The end of the American Century?

Since its founding in the 18th century, the United States of America has been a beacon of Liberty and Prosperity to a sometimes dismal world. We nearly single-handedly saved Europe from the Reich, then rebuilt it, from our prosperity. Millions of people have emigrated from their own stagnant, backward, dictator-ruled countries, sometimes at great risk their lives, to that Shining City on a Hill, so they could, through their own efforts, share in our prosperity.
But now that prosperity, and that Liberty, are under assault, and the American people have voted to continue the course that was accelerated when Barack Hussein Obama took office in 2009. Average household wealth in the US is down 40% since then. The Real Unemployment Rate (U6) is near 14%, and the labor force participation rate is its lowest in over 30 years. Millions of Americans have left the labor force, unable to find productive work, and so join the ranks of the “takers”. College students graduate burdened with thousands of dollars of debt, and reduced chances of finding a job that will let them pay back the money to the taxpayers who lent it. The United States’s AAA credit rating was lost, for the first time ever, and risks another downgrade soon. The American Dream, that one’s children, if they worked hard and saved their money, could have a better, more prosperous life than their parents, is now just that, a dream. Instead, children move back home with Mom and Dad after graduation, and drag their parents’ standard of living down too.  In not too long a time, everyone’s standard of living will be lower (except maybe the politicians, who seem always to exempt themselves from the consequences of their decisions).
And on the world front, Obama has alienated countries who were our allies (Britain, Israel), in favor of extending the hand of friendship to those who would destroy us (Iran, Venezuela, Putin’s Russia). Our military has sustained budget cuts (just wait until sequestration in 2013), and its members are treated as butchers, and accused of torturing enemy combatants. America’s own representatives abroad are abandoned to face jihadist terrorists alone. Those in power now and for the next four years are intent upon diminishing America’s place in the world, and the consequences will be felt long after they are out of office. The leadership vacuum left by America is already being filled by the Muslim Brotherhood and a resurgent Taliban.
I am sad that today’s young people have voted for the diminished America. They might not like it very much.

Addendum, November 9.Lemiska: Eulogy for America  This guy says it better than I did-credit where credit is due.

One thought on “The end of the American Century?

  1. Ray Kujawa

    The young liberals and progressives of America aren’t ready to have to grow up…not just yet. Maybe in another four years they will be.

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