“Peaceful Religion” you say? More proof that…

“Peaceful Religion” you say?  More proof that…

Islam Is Evil.  Pure Evil.

Hundreds of innocent worshippers all over Sri Lanka were murdered at their Easter services, by massive bombs placed among the pews at their churches.  The death toll is hundreds, and climbing.

This is your “peaceful” religion.  This is heartbreaking.  This is what should inspire justified outrage among Christians and Jews everywhere.

I LOVE this Ricochet Post, so I’m re-blogging it here. “Insulting Jews Everywhere, a Call to Congress”

I LOVE this Ricochet Post, so I’m re-blogging it here.  “Insulting Jews Everywhere, a Call to Congress”

Last week’s wimpy resolution against “hate” brought this excellent response from a Jewish friend.  I 100% agree.  Do you?


Dear Members of Congress,

You should be embarrassed by your lack of courage regarding the anti-Semitism resolution that has been proposed, and apologize to Jews everywhere. How could you even think of changing the resolution to include every single group discriminated against? I am insulted and disgusted by your decisions to consider these changes, since you are either politically stupid or historically uneducated. Let me explain why:

First, to equate anti-Semitism with any other group that is discriminated against is ludicrous. We are not just talking about discrimination: we are talking about centuries of murder, torture, isolation, hatred, marginalizing and rejecting the Jews. Centuries. Every other group in America pales historically in comparison in several ways. Tell me about the centuries of hatred against LGBTQ communities; explain how blacks in this country were victims of hatred in the United States more than 500 years ago (since they weren’t a slave population in this country before then).

Second, Judaism is one basis of the founding of this country. Its values, morals and ethics have become the basis of Christianity and Islam. Isn’t it finally due some public support in our times by condemning those who would destroy or marginalize us?

Third, anti-Semitism is alive and well in almost every country in the world, whether you are talking about Europe, Asia or Africa. Jews have often been the scapegoat of choice for 4,000 years, by nearly every religion and every civilization. Unlike many other groups, I speak as a Jew who refuses to speak about being victimized; instead, I speak the truth. I acknowledge the anti-Semitism I’ve experienced, and I choose to rise above it, rather than blame all of society for this treatment. I don’t expect special favors, reparations, or any kind of compensation. I will take care of myself, thank you.

But when societies begin to show signs (including the U.S.) of increased anti-Semitic activity, I become concerned. Individual anti-Semitic acts are one thing; organized groups determined to spew their hatred on Jews, just because they are Jews. must be called out. These other groups that have been named have plenty of advocates, at political, cultural and educational levels. Where are the champions of the Jews?

I was comforted and proud that the U.S. was going to make a stand against anti-Semitism, as we see growing polarization, groups segregating themselves and aligning against Jews in particular. I understand that the resolution has no legal power. At the same time, we would be making a statement not just to Americans but to the world that we will not stand for anti-Semitism. Other groups have already spoken out for their constituency. Who will speak out for Jews?

I still hope that when the resolution is finalized and announced, politics are put aside. That extremists are discredited. And that wisdom, justice and compassion reign. That we condemn only anti-Semitism for this resolution.

Please don’t disappoint me.

P.S. Don’t bother to mention Ms. Omar; just censure her and remove her from committees. I don’t want her scapegoated in this resolution and thus make her a martyr.

Some of the many Jewish members of Congress halfheartedly opposed this watered-down denunciation of bigotry, but still added their names to it.  Like I have said many times, modern Jews are Liberals first, and everything else, even Jewish, later.

In honor of Chanukah, pictures of Israel

This week marks the holiday of Chanukah, and the victory of the Maccabees over the Greek desecrators of the Temple.  The ancient Jews, fighting for their homeland, were fierce warriors, who were not finally defeated until the Romans did so in 70AD with the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.  Here are some pictures that I took on our trip to Israel in 2007.

Walls, Masada
Walls and room, Masada, Israel

Evidence of another group of brave Jews, who committed suicide rather than surrender to the Romans.

View from Wall of Jerusalem Old City.
View from the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel. This is MY Country.


This is the view from Masada, toward the Dead Sea.  Dry, but absolutely beautiful.


The lower pool at Ein Gedi, oasis amid the parched wilderness.


The ancient city of Caesarea, on the Mediterranean Sea.  The city of Herod the Great.

Women at the Wailing Wall, remnant of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. These are MY People.

Happy Chanukah to all.

Year-End Photo Challenge: Resilient Jews

My People, The Jews, are the most resilient people there are.  We are Creators and scholars, in Science, Medicine, The Law, and Business.  The Jews have survived attempted genocide at the hands of the Romans.  (Just look at what the Roman Empire became-Italy now is a basket-case in Europe, as is Greece.)

Walls, Masada
Walls and room, Masada, Israel
Wailing Wall
People pray at the most powerful symbol of enduring Judiasm.

Yet, We Survive, and Thrive.  We survived the Holocaust in World War II.  Six Million of us slaughtered, yet we Survive.

Yad Vashem
Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial

And we thrive today, in the State of Israel, may she live forever!

Hotels, Tiberias
Modern Tiberias, on the Sea of Galilee
Jerusalem construction
Construction in Jerusalem

The Jews today face enemies, new and old, in the US and around the world.  Islamic Terrorists seek to destroy us wherever we are found (which is basically everywhere).  “Palestinians” seek to destroy the State of Israel, in Israel itself, and in the charnel-house of the United Nations (which has become a forum for the totalitarians and oppressors of the world).  But the Jews will survive, as they always have.  The State of Israel will survive, and thrive, and make its Middle East a better place for everyone, even its sworn enemies.  Jews know how to laugh in the face of evil, and hardship.


It has always been my opinion that the Jews are the Conscience of Humanity.  You will know when Humanity is well and truly doomed…when the last Jew is gone.  May that never happen.


Weekly Photo Challenge…Symbol

People pray at the most powerful symbol of enduring Judiasm.
People pray at the most powerful symbol of enduring Judiasm.

This is the most powerful Symbol of my People, The Jews.  This is the Western (or Wailing) Wall, in Jerusalem, the last remnant of the Second Temple, destroyed by the Romans in the year 70CE.  When I was there, in 2007, this took me, and shook me to my core.  A constant reminder of the plight of my people, all down their history.  And a reminder that my people endure, scattered throughout the world.  We all say, at the end of each Passover Seder, “Next Year in Jerusalem”.


I am Sad Today

I am Sad Today

It has been very disheartening this week, reading about all the good people whose lives and livelihoods have been under murderous assault, both in the USA and abroad.  In Kenya, many Christian students were murdered by ruthless  terrorists, at their school.   The death toll is nearly 150!  These students were studying, bothering no one.  This was their reward.  Nearly 150 innocent people met their deaths in the French Alps, as the suicidal co-pilot deliberately crashed the airliner.  Two women were arrested in New York City, accused of planning a bomb plot, to explode pressure-cooker bombs in support of ISIS, and Muslim Jihad.  The Obama administration is about to make a (non-binding, verbal) agreement with the mullahs of Iran, that will allow them to finish the job of building a nuclear weapon, thus beginning a nuclear arms race in a part of the world populated by madmen who “love death more than you love life”.  And this, after slandering and denigrating the Prime Minister of Israel, the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, and up until now, our greatest ally there.

Perhaps the worst, and closest to home, is the despicable behavior of Americans who, in pursuit of the holy grail of Same-Sex “Marriage”, destroy the lives of a grandfather and his granddaughter, owners of a small-town pizzeria.  This from people who purport to preach “tolerance”.  These people are the biggest bullies, and find it impossible to tolerate anyone who does not bow to their way of thinking and living.  And the worst part of it is they are supported and egged on by the very powerful mainstream media.  We have heard multiple stories lately of small businesses literally destroyed by the mobs of internet terrorists, spreading their hate via social media.

This is Holy Week for Christians, and Passover week for Jews.  The above are reminders of what we are fighting in this world; multiple manifestations of the Dark Side of humanity.

Let’s Talk Anti-Semitism

Let’s Talk Anti-Semitism

This story is posted on Ricochet, by a new member who is a Swedish Jew.  It tells the sorry tale of her and her children’s systematic persecution by others in her (formerly) civilized country.  Remember when Sweden’s society was emulated as an example of a country where all were treated equally and fairly, the standard of living was uniformly high, and there was virtually no poverty?  Those days are over.  Pretty much the entire region of Western Europe has descended into a slough of high unemployment, declining standards of living, legalized euthanasia and drug use, and near-total absence of religion and morality.  Along with this has come increased levels of immigration from Muslim countries.  From her story, you can see how average citizens of nearly every European country are increasingly expressing distaste for Jews, and hatred of Israel, fed by Muslim fanatics who are allowed free rein in most places.  There are entire towns that have been taken over by Muslims, and their populations intimidated.  The de-emphasis on marriage and child-bearing is another consequence of declining religious values and church attendance among Europeans-their societies are experiencing actual reductions in population, EXCEPT among the Muslim immigrants, who have many more children.

This situation can only end badly, with European countries hollowed out from within, their people losing the will to live and do things for themselves, their economies devastated by welfare systems that reward sloth and discourage individual initiative.  And their declining morals are already feeding the anti-Jewish sentiment, making the lives of their remaining Jewish citizens a living Hell.  Read Annika’s story, and take the lessons to heart.