Washington State (Seattle) Supreme Court confirms that “all your money belongs to us”.

In a unanimous ruling, the state/Seattle Supreme Court declared Tim Eyman’s $30 car-tab initiative that passed last year to be unconstitutional.  The reason? “More than one subject”.

The judges’ ruling Thursday is a victory for a coalition of cities, King County and Garfield County’s transit agency, which had sued saying it would eviscerate funds they need to pay for transit and road maintenance.

Confirming, once again, that the various governmental units in Washington State reject the right of their citizens to the fruits of their labor.  Predictably, the usual suspects cheered.

“Justice for Seattle voters prevailed in today’s Supreme Court ruling on I-976,” Tweeted Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. “Even before the pandemic and economic crisis, Seattle’s transportation budget was unnecessarily decimated by I-976 last year and our residents and businesses have felt the real impacts of cuts.”

Another Usual Suspect:

Sound Transit officials also say the initiative would dry up a primary funding source needed for expansion of the light rail system to Tacoma, Bellevue and Everett. It would have cost the state and local governments more than $4 billion in revenue over the next six years.

Heaven forbid that the Almighty Governments and Almightiest Sound Transit be denied THEIR money.