What would YOU cut?

Since the wimps in Congress refuse to see the writing on the wall and stop massive government spending that cannot be sustained, place yourself in the driver’s seat. What would you cut, in toto, right now, from the Federal Government budget?
I would start with the Department of Education. Every last employee would be fired tomorrow, and the entire department shut down. Every penny of their budget would be returned to taxpayers, now, on a per-capita basis.
Next would be the Department of Energy. Same deal as above, except their budget would be returned to all the energy companies in the US who provide fossil fuels to run our economy, based on the corporate taxes they paid the past five years.  Also deleted would be all regulations that hold back domestic drilling and pipeline construction.

5 thoughts on “What would YOU cut?

    1. Education should be governed as locally as possible. Education reformers advocate giving principals more authority to hire and fire teachers-the Teachers’ Unions need to be broken before education can be really reformed.

  1. Renee

    Hey rushbabe49! Just listened to you on the audio meet-up at Richochet. I guess I am a rush babe too. I have to admit that I haven’t been listening as much since the election cause I feel so discouraged about the state of our national affairs. Nice to hear all of your cheerful voices on the meet-up. Hope to hear you on future podcasts.

    1. Thanks, Renee. Be sure to connect on Ricochet, and read my posts on the Member Feed. How about a little group called Ricochet RushBabes?
      And you can also follow this blog.

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