Lens-artists Challenge #120-What a treat!

I’m not a professional photographer, and I’ve never been to exotic foreign lands.  But I am an amateur bird-watcher, starting in my own backyard.  I am often to be found in our kitchen, peering out the sliding glass door, watching to see who shows up at our two bird-feeders (one seed feeder and a suet-feeder).  I have seen in the neighborhood of 25 different varieties of birds visit our yard.

In fact, just yesterday, we were visited by a juvenile red-shafted flicker, who I caught perched on our bird-bath/water source.  I could tell he was a juvenile by the lack of the red stripe on his face.  He actually sat there for quite awhile, so I could take his picture.


A few years ago, I walked out into the yard, and took this video.  I was surprised at how close I was able to get to the feeder without frightening the birds.

The little gluttons!  They were using the vine maple on the right as a “staging area” to decide when it was time to flit over to the feeder.  They also seem to fling more seed onto the ground than they eat, making them pretty messy eaters.  However, our local squirrels help clean up the ground under the feeder, along with the juncos who are mostly ground-feeders.

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Did you say “politicization of the vaccine”?

It seems that the governor/dictators of New York and California this morning have indicated that they will question the safety of any vaccine for the Wuhan Coronavirus that is approved, and they will require State approval before the vaccine may be given to their citizens subjects.

Trump Derangement Syndrome now governs whether any new vaccine will be approved in New York and California. I am waiting for the rest of the blue states to do the same. The states above say THEY are worried about politicization of the vaccine, when they are the ones doing it! They are stating that they will potentially harm their own citizens, especially the elderly who might most benefit from a vaccine, in order to deny President Trump some sort of “victory”. This is evil.

The Mask Slips on Seattle Homeless Mitigation Plans

The Mask Slips on Seattle Homeless Mitigation Plans

In Seattle, the City Council passed, over the Mayor’s veto, a bill to reduce the budget of the police department.  Included in this bill was a provision to eliminate the Navigation Team (wherever did they get that name?  It says zero about what the team actually does.) that has been doing (ineffective) outreach to the so-called “unsheltered” population of the streets of the city.

First is a story about the proposed new outreach team from the city.  Here is a very interesting quote from the KOMO article. From the mayor’s response:

This proposal is a first step in addressing Mayor Durkan’s significant concerns about the elimination of all City resources to coordinate outreach and mitigation of health and safety impacts at unmanaged encampments. In the coming weeks, the City will prepare to operationalize this plan to scale outreach, shelter, and address the most hazardous encampments that pose a risk to encampment residents or surrounding communities. As Council knows, outreach and mitigation at those encampments that present significant public safety or health risks may continue to need the support and services of the Seattle Police Department. This bill would attempt to reduce the number of such cases by expanding outreach.

Please notice that the city is giving a higher priority to addressing risks to the homeless over the risks to the residents of surrounding communities.  I think that the taxpaying citizens of Seattle might not be too happy about that, if they actually read this article.

And then, another story about those poor, unsheltered, residents of Seattle.

Security cameras show ongoing crimes at Ballard homeless camps.

I wonder how those taxpaying citizens of Ballard are liking the ubiquitous homeless camps in a formerly pleasant city neighborhood.  I used to live in Ballard.  With the defunding of the police, my crystal ball tells me that those taxpayers are in for more, not fewer, homeless camps in their neighborhoods, accompanied by high levels of crime and drug use and trafficking.

The citizens of Seattle deserve the government they elect.

Please keep my Hero, Rush Limbaugh, in your prayers.

Please keep my Hero, Rush Limbaugh, in your prayers.

He needs them right now.  The story over at Fox News is pretty comprehensive.

I have been a Rush listener only since 2001, but I can’t imagine life without him on the radio.  I have been a RushBabe since they were invented.  I felt like I had been sucker-punched when I found out that he had been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in January.  But, as he said, he has beaten the odds this year.  He said that, when the doctors gave him the diagnosis, they said that if they did nothing, he had at most three months.  A lot was done, and he has demonstrated extraordinary courage all year.  He has been before the Golden EIB Microphone every day that he felt up to it.

So, all you RushBabe49 Followers and Readers, please send God your prayers for his well-being.  He needs every single one.

Thank you all.

View This Video. Share it Far and Wide. Today.

This Video by my Hero, Rush Limbaugh, celebrates our First Responders, Police and Firefighters, who have been denigrated, shot at, murdered in cold blood, by the New Thugs of American Society. This has to stop.

Please share this video with all your friends and neighbors, on all your Social Media, today. Do it Now. Support those who have always to keep Society safe from criminals. Do your part to Save America!

Thanks very much.

Washington State (Seattle) Supreme Court confirms that “all your money belongs to us”.

In a unanimous ruling, the state/Seattle Supreme Court declared Tim Eyman’s $30 car-tab initiative that passed last year to be unconstitutional.  The reason? “More than one subject”.

The judges’ ruling Thursday is a victory for a coalition of cities, King County and Garfield County’s transit agency, which had sued saying it would eviscerate funds they need to pay for transit and road maintenance.

Confirming, once again, that the various governmental units in Washington State reject the right of their citizens to the fruits of their labor.  Predictably, the usual suspects cheered.

“Justice for Seattle voters prevailed in today’s Supreme Court ruling on I-976,” Tweeted Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. “Even before the pandemic and economic crisis, Seattle’s transportation budget was unnecessarily decimated by I-976 last year and our residents and businesses have felt the real impacts of cuts.”

Another Usual Suspect:

Sound Transit officials also say the initiative would dry up a primary funding source needed for expansion of the light rail system to Tacoma, Bellevue and Everett. It would have cost the state and local governments more than $4 billion in revenue over the next six years.

Heaven forbid that the Almighty Governments and Almightiest Sound Transit be denied THEIR money.

RushBabe49 Fights Tech Censorship of New York Post expose on Joe Biden’s son Hunter

By now, most of my readers will probably have heard about the rank censorship by tech platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Google, of the story in the New York Post about the machinations of Hunter Biden, the son of Democrat candidate for president, “Sleepy” Joe Biden.  It is well-known that Hunter Biden was given a place on the board of Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, at a ridiculous salary of $50,000 per month.  Hunter knows little about the gas industry, and less about Ukraine, so it has been widely believed that the sole reason for his placement on the board of a foreign gas company was so they could curry favor with Hunter’s dad, Vice President, Joe Biden in the Obama Administration.

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Is this the future of classical music performance?

The reaction of governments and their subjects to the Wuhan Coronavirus have been very depressing, in all ways.  Few performing arts groups have been holding performances with any audience, for fear of spreading the deadly (0.13% mortality-rate, similar to seasonal flu) virus.  Entire economies locked down by government edict, small businesses and their owners ruined, populations living in near-constant fear.

Some classical music groups have adapted in very interesting ways.


Here’s a string quartet, playing while wearing masks.


How about an entire orchestra, and soloist, in masks!  The conductor is also wearing a mask.

By the way, those masks do not protect anyone from the virus, since they are not made of the correct material-they pass viruses both ways with ease. Totally virtue-signaling, and probably mandated by their local government.


How about Brass in Masks?!  This it totally ridiculous, since horn players cannot wear masks while playing!  And sad, if you ask me.

A music group in Europe participated in an interesting study, carried out by a local university, of how dangerous it might be for an orchestra to play their wind instruments normally.

Funny, but they found that wind instruments played as usual carried little to no risk of spreading germs!  Now, will anyone know about this study, and use it to get all the world’s orchestras back to performing?  Highly unlikely, since governments have become very comfortable wielding absolute power over their subjects, and will probably resist lifting all the bans on performance.  So many classical musicians might lose their jobs, and the people will lose a prime source of beauty in their lives.

Is this what we are in for, in the future?  Life without live music?