Did you vote Democrat on Tuesday?

You did?  This is what you voted for.


Antifa protesters outside the home of Tucker Carlson, a Fox News commentator.


Protesters outside the home of Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.  Mr. Pai has a wife and children, who were frightened by the angry people shouting outside their home.  They had to go into hiding.


This is what Antifa promises people who do not agree with them.


This is who they are.  These people are not supporters of conservatives.


Democrat supporters prefer mob rule.  Anyone who disagrees with them is liable to have a mob on his front lawn, or outside his office, screaming and threatening violence.

If you voted Democrat on Tuesday, this whom you voted for.  Be very careful out there.  One wrong word to the wrong person could lead to these people forming up outside YOUR front door, demanding blood.  Your livelihood may be threatened, your family might be in danger, if you get on the wrong side of the Liberal Mob.

No Kidding…The SJW* Haggadah

No Kidding…The SJW* Haggadah

My followers will know that I am Jewish.  Each year, my husband and I go to my sister’s house for Passover, and there are often over 12 people there.   The “regular” Haggadah my sister normally uses dates from the early 1980s, and she thought she’d bring our Seder into the 21st Century this year. Now, my sister and her family are standard, Reform-Jewish Liberals, with all the usual proclivities. But this year, she went too far. You know you’ve got a problem when the title on the first page is

“Next Year in a Just World”.

Here is the first paragraph, under the heading “Candle Lighting”.

As we light the candles and welcome the glow of Passover into our homes, we pray that all those suffering around the world find light in the darkness. We pray that our experience tonight helps us to ignite the spark of justice within each of us.

What does that even mean? How does that have anything to do with Passover? Spark of justice??

Here are some really choice phrases found in this Internet, Liberal, Guilt-inducing, Diversity-spouting, “Haggadah”:

We praise God, Ruler of Everything

May this first cup of wine rouse each of us to the injustice that persists in our world today.

May we recognize our own capacity to make a difference and commit ourselves to building a better world.

When we dip the Karpas into the salt water, we see the tears of all who suffer injustice, mingling with our hopes for life, rebirth and new possibilities for justice.

The matzah enables us to imagine what it was like to have only poor bread to eat, to be denied our right (emphasis mine) to live free and healthy lives.

Let all people have access to sustenance.

On most other nights, we allow the news of tragedy in distant places to pass us by. We succumb to compassion fatigue–aware that we cannot possibly respond to every injustice that arises around the world.

When spilling wine from our glasses to mourn the Egyptians‘ suffering during the ten plagues, let us pledge to aid those who suffer from modern afflictions–from HIV/AIDS to Ebola

Under the heading The Four Children:

What does the activist child ask?

The heading The Ten Plagues

They have us mourning the suffering of the Egyptians.

…let us turn our hearts toward the millions of people around the world suffering today’s plagues of hatred, prejudice, baseless violence and war… We protest the proliferation of violence…

We must fight for the rights of women, girls, and LGBT people until true equality is achieved.

At that point, even my nephew and my homosexual niece and her girlfriend were laughing so hard, no one could continue. We usually take turns reading portions of the Seder, but this year many of us said “Do I really have to read this?” And, in the end, my sister agreed that this was just a bit too much, even for them! She has already said they’re going back to the old one next year. Maybe I’ll try to find her something a little more traditional, but more up-to-date. Any suggestions from Jewish followers, or visitors to my blog, will be welcome.

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*For those of you who might not be familiar with the acronym SJW, it means Social Justice Warrior.  They are those liberal “crusaders” for Social Justice, whatever that means.

Connections…Sport fans riot; Mob rule; and Liberalism

Connections…Sport fans riot; Mob rule; and Liberalism

I was reading this weekend the story of what happened in Lexington, Kentucky, when the University of Kentucky basketball team, undefeated during the regular season, lost their Final Four match to Wisconsin.  There were riots in the streets, with college students tipping over cars and setting fires, to express their anger at their team’s loss.  This got me to thinking about today’s college students, and what they are being taught in their college classes.  I have read countless stories about college professors in many different areas of study (history, literature, politics, sociology), instead of teaching about the great contributions that Americans have made in all these disciplines, they indoctrinate them in “victimology”, how America has been a force for destruction in the world.  They learn about how the early Americans conquered the people already living here, destroying their ancient cultures and laying waste to the land.  They learn about how the various protected classes (women, Native Americans, African-Americans) were ground under the heels of the oppressive white, male majority.  They learn to think of everyone as a member of a group, rather than an individual.  They learn that, even today, members of certain groups are being oppressed by their fellow-countrymen (the newest victim group being homosexuals).  Basically, today’s college students are being indoctrinated in Identity Politics.

So, if you think of everyone as a member of a particular group, it isn’t much of a stretch to see yourself as a group member, who is being oppressed by some other group.  Why is it that Liberal groups like Labor Unions, College Students, Homosexual activists, and Feminists are likely to engage in all sorts of mob activity?  This can take the form of the after-game riots in Kentucky, or mobs of picketers on the front lawn of a “Capitalist Pig”.  It can take the form of mass Twitter campaigns against perceived enemies (the Koch brothers, Rush Limbaugh, a florist in Washington state, a pizzeria owner in Indiana, or a baker in Colorado).  It’s easy to ignore the hurt inflicted upon someone who is simply a member of your enemy group, not an individual with a livelihood and family.  Liberals have absolutely no hesitation in ruining someone’s life, destroying their business, and frightening their family, due to some perceived slight.  And the Liberals with the untold power of Government behind them have no problem with literally destroying those they view as their political rivals (see IRS scandal).  Even those who enforce our laws in big cities have been vilified and lost their jobs by being painted as biased against their community members (see various cities’ police departments being subjected to “consent decrees”).

Funny, you rarely or never hear of Christians, or Conservatives, or students at Hillsdale College engaging in despicable mob riots.  They see each person as an individual, worthy of consideration.  They have reasonable discussions, and can actually listen to speakers whose ideas they disagree with, and not shout them down.  When they go to a rally, or big group meeting, they leave their surroundings as clean as they found them, or cleaner (have you ever noticed that rallies of Liberals leave the place full of trash?).

It looks to me like those who see others as simply members of some group or other have no problem ganging up on others, and engaging in violence (see Ferguson, MO riots which burned down black-owned stores) to make their point.  You see someone as part of a mob?  You are, too.  Think about it.

Cutting Off Their Noses to Spite Their Faces (Liberals hurting the groups they claim to support)

Always and everywhere, Liberals and groups like Acorn, claim that they support and work for the little guys, the downtrodden, the discriminated-against, the oppressed, the have-nots of society.  But when it comes right down to it, in the crunch, they favor themselves, and their white liberal cronies in big labor unions and politics, and their actions make their supposedly-favored groups poorer!  THEY are the only ones made richer by their campaigns to improve the lot of black people, and the poor, and women…

Take the case of the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.  It can be reliably shown that, when a Walmart opens in a neighborhood, that store provides entry-level jobs, needed services like banking, money-transfer, and even medical clinics, and low-cost everyday goods that the locals want to buy!  Walmart makes the people in their communities happier!  Yet, because they are unfriendly to Big Labor (since unionizing would result in loss of their low-income customers due to higher prices), White Liberal activist groups have succeeded in keeping Walmart out of many large cities.  This article recently on another WordPress blog (24/7 Wall Street), details large cities without Walmart.  Liberals SAY they want to help the poor, but their actions prove otherwise.

Earlier this year, a community organizing group in Portland, Oregon managed to drive away the independent supermarket, Trader Joe’s.  They claimed that the chain was not friendly to black people.  But if you asked the people actually living in the neighborhood, they would have LOVED to have Trader Joe’s nearby.  The activist group is wary of “gentrification”, which actually means improving living conditions in rundown neighborhoods; so those neighborhoods simply continue to deteriorate.  So the black people in Portland have been denied a grocery store in their neighborhood, not by “The Man”, but by their own black race-hustlers.  Are they better off? NO!

This recent story is not in the US, but Vladimir Putin’s thugs in Russia, in order to hit back at the US and Europe for supporting sanctions against them (based on the Ukraine situation), will ban imports of US and European agricultural and other goods.   Once again, those who suffer will not be the US or Western Europe, but the people of Russia, again demonstrating that those who are in power often have only their own welfare at heart, not those of their own people.

Oppressed peoples of the world, open your eyes!  See who really has your interests at heart!  Not the Community Activists, or the NAACP, or the Labor Unions, who have their own interests at heart, and only want more power over you.  The Conservative movement, who believes that each person should be able to make his own choices, to shop where he wants, and eat what he wants (not what Michelle Obama says he should eat), and get his children a good education.  We are the ones with YOUR interests at heart.