An aphorism is defined as:

‘a terse saying embodying a general truth, or astute observation, as “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton).’

Rush Limbaugh’s list of Aphorisms is called “24 Undeniable Truths of Life”.

I have come up with some aphorisms of my own, mostly through observation, reading, and thought.  The recent Wuhan Coronavirus happenings have helped me distill my observations.

I will call my aphorisms Observations:

Observation Number One:

Absolute Power, once achieved, is rarely yielded.

This Observation has been confirmed lately by the actions of the Leftist state governors of New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, California, Oregon, and Washington.  Early in the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, all these state governors locked down their states, and issued strict regulations against many social activities; they forbid businesses to operate, causing millions of citizens to lose their jobs; they forbid travel, shut down public transportation, and closed their borders to other states’ citizens.  Today, New York City restaurants are still not allowed indoor seating, and elite places serving the wealthy are threatening permanent closure.  Many of the state governors are, essentially, ruling by decree, issuing regulations from their state capitols without the input of legislatures.  They require their citizens and all others to wear “face-coverings” when out of their own homes, thus preventing people from seeing the facial expressions of their fellow human beings.  It is November, and the governor of Washington State has continued to play dictator, with no pushback from legislature or citizens.  The governors’ Absolute Power, which has cost lives and property, will be very difficult for Legislatures or courts to end.

Observation Number Two:

If there is no Law Enforcement, there is no Law.

We have also seen this demonstrated by the near-continual rioting, looting, and attacks on law-enforcement personnel this year.  A Marxist group calling itself Black Lives Matter has been behind much of the “unrest” in Leftist-run cities line St. Louis, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Portland. Antifa, a loosely-run anarchist group has been instrumental in continuing the looting, burning, and injuring of private businesses and police.  With the help of naive city governments, police forces have been defanged and de-funded around the country.  Ending of cash bail has caused career criminals to be instantly released from detention, only to offend again.  Police are told to “stand down” and simply observe rioters looting stores and defacing buildings.  Mobs of “demonstrators” have moved into neighborhoods in near suburbs, frightening the ordinary citizens living there; even Mayors have found crowds in front of their houses, treating them and their children.  With no enforcement of existing law, public order breaks down, and everyone is threatened.  San Francisco’s lack of law enforcement in its downtown core has led to streets full of homeless camps, drug dealing, and human waste.

Observation Number Three:

Abortion is the Sacrament of the Political/Social Left; The “Chinese Market” is the Sacrament of the Commercial Left.

We all know that abortion is what makes the leftist world go round.  Any politician who wishes to run on a Democrat ticket must support abortion up until the moment of birth, and often beyond.  But a fairly new phenomenon of the left is the commercial part of society’s obsession with the Chinese market.  It is so huge that no company can resist the opportunity to sell his product or service in China, regardless of the fact that the Communist Chinese State basically runs the place, and determines who can and cannot sell into their country.  Lately, the ChiComs have been blatant about asserting their power all over the world, and have been pretty open about the fact that their goal is world domination.  But American business interests do not seem to be concerned about that, and are still clamoring to get in.  The NBA has essentially yielded control to the Communist Chinese, and has been losing US supporters because of that.  Members of the American press, including the Wall Street Journal, have been thrown out of China for publishing the truth.  American businesses should watch their backs.

Observation Number Four:

The Jews do not have a “Church”, or all-powerful central authority.  The reason is that Nothing and No-one comes between a Jew and his God.  All Jews read and follow the Torah.  God is our Central Authority.

I thought of this while reading and hearing about the difficulties that the Catholic Church has been having with sexual abuse by their priests.  The Church itself brings this on, by its emphasis on self-preservation, over the welfare of its flock.  So, the problem with the Catholic Church, is The Church.  Same with the Vatican Bank scandal.  The Catholic Church needs some serious introspection, and a large dose of humility.

3 thoughts on “Aphorisms

  1. There is no law enforcement without law enforcement officers (LEOs) who are retiring and resigning in droves. What we have now instead of LEOs are armed goons of the deep state. Enjoy the blessings of freedom my fellow Americans while you still have any.

  2. I advise my friends to do no business in China. A friend of a friend got shot and killed there when he went to assemble the bowling lanes some PinkChink had purchased. The company (ABF?) never received full payment. Go figure.

    1. accordion2ray

      The Chinese are confused about what they want in global domination. They need some serious introspection of their own. When market capitalists seek global domination, they can accomplish this by dominating the markets for goods and services that people want to buy. China is still the major supplier to the world, but they do themselves no favors by threatening the world. Japan’s military steered their country into ruin when their ultimate prosperity would be assured through bartering with the world instead of war. China, after being backed into a corner with the 2nd trade talks with Trump, released an unholy disease on the world, and sending a not so subtle message (‘more where that came from’) to go along with them, or there will be more pain. This is how you treat subjects, not your customers.

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