Connections…Sport fans riot; Mob rule; and Liberalism

I was reading this weekend the story of what happened in Lexington, Kentucky, when the University of Kentucky basketball team, undefeated during the regular season, lost their Final Four match to Wisconsin.  There were riots in the streets, with college students tipping over cars and setting fires, to express their anger at their team's loss. …

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Read Them and Learn: ObamaCare Havoc

Here is a compilation of articles from around the Web about the deleterious effects of Obama's health-care "overhaul".  Read them and learn. And Now, for News of Fresh Obamacare Disaster

Liberal versus Conservative world view

The Conservative sees the potential in each individual. The Conservative believes that with the proper education (academic and moral), each person can achieve whatever he sets out to do, and when times are difficult he can find ways around the difficulties. The Conservative believes the purpose of government is to protect the individual's Liberty and …

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