And Now For Something Entirely Different…Try Tiffany

RushBabe49 is a Tiffany shareholder, and a Tiffany shopper, even with a moderate income. It sometimes amazes me that there are people who feel intimidated, and won’t enter a Tiffany store because they have to walk past the armed security guards at the door. They have been opening stores in areas of the country that aren’t highly affluent, just comfortable. I like to suggest to men that I know a near-foolproof way to give their wife or girlfriend heart palpitations. What woman wouldn’t gasp at a gift in the Tiffany blue box?

So here’s a way of thinking about Tiffany that might make it easier for those intimidated ones to walk proudly into their nearest Tiffany store. Just remember that to them, you are a Customer, not just a shopper. They want your business, and it’s in your best interest to think of yourself that way. Get up your courage, walk right into the store, and be sure to wish the security guards “Good afternoon”. Then head right up to any counter and peruse the merchandise. Tiffany is know best for their diamond jewelry, but they also have an extensive collection of reasonably-priced sterling silver pieces. When I was single, and making a fair, but not huge, salary, I would give myself a Christmas present every year of a new pair of Tiffany silver earrings. It’s fun to walk into the store and check out the new items, ask to see something closer up, and walk out with your very own blue box, tied up with beautiful red or white ribbon. They have an extensive collection of really cute charms for a bracelet, or they can be worn as a pendant on a chain; they are adding new ones all the time.

So you guys, Valentine’s Day is coming up. This year, make your lady VERY happy, and present her with something in a Tiffany blue box. She will NEVER doubt your love ever again! [and you will get on their mailing list for their great catalogs] You can start by going to the Web site,, to get ideas, and to drool.

What would YOU cut?

Since the wimps in Congress refuse to see the writing on the wall and stop massive government spending that cannot be sustained, place yourself in the driver’s seat. What would you cut, in toto, right now, from the Federal Government budget?
I would start with the Department of Education. Every last employee would be fired tomorrow, and the entire department shut down. Every penny of their budget would be returned to taxpayers, now, on a per-capita basis.
Next would be the Department of Energy. Same deal as above, except their budget would be returned to all the energy companies in the US who provide fossil fuels to run our economy, based on the corporate taxes they paid the past five years.  Also deleted would be all regulations that hold back domestic drilling and pipeline construction.