Is This New York Abortion Law Evil?

Or, as Ben Shapiro puts it,

New York Governor Cuomo wants to ban the Death Penalty…Except for Unborn Children; go ahead and kill those.


Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the most comprehensive abortion law in the United States.  This new law, passed by the now-100%-Democrat controlled Legislature, allows termination of a pregnancy up to the moment of birth.  Yes, that is correct, New York now allows a full-term BABY to be murdered if the mother and her doctor deem her health in danger.  Various “news” outlets describe this as “updating” New York abortion laws, and “adding strong legal protections” for “abortion rights”.

The above-mentioned Governor of New York is nominally a Catholic.  As I remember it, the Catholic Church forbids contraception, and defines abortion as murder.  And the Catholic Bishops have reacted to this new law that is celebrated by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Bishops call for Cuomo to be excommunicated.


Look at that tag line on the podium.  No Time to Wait.  And the title of the new law is the “Reproductive Health Act”.  However, one thing the act ignores is the fact that the pregnant woman is not the only individual affected by abortion.  What about the child?  Well, this new law in New York deems that child disposable.    The statistics show that, in New York, more black babies are aborted than are born.  Does this indicate discrimination against minorities?  Nope, the Progressives in New York are perfectly fine with it, since Abortion is their Holy Sacrament.

And what about the Abortion Doctors?  Doesn’t the Hippocratic Oath say “First Do No Harm”?  I guess that in New York, the Culture of Death rules even the medical profession.    This list was taken off a Web Site called “safest abortion”, by a medical group, NY OB-GYN Associates.

  • Teenagers do not need their parent’s permission to have an abortion.
  • There are no waiting periods
  • No need for state approval
  • Patients can perform their abortion in their doctor’s office.
  • New York State Medicaid covers abortion for women with a low income.

Although, there are some pro-life doctors who have spoken out against this destructive (literally!) new law.  But it appears that they are in the minority.

It is a crying shame, what Feminism hath wrought in the United States, and around the world.  Human beings are reduced to the status of afterthoughts, permitted to be done away with, even if they can sustain life if allowed to be born.  I never had children myself, but this new law makes me very sad.  I weep for the babies who will not be allowed to live, and contribute to the tapestry that is Humanity.



Songs on the Death of Children. In his book The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, Michael Walsh opines that the German Romantic Movement of the late 19th and early 20th Century, foretold the decline of Western Civilization. Two stories in the news today perhaps reflect how far we have fallen. Both stories are horrifying.

Dad Admits Killing Daughter Who Beat Cancer is a story from New York. Reason? Kid hogged all the attention.

Belgium sees the first case of a minor being granted Euthanasia.

And the stories are on the same page of the same news site. Civilization? Not so much these days.

More Proof that Islam is Evil…See Edit Below

More Proof that Islam is Evil…See Edit Below

ISIS fighters are forcing civilians to give blood to their wounded comrades.

Palestinians celebrate the attack in Tel Aviv that murdered four innocent people in a crowded market.

A Pakistani woman is burned alive by her mother, for marrying without the family’s permission.

ISIS executes its own fighters, in a search for “spies” in its midst.

ISIS burns 19 Yazidi GIRLS to death.

EDIT, June 12, 2016.

They Are Here.  Orlando, Florida early this morning.  50 murdered in homosexual nightclub, ISIS claiming credit.

Islamic State backers cheer the attack and urge more.


Evil, this is the epitome of evil.

Welcome to 2016

Gunmen attack Indian airbase near Pakistani border, 2 killed.

Two dead, several injured, after gunman attacks Israeli bar, suspect at large.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Eun says he is ready for war.

State Department releases over 3,000 Clinton emails on New Year’s Eve.

Obama meets with Attorney General to tighten gun laws by Executive Order.

Explosion rocks Kabul restaurant popular with foreigners.

Man attacks soldiers guarding French mosque with his car.


Black-on-White Crime

Is it my imagination, or are we seeing more of this lately?

This from KOMO News in Seattle:

A group of thugs (from the story, at least one of whom was black), attacking tourists downtown.

This from Fox News:

The Virginia man who murdered two TV news people, on camera.

Just today.

Banality of Evil…Planned Parenthood Butchers Babies

Found at Butcher Gosnell’s “Clinic”.

I didn’t think I’d have need to use this photograph again.  My friends and I have been heartsick the past week, as the videos detailing the evil done by Planned Parenthood have been gradually revealed in videos.  Just when it seems that the situation could not be more terrifying, the pro-life group releases a new video of Planned Parenthood’s evil operations.


Most of the people I hold dear-my Ricochet friends, my husband, my hero Rush Limbaugh are simply horrified, that there are people who can talk among themselves so nonchalantly, about tiny human beings, literally chopped up in pieces shortly after having emerged from their mothers’ wombs, and sold to a company called “Stem Express” for use in what they call “medical research”.  Baby parts have a Price Structure! They give legitimate medical research a bad name.  Many have mentioned the similarity to the depredations of the Nazi, Josef Mengele, who did horrific experiments on Jews in the concentration camps of World War II Europe.

And that the high-ranking members of the Democrat Party can defend this evil practice, makes me despair of our culture, here in the United States of America.  And Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat candidate for president in 2016 (maybe not so much now), referring to a “woman’s right to choose”!!  Let’s describe it as it really is, a woman’s right to destroy her own baby.

And then, there’s the person who inhabits the White House, also defending evil in his own back yard.  But, for him that’s par for the course.  As an Illinois State Senator, Obama helped defeat a bill that would have saved babies born alive after botched abortion procedures.  No, it’s more important for the woman to be able to choose death for her child.

Our souls weep, for the souls, of all the thousands of babies, brutally murdered by an organization that touts its provision of “women’ health care”.  Be honest, Planned Parenthood.  Admit that your real business is brutal murder of unborn children.

And, oh yes, I’d forgotten. Your TAXPAYER DOLLARS are paying for this! Call your Senator and Congressman now, and demand the de-funding of Planned Parenthood Butchery!

In My Considered (Jewish) Opinion…Something controversial in the title: ISLAM IS EVIL

Islam is simply an evil religion.  Witness what occurred in Paris today.(now, yesterday, updated Friday). This in response to cartoons, for heaven’s sake!  Islam’s holy book advocates forced conversion or murder for “apostates” and unbelievers.  All over the world, Muslim radicals are murdering innocent civilians, taking hostages in coffee shops, and kidnapping school girls and selling them into slavery.  And all over our own country, liberals in the press and even our own president are tying themselves in knots to avoid having to admit the bare, open truth.

Islam is EVIL.


Je Suis Charlie.


**Update on Friday.  More heinous murders of Jewish hostages in Paris, by Islamist terrorists.  This will not ever stop until all men and women stop appeasing the “religion of peace”, which, by the way, has NEVER been a religion of peace.  If you did, or said nothing when they came for the Jews, and the journalists of Charlie Hebdo, they will be coming for YOU next.

Two Headlines on the Same Day…Making Stuff up Dept.

Both Found on Fox News:


And This:

Which course of action is more (or less) humane?

Ending the Death Penalty for Capital Crimes. [Washington State]

Approving Euthanasia for Children. [Belgium]

Yep, the Liberals who run both Washington State and Belgium. They have no problem with sparing the lives of capital murderers, and murdering children.

How twisted can morality get, when God has been banished?

A Politically-incorrect way to think about the conflict in Syria

So while our president is tying himself and his regime in knots trying to figure out what to do in/about Syria, here are some facts. The Iranians have said that, if we bomb Syria, they and their buddies, Hezbollah and Al-Quaeda, will take out the state of Israel. First of all, unlike our so-called commander in chief, I believe everything the Iranians say. If they say they will take out Israel, they mean it, and are prepared to do it.

So, let’s think a moment about who, and whose countries, would be at risk here. The majority (soon, the entire population) of Syrians are one flavor or another of Muslim. Sunni, Shia, Alawite,… All Muslim. These are the people whose co-religionists gladly strap explosive vests on their children, and send them to die in order to murder their Jewish and Christian (and Muslim) neighbors. It makes me think that Muslims don’t have a very high respect for human life, if they’re willing to blow up their own children. Can anyone think of even one good thing the Syrians, either as a people, or as individuals, have done to improve the world in, say, the last 1,000 years?….I can’t either. The only valuable items in Syria these days are ancient ruins. Ruins of the beginnings of modern civilization. How the mighty have fallen.

The Israelis, however, are the antithesis of destruction. They took their original homeland, given to them by God 4,000 years ago, and made the desert bloom, in a mere 60 years. They made gardens and fields blossom with fruits, vegetables, and grains. They hewed the native stone of Jerusalem, and made their city grow and prosper. They welcomed their Arab brethren to live and work in their Israeli cities, and there are thriving Arab districts in most cities. And they have made their economy grow and prosper, starting and growing their own technology, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries into the best in class in the world. Their archaeologists continue to dig in desert and city alike, bringing forth new evidence of their ancient civilization. Israel sprouts musicians like citrus fruit, sending orchestral and chamber musicians around the world to perform.

To my mind, Obama should not bomb Syria, if it would mean the destruction of Israel. The Syrians come up badly wanting, and the Israelis are much more valuable to preserve. Too bad Obama is a Muslim-sympathizer. His sympathies are misplaced.

About George Zimmerman, and the predatory media

Mr.Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY of second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin. Well, the predatory media, and their buddies the race-hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (who do not deserve the title of Reverend any longer), and their buddies in the US Justice (??) Department and the White House were not satisfied with that verdict. They are going to do their best to ensure that the INNOCENT George Zimmerman will not have a day of peace for the rest of his life. I predict that they and the rest of the nation’s black racists will keep the story front and center, keep rioting, destroy random property (see the stories coming out of Oakland, CA, on the other side of the country!), and file totally unjustified “civil rights” complaints and lawsuits, no matter the total lack of evidence. It is in their interest to cultivate the prejudice of black people against white people, in spite of the fact that we elected a black president! It’s in their interest to keep the black community’s attention focused away from their own violent communities, where black children are gunned down on a daily basis by their fellow blacks.

Here’s what the editors at National Review had to say today:

Eric Holder’s Cynical Threat

I feel very sorry for George Zimmerman, because as long as Barack Hussein Obama occupies the White House, and Eric Holder is Attorney General, they and their media enablers will be gunning (literally) for him. It would not surprise me if, eventually, he committed suicide. Just try to imagine living like that, always looking over your shoulder, afraid that a New Black Panther will shoot at you, or a sleazy, muck-raking, sorry excuse for a “journalist”, will publish lies about you on a daily basis. He surely does not deserve that.

And here’s a heartfelt sentiment from my hero at, Dave Carter:

 Open Season?