I am Sad Today

It has been very disheartening this week, reading about all the good people whose lives and livelihoods have been under murderous assault, both in the USA and abroad.  In Kenya, many Christian students were murdered by ruthless  terrorists, at their school.   The death toll is nearly 150!  These students were studying, bothering no one.  This was their reward.  Nearly 150 innocent people met their deaths in the French Alps, as the suicidal co-pilot deliberately crashed the airliner.  Two women were arrested in New York City, accused of planning a bomb plot, to explode pressure-cooker bombs in support of ISIS, and Muslim Jihad.  The Obama administration is about to make a (non-binding, verbal) agreement with the mullahs of Iran, that will allow them to finish the job of building a nuclear weapon, thus beginning a nuclear arms race in a part of the world populated by madmen who “love death more than you love life”.  And this, after slandering and denigrating the Prime Minister of Israel, the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, and up until now, our greatest ally there.

Perhaps the worst, and closest to home, is the despicable behavior of Americans who, in pursuit of the holy grail of Same-Sex “Marriage”, destroy the lives of a grandfather and his granddaughter, owners of a small-town pizzeria.  This from people who purport to preach “tolerance”.  These people are the biggest bullies, and find it impossible to tolerate anyone who does not bow to their way of thinking and living.  And the worst part of it is they are supported and egged on by the very powerful mainstream media.  We have heard multiple stories lately of small businesses literally destroyed by the mobs of internet terrorists, spreading their hate via social media.

This is Holy Week for Christians, and Passover week for Jews.  The above are reminders of what we are fighting in this world; multiple manifestations of the Dark Side of humanity.

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