Cesspool DC were harassed, threatened, and ejected from restaurants.  Who were the ones who did all the harassing, threatening, and ejecting?  Progressives.  The Administration members did nothing more than go out to eat, and the “resistance” made their lives impossible.  This is the most disgusting show of ugliness and bigotry I have ever heard of in all my 69 years. And the worst part of this is the “member of Congress” [scare-quotes intended] who stood up in front of the cameras and called for more of this harassment.

This, my friends, is the face of the Democrat Party.  Just look at that imperious expression!  This is what she thinks of YOU!

The Progressives are coming nearer to the line between peaceful protest and inciting to violence, and they had better watch what they do.  They already have blood on their hands from the shooting of Republican Steve Scalise.

And then, there’s the civility.  On a recent Alaska Airlines flight from Boston to Portland, Oregon, one of the passengers was a blind and deaf gentleman, traveling alone.  Here is what happened.  This video made me cry.

Yes, there may be hope. Good on you, young lady!

A Short ECON101 Lesson about Taxes

A Short ECON101 Lesson about Taxes

Right now, the US Congress is hashing out a “tax reform” set of bills intended to change the ways taxes are confiscated from American workers and savers.  Those on the Left often refer to “tax cuts for the rich”, showing their basic envy of people who actually EARN their livings in the real world.  Republicans, in the majority in both the House and Senate, and in possession of the White House, consider it their responsibility to reduce the tax burden on working and saving Americans.

The concept of “revenue neutrality” was originated by Democrats who are horrified at the thought of Government receiving one fewer cent of its lifeblood from those Americans who pay income taxes (currently just slightly over 50% of Americans).  A young member over at Ricochet opines that the current tax scheme MUST be “revenue neutral”, as the Federal Government is already overdrawn on its accounts and can’t tolerate any reduction in its “income”.

That is not true, and here’s why.

Reductions in Tax Rates, especially for high-earners, always result in more revenue for the government (small and large business owners keep more of their earnings, add employees to their payrolls, and create more taxpayers). Why is this so hard for people to understand? This is Econ 101. And why, oh why, should the all-mighty Government not shrink? Why can’t waste be eliminated from all levels of Government? The less Government confiscates from your paycheck, the more you have to spend, and save!

The problem is that those in Government do not trust their fellow Americans, who pay their salaries from their own legitimate earnings, to know how to allocate their own money. “Revenue Neutral” is a crock!

WAAAAHHH!! We don’t wike Twump! We gonna pwotest WAAHH!

WAAAAHHH!!  We don’t wike Twump!  We gonna pwotest WAAHH!

This is how the modern Democrat in Congress thinks these days.  Tonight will be a big speech to both houses of Congress by the 45th President of the United States (yes, he won, you lost).  And the crybabies in the loser Democrat party are wailing, gnashing their teeth, and planning ways to protest the President’s speech.  They are simply lost in the 1960s.  As the President has said before: Sad!  And, frankly, disgusting to see such puerile, juvenile behavior from adults.  And the worst part of it is that the senators from my state are going to be right up there disrespecting and protesting the legally elected President.

How Congress Can Stop Obama’s Illegal Amnesty Move

How Congress Can Stop Obama’s Illegal Amnesty Move

Thanks to a  fellow Ricochet member for this.  I think it’s perfect!

I believe that I have a useful tactic for opposing Obama’s executive amnesty, and I am trying to make the suggestion to influential people. I think that either the Congressional leadership or influential Senators should just announce to the public the Congressional intention that anyone accepting documentation under Obama’s illegal executive amnesty will be forever barred from a chance at legal immigration. Since Obama doesn’t intend to enforce the law by deportations anyway, the effect of a Congressional declaration would be to make Obama’s offer an unnecessary risk to any illegal alien considering applying for the documentation and effectively cause the program to collapse. The Congress can make the threat as part of a broader argument that it cannot allow an illegal executive act to stand. Anyway, I think that the strategy would kill the amnesty plan.  I encourage you to promote it, too.

Obama has been speaking not to congress but to illegal aliens and their enablers in America, and the congress can only oppose him and prevent the action by speaking to exactly the same groups and changing the way that they evaluate their options. The leadership needs to make illegal aliens and their enablers think that their only chance for real legal status lay in shunning the offer of executive amnesty and reaching an agreement in the Congress.

Thoughts on the Midterm Election…and After

Thoughts on the Midterm Election…and After

Most of the votes are counted.  Winners and losers have been declared.  All day yesterday, and most of today, I’ve been projecting into the future, what yesterday’s election results mean.    Many Democrats went down to defeat yesterday, as did the majority of libertarians running as such (Michael Medved likes to call them “losertarians”).  Stalwart Republican Governors like Rick Scott of Florida, Rick Snyder of Michigan, Paul LePage of Maine, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin held off their lowlife Democrat challengers, and will now have the next four years to continue to implement their policies of greater freedom and lower taxes for their constituents.  Since Scott Walker in Wisconsin did away with automatic union dues withholding for teachers, their unions have lost up to half of their members (whose dues support Democrat candidates), and school districts that were in debt and doing poorly are running surpluses.  In New York, Andrew Cuomo will have a mandate to increase taxes on his “golden goose” financial-industry bigwigs.  I wonder when they will finally have had enough, and decamp en-masse for Florida (which has no income taxes, and a much nicer climate).

I hope this election finally puts to rest the Democrat lie of the Republican “war on women”.  How about Mia Love, the black woman from Utah, who won election to the House of Representatives.  How about Saira Blair, elected to the House from West Virginia, at age 18!  How about Janet Nguyen and Young Kim, elected to the California legislature (which is 100% in Democrat control).  How about Senators Joni Ernst of Iowa, and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia.  Republicans can’t be undertaking a war on women, because they ARE women!

Many of us conservatives out there are gloating, at least for a while.  But just having R’s in control of Congress does not guarantee that we can push back the tides of socialist decline in our country.  The next Congress will have some huge projects to get to.  Like repealing all or part of Obamacare, stopping the higher minimum-wage, fighting back against the president “pen-and-phone” declaration of amnesty for millions of illegal aliens (which is guaranteed to come), repealing many of the cuts to the defense budget, and enforcing our southern border to stop more illegals from crossing.  They will have their work cut out for them, big-time.

Here is what I want the Republicans to do (good luck with that!):

Fight Obama on every front.  No compromise!  No yielding on our principles!

Pass smaller spending bills to fund the important things, like the VA, Defense, and the CDC.

Stop the Executive Branch from tearing down our allies, and courting our enemies.  Support the State of Israel in every way possible.

Get control of the EPA bureaucracy, and STOP the war on coal, which is still a vital part of our energy mix.

Approve the Keystone Pipeline, which can create thousands of “living-wage” jobs.

Repeal Obamacare.


Begin the process of eliminating the Department of Education in its entirety.  Reduce the peoples’ taxes in the entire amount of their budget.

Enact tax reform, so the people who make this country work can be free to invest their money their way, and save for their own retirement.

Stop the Bureau of Labor Statistics from grossly understating the real unemployment rate in the US.  No more doctored figures!

Quit taking abuse from the mainstream press.  Start fighting back against their lies and mis-information campaigns, and refuse to answer their leading questions-point out what they are really doing.  And take this fight to the public, all day every day.



I want the next two years to be the Obama Administration’s worst nightmare.  And our finest hour.

The world will NOT come to an end on October 1

If Congress cannot pass a “continuing resolution” keeping the bloated government funded for a few more months, some federal workers might have to take some time off, but the sun will still come up in the morning and set at night. The average person will feel NO effects of a “government shutdown”, and many of us will be glad to see it shut down. The US Senate has not passed a real budget for FOUR YEARS, which is why the continuing resolutions are necessary. Thank the Democrats for this.

Those of you who may be affected by the ObamaCare rollout tomorrow may find it instructive to actually go to the online exchanges and try to sign up for Government Control of Your Life (government-mandated health “insurance”). My sources tell me that it promises to be a big mess. I trust none of you work in IT for HHS or the IRS. My condolences to those who do.