A New Daily Link Here at Calling-all-RushBabes


Above is a link to Best of the Web Today, a daily column written by James Taranto, discussing issues of the day, and highlighting interesting news from around the Web.

It might be very interesting being James Taranto’s girlfriend-you’d be laughing all day long. He’s very smart, and really knows how to turn a phrase.

Your chuckle for the day-“Nicknames” for Obama

For quite a while now, I have been compiling a list, gathered from various places on the Web, of mocking nicknames for Obama.  My fellow Conservatives have been pretty creative, so here is what I have as of today.  Please feel free to add more if you have some that are not on this list.

OBummer; OBlamer; Ozero; Obamunist; ODumbo; -O; Bongoboy; OBlunder; OBlamo; Obonghit; OBambi;

Obozo; O_vomit; Big-BrObama; Zerobama