Washington Governor Inslee: Ho Ho, Hey Hey, How many lives have you ruined today?!

Washington Governor Inslee: Ho Ho, Hey Hey, How many lives have you ruined today?!

The so-called governor of Washington State has “extended the stay-home order through the end of May”, while supposedly outlining “reopening plan”.  This is a politician who literally holds his subjects’ lives in his hands.  I want to know how many suicides this order will cause?  I want to know how many MORE businesses will close for good with this order.  I have gone eight weeks without a haircut, but you can see that King Jay is not going without a haircut!

I despise politicians who do not feel the effects of their royal decrees.  HIS salary is not at risk!  My company just had a huge layoff today, leaving dozens of people with no jobs at all.  Thousands of other Washington citizens have found themselves out on the street, when their employers were forced to close their doors by royal decree.  The State Unemployment Office phones are ringing off the hook all day long, with people needing to file for benefits.

Maybe it’s time for a new Revolution against the royal politicians who, with malice aforethought, have ruined the best economy in decades.  Maybe it’s time for the Citizens of Washington State to defy their Rulers.  Maybe it’s time for businesses to re-open, regardless of the governor’s Royal Decree that they must die (businesses not allowed to do business will die).

Sorry, Royal Jay, but no dice from me.  No stay-home, no mask, no cowering under the bed on your royal say-so.  When Inslee stops taking a salary, goes without a haircut for eight weeks, and lays off his staff, maybe I will listen to him again. Well, maybe not, since I never listened to the stupid lout in the first place!

My new Motto:


Only in Leftist Washington State

Today, the governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee (vying for most-stupid politician with Senator Patty Murray, “mom in tennis shoes”), has communicated that he is contemplating:

The State May Release Incarcerated Inmates Early as a Safety Precaution

Safety for WHOM?!  One more indication that Leftists care more about Criminals than they do about the Taxpayers who were wronged in the first place by said criminals, and are paying for the incarceration (and rehabilitation) of those criminals.

What could go wrong?

Hey, Washington Governor Inslee! Shut down the State for the entire month of April?

How, pray tell, do you expect the government of Washington to operate with no tax receipts?  In case you hadn’t noticed, the State runs on Sales Taxes and the B & O tax on all businesses, large and small, regardless of profits.  No receipts, no revenue.

What happens when the revenue stops?  How many government employees will be laid off?  How many government offices will close?

I’m waiting.  Answer my questions.