Connections…Sport fans riot; Mob rule; and Liberalism

I was reading this weekend the story of what happened in Lexington, Kentucky, when the University of Kentucky basketball team, undefeated during the regular season, lost their Final Four match to Wisconsin.  There were riots in the streets, with college students tipping over cars and setting fires, to express their anger at their team’s loss.  This got me to thinking about today’s college students, and what they are being taught in their college classes.  I have read countless stories about college professors in many different areas of study (history, literature, politics, sociology), instead of teaching about the great contributions that Americans have made in all these disciplines, they indoctrinate them in “victimology”, how America has been a force for destruction in the world.  They learn about how the early Americans conquered the people already living here, destroying their ancient cultures and laying waste to the land.  They learn about how the various protected classes (women, Native Americans, African-Americans) were ground under the heels of the oppressive white, male majority.  They learn to think of everyone as a member of a group, rather than an individual.  They learn that, even today, members of certain groups are being oppressed by their fellow-countrymen (the newest victim group being homosexuals).  Basically, today’s college students are being indoctrinated in Identity Politics.

So, if you think of everyone as a member of a particular group, it isn’t much of a stretch to see yourself as a group member, who is being oppressed by some other group.  Why is it that Liberal groups like Labor Unions, College Students, Homosexual activists, and Feminists are likely to engage in all sorts of mob activity?  This can take the form of the after-game riots in Kentucky, or mobs of picketers on the front lawn of a “Capitalist Pig”.  It can take the form of mass Twitter campaigns against perceived enemies (the Koch brothers, Rush Limbaugh, a florist in Washington state, a pizzeria owner in Indiana, or a baker in Colorado).  It’s easy to ignore the hurt inflicted upon someone who is simply a member of your enemy group, not an individual with a livelihood and family.  Liberals have absolutely no hesitation in ruining someone’s life, destroying their business, and frightening their family, due to some perceived slight.  And the Liberals with the untold power of Government behind them have no problem with literally destroying those they view as their political rivals (see IRS scandal).  Even those who enforce our laws in big cities have been vilified and lost their jobs by being painted as biased against their community members (see various cities’ police departments being subjected to “consent decrees”).

Funny, you rarely or never hear of Christians, or Conservatives, or students at Hillsdale College engaging in despicable mob riots.  They see each person as an individual, worthy of consideration.  They have reasonable discussions, and can actually listen to speakers whose ideas they disagree with, and not shout them down.  When they go to a rally, or big group meeting, they leave their surroundings as clean as they found them, or cleaner (have you ever noticed that rallies of Liberals leave the place full of trash?).

It looks to me like those who see others as simply members of some group or other have no problem ganging up on others, and engaging in violence (see Ferguson, MO riots which burned down black-owned stores) to make their point.  You see someone as part of a mob?  You are, too.  Think about it.

3 thoughts on “Connections…Sport fans riot; Mob rule; and Liberalism

  1. Things will get better. They are getting better– we actually hear about stuff, now, when before it would’ve happened and been nothing but rumor.

    Never give up, never surrender.

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