Perfect illustration of how Liberals FEEL, while Conservatives THINK

The reactions to the horrific incident in Connecticut, where a young man gunned down his mother, and teachers and students at an elementary school illustrate quite well how Liberals and Conservatives respond differently to such situations.
The nearly-immediate, knee-jerk reaction by the liberal press and “intelligentsia” was NOW CAN WE DISCUSS GUN CONTROL? Now, can we again bring up the subject of banning various types of firearms, preventing law-abiding citizens from defending themselves? Let’s BAN (by law) the instrument of death, not investigate the background of the person wielding the weapon.

While the Conservative press and blogosphere brought up the subject of treatment of mentally-ill people, voluntary or involuntary commitment, and other ways of seeing and dealing with deranged people. They also immediately brought up the violent culture in the modern USA, including hip-hop lyrics, explicit, violent video games, and television, which most children are exposed to at an early age. Might we consider absent parents, and the lack of a father in many American homes as a cause of this kind of gratuitous violence?

Unfortunately, very little will be done on either side, and we can expect more such incidents. Maybe the mainstream media should take a very good look at the very high murder rate in Barack Obama’s Chicago, where they have some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

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